Guiding Light Update Friday 8/10/01

By Andi

At Company, Danny tells Frank he needs his help. David says that if it is official, Danny can tell him too. Danny says Carmen is alive and they need to keep it from Michelle. Frank says Michelle already has him tracking down a missing intern, and Danny is worried about Michelle's safety.

At the airport, Michelle's cell phone rings. It is Claire. Claire is worried about her; she wants to help. Michelle tells her she has to go. Michelle shows the scrap of paper to a ticket agent; she needs info on a charter air service.

Noah tells Richard he hears something in the rubble. The earth shakes again and they run for cover. Noah says Richard should go back to Cassie; he can handle it by himself. Richard says it isn't safe for either of them; they have been digging for hours. Noah knows Reva is not dead, she just can't hear them under the rubble. Josh and Olivia arrive and asks where Reva is. Josh calls to Reva. She is under the ground in a deep shaft, unconscious. Her hand starts to move and she coughs. Reva continues to cough as she awakens. Reva yells "Oh my god! Oh my god!". Josh says they can't dig with their bare hands. Olivia thinks Reva is dead and they need to get out. Richard says he evacuated the palace of everyone, it's just them. Josh thinks Richard did the right thing. Noah tells Josh he of all people can't leave Reva down there.

Josh tells Noah he won't leave her behind. He orders Olivia to leave, and asks Richard what resources he has. Richard says all the rescue crews have been sent to the poorest parts of the island. If they want to rescue Reva, they have to do it themselves. Josh says okay.

Phillip is on his cell phone in Millennium. He can't find Beth and wonders why he arrived in Springfield first. He tells someone to wait at the gate for Beth. Rick sees him and asks if there is anything he can do. Phillip answers no.

Danny asks Frank what Michelle said to him. Frank won't betray her trust. Danny says her safety depends on it. Claire sees Frank and Danny arguing and wonders what is going on. Tony says it has to do with the case. Buzz is having problems with the TV and Tony tells him it is on VCR mode. Buzz says "Well don't YOU JUST KNOW EVERYTHING!" and turns on the TV where there is a report of the SC earthquake (8.2). Tony hears the report, and goes "Marah."

Marah and Sam are in the boat trying to hear the radio. There is a severe storm warning for small crafts, but they miss it.

Frank tells Danny about the missing intern. David thinks this is all stupid. Danny says Frank knows how much danger Michelle is in if Carmen is alive. He asks Frank where she was going. Frank doesn't know. Danny calls her cell phone but Michelle lets it ring. She wants to talk to the charter pilot but he won't give info about his private clients.

Michelle tells the pilot she is desperate and starts to fake crying. She is looking for her adoptive mother. She has a medical condition and needs a donor match. She doesn't want to die and leave her young children. Her mother had dark hair, pretty face, and may have been injured when she hired him to take her someplace. He offers to check his records. Michelle says "Carmen, I'm getting close."

Frank agrees that if Carmen is alive Michelle is in danger. David thinks that Danny is trying to get out of a murder charge. Danny says if Carmen is alive and Michelle is getting all these clues, maybe Carmen is setting a trap for Michelle. Frank agrees to check it out. David is going to make a few calls. Danny keeps trying Michelle's cell phone.

Phillip tells Rick it has been a long day and night. Rick hasn't heard from Harley and asks Phillip if he has. Phillip says he had an email. Rick says she said goodbye to him at Company. Phillip says he only got a message. Rick says what difference does it make, she's gone. The waiter asks them if they want the usual. Rick says what a joke, there's been nothing usual around here lately.

Reva looks around and realizes nothing is broken. She is wondering how much longer her air will hold out. She shouts "Hello, is someone up there?" She calls to Cassie and Richard. She won't let herself think negatively. She calls to Noah, "Help!" Reva pulls herself up a little bit.

Josh gets a signal on his cell phone and calls his crew at the harbor. The harbor site is wrecked but the crew is okay. Josh tells Lou (the foreman) to bring all the earth moving equipment to the palace. Standing away from Josh, Olivia wants to check on the harbor site but gets a busy signal on Lou's phone. She finally gets through and tells Lou not to come to the palace; there is a lot of money wrapped up in the project. Josh overhears her and says "To hell with the money!"

