Guiding Light Update Wednesday 8/8/01

By Andi

The earth is still shaking at the palace. Marah yells "Mom" and starts shrieking that Reva is "buried alive". Cassie freaks out, and Richard tries to hold her back. Noah and Richard try to lift some of the rubble, to no avail.

At Millennium, Danny arrives asking for Tony, who is not there. He calls him on his cell phone while waiting. Claire arrives and Danny tells her he is busy. She says so is Michelle and "that is the problem".

At Company, Buzz asks Catalina if she really can handle two jobs and she tells him yes. He hires her, and says that Springfield University is taking late registration. She is not interested, and Buzz says she is smart and should go to school. Catalina tells him she has studied her whole life; her family "lived in books". Buzz asks if she wants to experience "flesh and blood life", pointing to Tony. Catalina says he isn't interested in her like that and Buzz says Tony is a "bigger fool that he thought".

Catalina waits on Tony and Romeo. Tony offers her a raise so she won't need a second job but she says no; it would be charity. She asks them if she can get them anything. Romeo says he "wants some dessert, if you're serving it up." and is totally flirting. Tony looks very surprised.

Phillip is trying to show Beth's picture to festival goers and see if anyone recognizes her. She was with a big guy in a "rent a prince costume". If Edmund got to her, Phillip will never forgive himself.

Beth asks Edmund if she wants her to sign the deed. Edmund says he will be out of her life if she gives him the mine. She says it is a no brainer and asks for a pen. He holds on to the pen and tells her she is giving up everything. Beth says it is only money but that is not what he meant. She takes the pen to sign and Edmund looks sad.

Edmund takes the pen away from Beth. She says they have a deal and she "doesn't want to play games". He is entitled to a settlement and she doesn't want to be tied up in court for years. Edmund says he wouldn't do that but she reminds him he has kidnapped her twice. She says they are trapped in a desert, a metaphor for their marriage. He says he gave her a palace once. Beth says that was an illusion -- like a mirage (Also found in deserts.) She wants him to give her the pen and let her sign the deed.

Phillip calls Lillian and tells her Beth checked out of her hotel, and she should be on her way home. Lillian tells him James has a fever and misses his mom. Phillip tells her to take care of him, and leaves a message for Beth to call him.

Danny asks Claire "what about Michelle". She tells him he should hire a private investigator instead of letting Michelle do it. Michelle is on the trail of Carmen. Claire's cell phone rings, and has to take the call; it is a patient. Claire tells Danny not to let Michelle do his dirty work. Danny calls Tony and says he needs to call him back; Michelle is asking questions. Michelle walks into Millennium.

Noah, Richard and Sam are trying to remove the rubble. Richard tries his cell phone but can't get a signal. Cassie says she is not leaving until Reva is out.

Catalina goes over the menu... key lime pie, crumb cake.... She recommends the crumb cake ("It would suit you.") Romeo asks Tony what her problem is, and says she is hot. Tony says she isn't interested in Romeo, but if he wants her, he can't use the "smooth" act. Romeo thinks Tony is interested and tells him it's exactly like with his cousin, asking him if he is in or out.

Marah is convinced Reva will die in there, and says it is taking too long. Sam and Noah are trying to lift the rubble off. Richard can't get a signal on his cell phone and tells Sam to get Marah out of there. She is  very hysterical. Richard helps Noah and they call to Reva. Marah tells Sam Richard is the ruler of a country, but he can't even get her mother out of there. She thinks her dad can help.

In an outdoor shower, Olivia is standing under the water (naked). She calls to Josh to come "scrub her back".

Phillip meets Vargas at the fiesta and tells him he is still looking for Beth. He thinks Beth may have been kidnapped by Edmund. Vargas offers to go with him to the police, but Phillip already went. Phillip notices Beth's bracelet on the arm of Vargas's girlfriend, and asks the lady to dance.

