Guiding Light Update Wednesday 11/14/01

By Eric Carpenter


Felicia almost suspended disbelief when Reva informed her that she had shared a jail cell with Hannah Justice (Felicia's ancestor) back in time. Only relatives knew of Hannah's undocumented efforts to free slaves via the Underground Railroad during the Civil War era. However, the practical psychiatrist tired to find a logical explanation for her friend's time traveling adventure. Felicia attributed the delusion to the effects of the concussion Reva sustained and insisted she take medication to relax. An undaunted Reva pretended to go along with her but later sneaked out of the hospital.

During a press conference, Richard and Cassie learned that Carmen was the source of a large donation to aid the reconstruction of the earthquake-devastated San Cristobel. This reveal came after Carmen assured a doubting Tony that the Santos name would soon command the same respect as a Spaulding or Winslow.

Jeff and Tory crossed paths with Ross and Blake while lunching at Towers. After respective emergencies called their dates away, Tory and Ross ended up alone at Towers. The successful lawyer and his dedicated assistant decided to head back to the Marler house and work on catching up Ross' caseload.


Marah confronted Catalina and blasted her for posting her virginity essay on the www. Of course, Catalina denied this and retaliated by accusing Marah of still pining for Tony.

Gus flirted with an unreceptive Holly, whom he quizzed about her feelings for Buzz. She sang the veteran-turned-diner-owner's praises and informed Aitoro that it was nice to belong somewhere with someone and that he should try it sometime. Privately, Gus agreed.

The good 'ol Lewis boys tried to solve the mystery of Reva's connection to the mysterious portrait of a woman from the past (Regina) who is a dead ringer for Olivia. Josh was stunned to learn from Billy that Gen. Hudson was a real person. They consulted a Civil War history book and were even more shocked to discover Alan's resemblance and ancestral connection to the wicked Yankee. In the process, they unwittingly found a historical link between the Spauldings and the Lewises.

 (and Spaulding Ent. and Lewis Oil).