The pilot says he remembers an injured woman wanting to go to Canada, two weeks after November 14. She went to Bear Lake, in a remote area. Michelle wants him to take her there.

Tony, Catalina, Buzz and Claire are discussing the quake. Abuela arrives to give Tony a message from Johnny Machado. They step outside. She says the family has an interest in the SC harbor project. She wants him to go down there and check. Tony says he is not Johnny's errand boy. Catalina thinks he should go.

Sam and Marah are on the boat. It is a bumpy ride. Marah tells him to forget about the radio. She is glad they are here and not so far away when Reva is hurt. Marah says she wanted to make Tony jealous and now she saw her mother buried. While she was playing stupid games, her mother could die. What if something had happened to Tony too? Sam tells her she is just feeling guilty about the necklace. Marah has to stop blaming herself. Reva has her eyesight back. Sam looks out the window of the boat and sees a huge storm; they are in the middle of it.

Josh shouts at Olivia that Reva's life is at stake; what was she thinking? Olivia thinks Reva is dead. Olivia can understand Noah's reaction but not Josh's. Olivia doesn't want to be cold about this but they could lose everything on the project. Josh is talking about a life, not a job. Olivia says she is trying to save them and their life together. He has a "morbid need to dig up a corpse". Josh asks who the hell she is, and has a wild look on his face. Olivia says she is his wife and his future, not his past. Josh says the men are coming to get Reva out. Olivia says do what he has to do. She will save the project whether he likes it or not. She will do it if she has to dig it out herself.

Sam tells Marah he has to go topside to steer the boat and she wants her to stay there. She calls to Sam as he hits his head and falls.

Catalina says this is Tony's business and he has to go. Abuela is watching them. Catalina tells him if he is in charge, he needs to see things with his own eyes. She won't pass judgment and wants him to be happy. Tony is hesitating because of Marah and he doesn't want to run into her. Catalina knows Tony can handle it; the relationship is over. Tony thinks Catalina sees things clearly. He will take a seaplane down there. She tells him to be careful. Abuela tells Catalina she is wonderful, and asks her if she thinks she is an old foolish woman. Catalina says she doesn't think of Abuela as old, and walks away.

Rick asks Phillip about Beth. Phillip says she is MIA at the moment. She went to Mexico to get a divorce but left without one. She was supposed to leave for Springfield but didn't arrive. Phillip says Edmund is desperate and can influence Beth with a sob story. Rick says maybe it isn't Phillip's problem. The kids are safe and maybe he should back off. Phillip asks Rick if that is what he would do. He wonders why Rick didn't back off the night he crawled into bed with Harley to comfort her.

The charter guy offers to fly Michelle to Montreal. The plane is leaving right away. Claire calls her again. Michelle says this is a bad time. Claire wants her to talk to her; she thinks it is about Carmen. They announce flight 202 to Montreal. Claire asks Michelle where she is going. Michelle leaves and gets on the plane, after bumping into a guy in a  suit. He tells someone "She's on her way."

Claire approaches Danny and says Michelle is looking into something about Carmen. He asks where she is, and she tells him she thinks she's on her way to Canada. She thinks she heard a flight announcement to Montreal in the background. Danny says they have to stop Michelle. Buzz asks if there was "something wrong with the burger." Danny shouts "Carmen!" as he runs out the door.

Sam has fallen in the boat and is unconscious. Marah asks him to wake up. They are going to die. He fell and hit his head. Water is coming onto the boat.

Lou arrives at the palace with the equipment. Josh tells Noah they will get her out.

Reva is looking for something to use to make noise. She starts banging and shouting for help. She takes cover as more rubble falls.

Danny arrives at the airport and wants to fly to Montreal. David stops him from getting on the plane. Danny is screaming, "Michelle, get off the plane." and is being restrained by David.

Carmen is in the shed at Laurel Falls, doing something on her Palm Pilot. She says "Michelle, wait until you see all that Canada has to offer." Michelle enters the shed. "Sorry, Carmen. I didn't take the bait."