Guiding Light Update Tuesday 11/13/01

By Eric Carpenter

Co-ed Jeff asked Tory out on a lunch date, and this time she accepted, much to the delight of Blake.

Sam credited Buzz with convincing him to stay in Springfield and do something he can be proud of (getting a meaningful job at The Journal. His revealed that his goal was to write an expose on the mob, which Buzz cautioned him against. The cub reporter later honed his investigative skills when he confronted both Tony and Catalina about their feelings for each other. They both insisted that Marah is out of the picture and that they have genuine affection between them. Sam remained unconvinced. Tony reiterated his threat against Olivia, and Sam maintained his silence regarding the families laundering in San Cristobel.

Tony apologized to Catalina, who assured him that she was looking out for him-not Sam-when she told Spencer that Carlos and Tony were plotting against him. She insisted that she's on Tony's side.

Marah confided in Shayne that she feels Sam wasn't the person she thought he was. Later, both Shayne and Marah discovered that her essay on virginity was posted on the Internet, and Marah wondered who could've done such a terrible thing to her.


Buzz sent a bushel basket of manure to Billy's office at Lewis Construction. He explained to Holly that this was revenge for Billy lying to him that Holly wanted to go to Vegas instead of Moon Lake and that he had a gambling problem.

When Harley stopped by the Bauer house for a few things for Rick, Michelle intimated that she looks forward to having a sister-in-law in the near future.

Mel confided in Felicia, who counseled her as a mother. She admitted that she feels something for Rick but doesn't think it could ever work out due to his situation with Harley and Baby Jude and the fact that he's her boss and older. She kept mum to Clayton, for now.