Guiding Light Update Thursday 10/11/01

By Eric


      It became more and more apparent that Gus is jealous of the bond Rick and Harley share (their unborn son).  He succeeded in intercepting contact between Rick and Harley and showed up at the Brewster Falls jail, much to Harley's surprise and dismay.  He was taken aback when she told him that she's in labor and tried to take action.  Gus insisted he wouldn't let her give birth in a jail cell.  Harley protested and agonized; she wanted Dr. Rick to be there to help her through labor, not Aitoro.  Rick finally managed to get through to Harley indirectly.  As Gus chatted with him on the phone, Harley yelled in the background, revealing her whereabouts.  Gus pretended that the connection got lost, but Rick, vowing that Harley won't have his son without him there, rushed off to find her.  Meanwhile, Gus' display of tenderness was lost on Harley as he insisted he was honored to be there for her and her unborn child.


      Danny and Michelle reaffirmed that they are in it together to break free from the Santos family for good and protect their own little family.  The mood was hampered, however, when Danny received a memo from Phillip, who announced that he is implementing a new security system at Spaulding Enterprises.  Danny feared that this might complicate his plan to break into the computer room so he can transfer $25,000,000 over to an account that will enable him and Michelle to start a new life with their son--free of the threat of his family business.  Remembering Michelle's earlier vow that they are a team, Danny suggested that he can still access the computer room and elude the new security measures by lowering Michelle into the room from the ceiling.  


      Edmund was sweatin' it as Alan taunted him and Lorelei disappeared.  Alan suggested that his new female interest (whom Edmund referred to as "Josephine") went to Mexico to find a man who would treat her decent.  This allusion to Beth stung Edmund.  After Alan left, he fretted that his plan will be ruined if the loose cannon (Lorelei) is seen and mistaken for Beth before they have a chance to perfect her act.  Later, Phillip confronted Edmund at the Towers club.  He taunted him that Gomez, Edmund's goon, admitted to Phillip that Edmund paid him to kidnap Beth.  Phillip was now certain that there was enough proof to convict Edmund of Beth's murder and that the former Prince had dug his own grave.  As Edmund denied Phillip's charges, Lorelei entered the club, sans black wig and sunglasses.  Though her poise was very un-Beth-like (slouching with her lips puckered out), she looked exactly like the late Princess.  Edmund was aghast to see the faux Beth out of her disguise, while a stunned Phillip stared at her in disbelief and murmured to himself, "Beth?"


      Shayne called Josh and expressed his concern for Reva, whom he felt has been acting weird since her trip to the bed and breakfast.  He informed his dad that Reva was acting particularly strange about the portrait she brought back from the trip and asked if Josh could stop by and check on her.  Josh reiterated that he couldn't just jump, leave Olivia, and tend to another of Reva's crises.  Any other time, Olivia would pitch a fit at the thought, but she'd just received a threatening phone call from Alan, who insisted he'd go to Josh with the truth unless Olivia meet with him.  After she insisted it was okay for Josh to go and check on Reva and Shayne, Olivia squared off with her secret lover.  Alan blasted her for accepting backing from the mob rather than coming to him again.  Not happy that she had turned elsewhere, he threatened to go to Holly with the exclusive about how Olivia was using Lewis holdings to perpetrate fraud.  A confident Olivia insisted Alan will do no such thing because he enjoys being with her--touching her, sleeping with her--too much.  She gloated that he won't say anything because he wants her again...and again.  She adamantly maintained that she would not let him bully her any longer, especially when it came to sleeping with her in the bed she shares with Josh.  A frustrated Alan was miffed by the manner in which Olivia spoke to him, but she continued to gloat about it.  On his way out, Alan slipped his money clip (with the initials "A.S." on it) under a chair cushion.  Before he could walk out the door, Olivia stopped him and turned on the passion.  Was this to insure his silence, just in case he left and made good on his threats?  Or is Olivia really starting to develop a thing for the smarmy tycoon?  


      Josh paid a visit to Reva, who downplayed the hoopla over the portrait and insisted everything was fine (in typical Reva fashion).  She was perplexed when he asked if she found what she was looking for at the b & b and urged her to "trust her heart."  Reva was haunted by his choice of words.  She changed the subject to small talk about Olivia, and they compared notes and agreed that relations between her and the kids had improved, for which they were all grateful.  She asked him if he knew anything about the history of Olivia's family, and he said no.  Reva offered a flimsy excuse as to why she was asking and assured her ex that she was perfectly fine and sane before ushering him out the door.  Once he had gone, Reva heard her mother (again, voice of Sarah unheard by viewers) prompting her once again to trust her heart.  Reva vowed to listen to Sarah no matter what voice (Josh, perhaps, this time) she chose to speak through.  She declared that she will trust her heart from now on and reached out to touch the portrait of Madame X (Olivia's look-alike).  As she stroked the locket around Madame X's neck and fondled the one around her own, Reva's hand began to disappear into the painting.  She was taken aback.  She whispered to herself, "Trust," and slowly leaned into the portrait.  As she stepped forward, she was pulled into the mysterious painting and through a time portal.  Much to her surprise, she found herself dressed in antebellum clothing, in a strange place, holding a small black bag, and staring ahead at the portrait of Madame X.  She realized that this is real and asked Sarah what was happening.  Before she got an answer, Madame X--a dead ringer for Olivia--descended a staircase and stood face-to-face with her alongside the portrait.  


      By now, Josh was back home, being greeted by a robe-clad, post-sex disheveled Olivia.  Of course, he was oblivious to the fact that she had romped in the sack (yes, the bed she shares with Josh) with Alan just moments before his return.  He confided to that he senses something's not right with Reva (there's that connection).  As she massaged him and tried to ease his concern, Josh spotted the money clip under the chair cushion.  He picked it up and saw the initials "A.S." engraved.  A perplexed Josh turned to Olivia--stunned speechless--and asked her why it was there.