Guiding Light Update Wednesday 10/10/01

Edmund had his hands full with the defiant Lorelei as he reiterated  the importance of her becoming Beth. Despite the fact that he's rich and cute, the faux Beth had difficulty remembering Phillip's name as > she looked over photos of him, Lillian, and Alan and tried to associate name with face. Alan approached her at the Towers bar while Edmund was momentarily away. Though intrigued by her, he was unable to see the uncanny resemblance she bares to Beth due to her disguise (black wig and sunglasses). Edmund returned in time to get her away  from Alan, and she demanded to know just how high the stakes are in this game. Edmund stressed that, if she can convince everyone that she's the late Beth, she will be able to buy the Towers Hotel. This caught her attention, for once. Later, Alan taunted Edmund that Phillip has "proof" that Edmund murdered Beth. Edmund privately realized that he must step up his plan to transform Lorelei into Beth in order to save his neck. 

Meanwhile, Reva's troubled by her own look-alike debacle when the  mysterious portrait of Madame X (a dead ringer for Olivia) resurfaced. Reva, who had sent the portrait to Daphne Delroy at the Mandrake Inn, was baffled when the painting was delivered to her front door, apparently due to an unknown address. The mystery escalated when a call to information turned up no evidence that the Mandrake Inn or Daphne Delroy even existed. Felicia stopped by and counseled Reva,  suggesting that she is using the portrait and the "conversations" with her mother Sarah's ghost as a way of holding on to the past. She thinks, perhaps, that Reva subconsciously wants to hold on to the portrait--and the past--and may have put a wrong address on it. She urged Reva to find the "key" to unlock her past and get to the bottom of her behavior patterns regarding Josh and resolve the issue. This  advice sinks in.  Later, after Felicia leaves, Reva gets another ghostly vibe. Her door swings open and, though we don't hear it, Reva is urged by her mother's voice to look at the painting. Reva fondles the locket (that Sarah gave her) around her neck and notes that Madame X is also wearing one. Reva is urged by her unseen, unheard mother to trust her heart. She wonders how. 

Cassie felt bad that she and Richard were taking Will away from Alonzo. She started having second thoughts about having a baby at someone else's expense. Richard reminded her that Alonzo made it clear that he wanted no part in the child's life, but she didn't feel right about it. She came up with an idea to give Alonzo a job that would bring him home from working at sea and insure that he remained a part of the boy's life. However, Alonzo, spotting a photo of the joyous Winslow's and Baby Will in the paper, was determined that there was no longer a reason for him to stick around and decided that the sea was the best place for him. He and the Winslow's still have no clue that Alonzo is the heir to the throne. 

 Outside Company, Mel tried to fend off her old flame, Sean, who badgered Mel to talk to him. She insisted that she said everything back in Baltimore, but he continued to press the issue. Rick, who was inside informing Gus of Harley's impending return to Springfield, gallantly came to her "rescue" and lied to Sean that he and Mel are engaged and that he knows all about Mel's past with him. Sean bought it and stalked off, fuming. Mel praised Rick for his quick thinking that scared her ex away--for now. She joked that he should still buy her that diamond ring. Later, on a more serious note, Mel wondered when she and Rick would ever have happy, healthy relationships. He suggested that maybe they haven't found the right person yet. 

Harley, who was arrested and jailed in a small town for  speeding, went > into labor in a jail cell. She managed to convince the cop who arrested her that she's really a police officer and really pregnant. Harley placed a call to Rick from her mobile phone, but she got Gus on the other end instead. A bad connection prevented her from informing him that she was in labor and stranded in a jail cell, but she did manage to let him know the name of the town (Brewster Falls). Gus  took Rick's cell phone to him but lied that no one called for him after Rick insulted him. Meanwhile, Harley's water broke, and the bumbling, redneck cop--closest thing to a midwife--fainted. Harley struggled to reach her cell phone, which laid next to the unconscious deputy on the other side of the steel bars.