Guiding Light Update Thursday 11/8/01

By Eric Carpenter

Danny experienced guilt pains for plotting to steal the $25,000,000 from Alan, the one person in Springfield who had given him a chance to go legit with a job at Spaulding Enterprises. Michelle reminded him that they had no choice, thanks to Gus' determination to send them to prison. Meanwhile, Tony chided Romeo for bumbling, once again, by zapping both Gus and Harley with the stun gun that rendered them unconscious. They "abducted" the unlikely duo so that Danny and Michelle could access Spaulding's secured room. Just as Springfield's answer to Bonnie and Clyde were about to get their hands on the stash, Aitoro burst in! Busted!

Buzz and Claire commiserated over not being around during the formidable years for their respective children, who seemed to fare better without them in their lives. Claire, who admitted she wishes she could be like Maureen-a perfect mother-longed to be a part of Michelle and Robbie's lives. Buzz urged her to become the kind of person that Michelle would want in her life, if she truly wants that. She lamented that she feels she'll never be given a chance to redeem herself in town-unlike Buzz and many others, including Carmen.

Harley and Gus were all tied up and sparring with each other. Gus insisted that he was the guy for her, not Rick, whom he thinks is a bore. She accused him of putting on an obnoxious, sarcastic act all the time and lectured him on relating to people in an artificial way. As Harley made slow progress in cracking his cocky exterior, Gus spotted a means of escape. After freeing their restraints with a piece of glass and making sure Harley was unharmed, Gus hurried off to Spaulding Enterprises to catch the Santos's in the act. Harley was left frustrated, wondering where he was going and who "kidnapped" him and why.

Rick enjoyed his time with Jude, which touched Mel. He suggested that they stop pretending that they're not attracted to each other and explained that his relationship with Harley isn't what she thinks it is. Mel assumed he wants his cake and eat it, too, with both her and Harley. He admitted that he loved Harley but only as a good friend. She insisted that all was fine and that he is doing the right thing by being with Harley and Judd. It was obvious that she is disappointed and believes that there's more to Rick's feelings for the mother of his son.

Back in time, Nurse Reva convinced Jack to "trust his heart" and take a leap of faith with her through the portrait in order to save their lives. Col. Hudson arrived with soldiers, just in time to thwart the escape. Jack told her that he loved her and insisted that she go first. She reluctantly made her way back to the present, but Hudson captured Jack. Meanwhile, Josh went looking for Reva at her house and found the portrait. He was stunned and baffled by the uncanny resemblance between Madame. Regina Robechaux (the woman in the painting) and Olivia. Josh was surprised by the sudden appearance of a breathless Reva lying on the floor. He was concerned that she was not well. Reva struggled to get back to Jack through the time portal and rambled on about how Col. Robechaux faced death from a firing squad. She pleaded with Josh to let her go as he tried to restrain her.