Guiding Light Update Friday 11/02/01

By Eric

Josh overheard a conversation between Olivia and Alan and demanded that she explained.  What did Alan mean when he said that Josh eluded kick-back charges, no thanks to her?  Not happy with her flimsy excuse, Josh was determined to investigate and uncover the truth behind the set-up against him.  Olivia pleaded with him not to, since it could put him in danger with the mob.  He vowed to find the person responsible for framing him, despite her fear for his life…and that he would discover her connection to the mob.

            Frank fretted over news that Marina was suspended from school in Greece.  He was also troubled that Eleni informed him via email, rather than phone call.

            Ross was impressed (attracted?) by Tory’s new look, courtesy of Blake.  She attended the costume ball with the Marlers, and Blake was later called away on business by her producer.  Soon after, Tory asked Ross to take her back to his place to get her car.  She wanted to go home and didn’t feel like partying any longer.  Once there, she broke down and confided in her boss that it was the one-year anniversary of the death of her husband, who was killed by a drunk driver.  She lamented that she never got the chance to tell him that she loved him just one more time.  She cried that she misses him terribly and wishes she could have him back.  Though the make-over did little to change her outlook or boost her spirits, Ross assured her that her deceased husband would be proud of her accomplishments.  Later, Tory cried herself asleep in a comforting Ross’ arms. 

            Much to his dismay, Danny and Michelle made a narrow escape from Gus, who unmasked the “friends” of the Santoses who were dressed identically to the would-be thieves.  He rushed off to Spaulding Enterprises and thwarted the Santos’ attempt to steal the $25,000,000.  Another alarm went off, sending Gus and a security guard to investigate and giving Danny and Micelle time to flee unseen.  Back at the costume party in “Beth’s” honor, Gus issued a thinly-veiled warning to the Santoses that they would not be so lucky the next time but was careful not to reveal that he was privy to their heist plot.  Danny admitted to Michelle that he wasn’t so sure they could pull this off a second time. 

            Mel lectured Clayton, whom she feels is too hard on her brother, Remy.  Clayton unwittingly pointed to Rick and Harley as a happy couple, much to Mel’s chagrin.  While a beaming Harley showed the professor pix of Baby Jude, Rick apologized to Mel for making a pass at her and kissing her the other day.  Mel pretended that she was fine and has no expectations, playing it off.  She was visibly upset by Rick and Harley’s apparent closeness and hurried off.  Harley sensed something between Rick and Mel, whom she thanked for filling it at Cedars for Rick so that he could take the paternity leave.

            Rick and Harley expected backlash from Phillip, who said that them living together was of no concern to him.  Rick was perplexed by this reaction, not sure if he bought it.  He also sensed something different about Beth.  Meanwhile, Harley told Blake about Rick moving in with her and assured her that they are just friends—for now—and taking it one day at a time. 

            Edmund set Lorelei up so that he could come to her rescue when having to explain something to Lillian and Phillip that she had no knowledge of.  He wanted to prove that she needs him in order to continue living as “Beth.”  The faux Beth admitted that he’s the only one she can be herself (Lorelei, a barbeque-craving, country music-loving hick) around.  She also realized that he can help her pull off the scam.  She agreed to re-join forces with him but pretended to kick him out of her party and tell him off in front of Phillip et. al.  Phillip later insisted “Beth” that Edmund will never change and that he likes the new, strengthened Beth.  Lorelei slipped and referred to herself in third person when she says “Beth’s feelings for Edmund died in Mexico.”  Phillip noticed the reference but excuses it as her feeling like a new person now.