Guiding Light Update Monday 11/5/01

By Eric Carpenter

A miffed Blake returned home to find Tory and Ross had fallen asleep in each others' arms on the sofa. Tory apologized and explained that Ross had been comforting her over the one-year anniversary of the tragic death of her husband, Stewart. Blake apologized to Tory for jumping to the wrong conclusion but later argued with Ross over her jealous of the widowed legal assistant, as well as their respective, demanding careers. They passionately made up.

Richard spat bitter sarcasm at Alonzo, accusing him of breaching security and putting Cassie, San Cristobel's First Lady, in danger by taking her to the island on his boat. Alonzo presented the President with petitions opposing the new fishing wharf proposal and was angered when Richard seemed to be doing a 180 and changing his mind. Richard assured him that he would keep his word in helping the cause. Cassie attested to her husband's honor in keeping his word.

Josh received half credit for rightfully accusing Tony of bribing Chavez to take the fall for Josh in the Vreeland bribery scam. He assumed Tony did it to impress Marah, not knowing that it was Olivia's role in the debacle that the mob was trying to cover up. With a little trickery, Josh managed to get Romeo to blurt out the truth, much to Tony's dismay. Santos warned Josh to let the entire matter go and to quit digging into finding out who framed him, insisting it would only make matters worse. Josh later called New Orleans, hoping to get some answers from Reva. He was perplexed to learn that she "checked out" of the hotel. He wondered where she could be.

Back in time, Jack/Josh told Nurse Reva that he'd give up his own life to insure her freedom and survival. She was adamant about helping him beat the accusations of treason against him. Hannah realized Reva was in love with Jack and divulged the reason she was in the cell with the time traveler: Col. Hudson/Alan wanted Hannah to give him money for every life she saved via the Underground Railroad, but the freedom fighter refused. She objected to profiting in return for the freedom of human beings. She also reminded Reva that she was there to save her own life as well as Jack's. Later, Hannah staged an altercation with Reva and overpowered a guard. They swiped the key to the cells, and Reva made her way to a battered Jack. Hannah fled, with the soldiers in pursuit, while Reva struggled to free the man she's loved for all of eternity...