Guiding Light Update Monday 11/12/01

By Eric Carpenter


Gus was furious that Danny and Michelle escaped the secured room (via the vent) before he could expose them. An angry Phillip realized Gus was lying and manipulating the situation in his efforts to destroy Danny. Lorelei second his notion that the FBI agent was a con, saying she knew one when she saw one. Phillip fired him, but Gus continued to follow the heating ducks, determined to find the elusive Santoses. Meanwhile, Michelle revealed to an elated Danny that she managed to make a copy of the access codes to all of Spaulding Enterprises' offshore holdings before their break-in went awry. They planned to use this as their bargaining chip with Mr. Big.

Phillip complimented "Beth's" judgment but, again, rebuffed her suggestion that he reconcile with Rick. Phillip is hurt that Rick is no longer the pillar of goodness that Phillip needs him to be. He also realized that "Beth" isn't the same high school girl who always needed him to save her. From the shadows, Edmund watched the progress Lorelei made in getting closer to her "ex." When Phillip left momentarily to finalize vacation plans, which he kept a surprise from her, the former Prince warned Lorelei not to get too close to Phillip, reminding her of what their ultimate goal is. She admitted that she almost feels guilty for lying to him but not enough to forget about all the money they stand to make off of conning him. He sensed that she's beginning to fall for Phillip. He didn't like the direction things seemed to be heading in. Edmund secretly vowed to find out where his nemesis was taking the faux Beth so he can keep an eye on them.


After failing to capture Danny and Michelle, Aitoro sulked and planned a getaway to Moon Lake. The rustic, simple vacation spot seemed to be popular this time of year, as several would-be couples made plans to head to the outdoors, oblivious to the plans of the others. Among the romantic-hopeful: Rick/Harley, who agreed to try again after a failed, forced attempt at passionate sex; Buzz/Holly, who overcame a jilted Billy's attempt to sabotage their plans by playing mind games with them both; and Phillip/Beth (Lorelei), who want to spend some family time with the kids. Phillip also wanted to use the trip as a celebration of "Beth."


Claire startled Olivia by showing up at Reva's place, where the manipulative Mrs. Lewis had gone to find whatever it is that Josh's ex-wife has on her. Olivia insisted that Claire is wrong about her and about her relationship with Alan. Claire told her she's disappointed by both Alan and by Olivia, who turned her back on the friendship she thought they had. Olivia insisted that she's a real person who wants the same things as everyone else. Before leaving, Claire reminded her that Josh is a family-not a business-man and that she should've tried to hold on to him by playing the old baby/pregnancy card instead of roping him in with a business deal.