Guiding Light Update Wednesday 11/7/01

By Eric Carpenter

Rick found himself in the middle of two awkward situations. First, Harley interrupted a discussion between him and Mel and unintentionally rubbed it in to Mel that Rick is making a family, of sorts, with Harley and Jude. Then, Phillip and "Beth" came along. Harley and Rick were taken aback by "Beth's" kind, gracious words and making over of the baby, while Phillip remained cold. "Beth" later lectured Phillip and told him to get over himself. She said he should trust her instincts and reconcile with Rick. Phillip admitted that he's still angry that Rick acted out of character and betrayed him.

Josh worried about Reva, who lied that her ravings about the past were the result of a vivid dream. He then rushed her to the hospital after she fainted, and Mel diagnosed her with a concussion. Claire, who was condescending toward Dr. Boudreaux, took charge of Reva's health care and told Josh that she shares Reva's suspicions of Olivia and the relationship she seems to have with Alan. When Olivia arrived at the hospital, Claire taunted her that she'll soon be exposed. Olivia, who privately gloated that Reva appeared to be coming undone, retaliated by throwing Claire's loneliness in her face. Olivia went snooping around Reva's house to find any dirt that she might have on her.

Harley continued to make her case to Rick that they should be married but apologized for putting pressure on him. He wondered if a marriage of mutual like and respect would be enough without passion and love. Harley later addressed the issue of sex and made it known that she wanted Rick to spend the night in her bedroom, not the guest room.

Gus summoned Phillip to Spaulding Enterprises, with "Beth" in tow. He told Phillip that he was about to expose Danny and Michelle for stealing his money. Unbeknownst to the Santoses, they were trapped in the secured room by a bloodthirsty Gus.