Beth asks Edmund "what he is waiting for". Edmund says she stopped before signing. She says he has the pen; her offer is good for the next five minutes. Is she still his prisoner? Edmund talks about what they had and asks why? What they had was "real". She tells him not to touch her; his time is up and he will leave here empty handed. She tries to leave, and he stops her, telling her she will not make it in the desert without water or a jeep. Beth pulls away and falls on the ground, glaring at Edmund.

Rick sees Michelle at Millennium and tells her that Harley went to California to have the baby. He waits this long to have a baby and mother and child are someplace else. He might take a legal document to California and wave it at Harley. Michelle doesn't think he will do it. She tells him Harley will come around. Nice guys finish first and it will work out for him. She has to go.

Catalina serves the cake and Romeo thanks her. He asks Tony what he wants him to do. Tony needs him to talk to Lucas and find out who paid him to lie at the trial; Lucas owes money to Inferno.

Buzz notices Romeo and Catalina tells him he is a friend of Tony's. Buzz doesn't think he will like him. Abuela arrives. She sits at the bar and asks for coffee, and asks Buzz why Catalina acts afraid of her. Buzz informs Catalina that Maria wants to talk to her. Abuela tells her Tony should help her out, and Catalina says this is what she wants. Abuela needs to ask her a favor.

Edmund tries to comfort Beth up but Beth is upset. She doesn't want to him to come closer. She looks at her leg and cries. He says she is okay. She says she is kidnapped. She hates to be touched when she doesn't want to be; she feels trapped and dirty, that Edmund can't imagine what that feels like. He asks if what she is seeing, is Bradley and not him. Beth says they seem like the same person right now. Edmund says he can't bear to see her in this much pain; why doesn't she go? She asks if he wants her to sign the deed. He tells her the road is half a mile from here and she can make it back to town before sundown. Beth writes something in her book.

Phillip tells the lady that is a lovely bracelet. He asks her if it is a present from Vargas; she says yes. Phillip twists Vargas' arm and tells him to tell the truth.

Phil says Vargas gave the girlfriend Beth's bracelet and asks where is Beth? Vargas says he bought the bracelet yesterday, and the girlfriend confirms it. Phillip apologizes to him. Vargas says he was trying to tell him something about Beth.

Catalina asks what can she do for Abuela? Abuela has men to help her. Abuela says Catalina and her grandson belong together. Catalina is surprised that Maria wants her for Tony. Maria notices Catalina loves him and tells her not to be so shy. Maria wants Tony to be happy. He needs a woman who will help him to realize his destiny, support him and give him sons. Catalina agrees she is good for Tony but not for the same reasons. She wants Tony to know he is a good man and not because he is a Santos. Abuela says "Perfecto", she thinks Tony will want to succeed for Catalina. She says if Catalina wants to, try to change Tony. Abuela says no matter how loudly anyone protests, people do what they want to do. Tony is here because he wants to be. Abuela wishes Catalina good luck.

At the palace, all of them are trying to lift the rubble. Sam tells Marah they should give the others room to work. She wants to get to Josh but Sam says the airport and harbor are closed. She wants a boat and Sam knows where there is one. Richard tells Sam to go to the municipal building and tell Dax they need volunteers. Cassie tells Marah to go with Sam.

Romeo shakes Tony's hand and leaves. Tony asks Catalina about talking to Abuela. Catalina says she is a surprising woman. She was talking about Tony's future. Tony wonders if she left him a message> Catalina says she told her to give him this and she gives him a kiss, catching him off guard. Catalina asks if it felt "grandmotherly" and he says not at all. She walks away.

Richard, Noah and Cassie are still clearing rubble and trying to call to Reva. No answer. Cassie says this isn't fair and Richard hugs her.

A man tells Vargas and Phillip that Beth was talking about missing her children. Phil thanks the man. He gives him some money. Vargas says he understands Phillip's concern for the mother of his children. Phillip says he is going back to SF and apologizes to Vargas.

Edmund asks Beth to promise him one thing -- When things are clearer and she can change her mind about him,  she'll call him. She says he is not losing a wife he is gaining a silver mine. One of the thugs enters, holding a gun. He will take the paper and the silver mine.