Guiding Light Update Tuesday 11/6/01

By Eric Carpenter

Lorelei and Edmund continued to put on a good show for Phillip, who was impressed with how strong "Beth" is these days in standing up to the former Prince. As per their scheme for "Beth" to marry Phillip, divorce him, and bilk him for a hefty settlement to split with Edmund, Lorelei/Beth convinced her "ex-husband" to whisk her and the children away from Springfield for a little R & R. Phillip was happy to oblige her request for some family healing time away from Edmund.

Richard and Alonzo had a lengthy clearing talk about Richard's concern that Alonzo will change his mind and want Will back, thus breaking Cassie's heart again (she's lost one child). The moody fisherman resented that the President thinks he would go back on his word. Cassie overheard the discussion and learned that Richard asked Alonzo to sign papers relinquishing his rights to Will and kept mum to her. After he explained that he was only trying to protect her from losing another child, Cassie forgave him and said that she understood his motive. Alonzo confided in the Winslows that he has never known the kind of love that they share.

Holly welcomed Sam aboard as the newest cub reporter at The Journal and gave him romantic advice regarding Marah, who gave him a harsh cold shoulder. Meanwhile, Buzz played counselor to roommates/rivals Marah and Catalina, who had an altercation after Catalina found the essay Marah wrote on the integrity of relationships. She accused Marah of writing the paper about Catalina losing her virginity to Tony. Buzz took time out from playing mentor to pursue Holly, making it clear to her that he wanted to take their relationship to the next level.

Tony and Carlos fretted that Romeo's slip of the tongue to Josh will lead to Olivia's exposure and linking the families to laundering in San Cristobel. Carlos pressured Tony to eliminate Sam, but the young mobster refused. Meanwhile, Catalina blurted out her concern to Sam that Carlos and Tony were plotting to harm him. Though he kept his source a secret, Sam confronted the mobsters and called their bluff. He declared that he would remain silent about what he knew and had no intentions to leave town. Tony, relieved that he wouldn't have to kill his romantic rival, made Carlos see that they could use this situation to their advantage now, since Sam is working for The Journal. Rather than fearing he might use the job to expose organized crime, they could now pressure Sam into doing their bidding at the paper by threatening to expose Olivia as the one who was paying off Vreeland.