Guiding Light Update Monday 8/6/01

By Andi

At Company, Frank is talking to Buzz about exercising. They ask Rick what he thinks. He then hands them Harley's note, and Buzz reads it aloud. "By the time you read this I will be out of town." Rick tells them Harley is long gone.

Ross tells Danny everything depends on closing arguments, and even though there was tainted evidence, no body, etc. the jury can still be unpredictable. Ross wants Danny to consider a plea bargain for at least some degree of manslaughter -- he would get ten to twelve years. Danny asks Ross if he would want to "miss out on that much time in his children's lives" and Ross says it is better than never seeing them again. Danny needs to discuss this with Michelle.

At the docks, the man (clad in rubber fishing boots) apologizes for scaring Michelle. He says she must be lost because it doesn't look like she is going fishing. She asks if he can help her.

Richard arrives in the palace bedroom looking for Cassie, and sees Noah. Noah is looking for Reva. The two sisters rush in with the tape they got from "Scarface". The room starts shaking (major tremors) and everything starts falling down. Richard leads Cassie upstairs with Noah and Reva following them. Cassie wants to get to the children, and Richard promises to take her to them. A statue falls over; Richard clears it out of the way. All four huddle in a doorway as things continue to fall.

Blake opens the front door. Holly is there with flowers, and wants to know how Ross found out that Gus was actually Nick August. Blake tells her she figured it out while doing research for her next book. Holly says Ross "must be grateful". Blake tells her that she went into Gus's hotel room looking for clues; in order to get out of there she let him kiss her. Gus blabbed to Ross this morning, however Ross was not jealous. Holly thinks Ross "must trust her". Blake wanted him to be jealous, and says his reaction was a non-reaction. If he really loved her, he would be jealous.

Danny tells Ross he doesn't want to "miss the first ten years of Robbie's life", and Ross understands. He says that Danny has admitted to killing Carmen, and he is still a Santos -- The jury might be stuck on the fact he didn't call medics and he weighted down the body in the lake. Which, on the surface, looks like premeditated murder. Ross tells Danny should consider the plea, and to let him know after talking with Michelle. He wonders if Gus has contacted them and Danny tells him no. Ross says Gus visited him and Blake this morning, and doesn't know why he isn't admitting to switching the dental records. "Who else could have done it?" Danny thinks about what Michelle said, that Carmen did it. He says to himself it can't be (she's dead).

Michelle asks the fisherman (Pete) if this is his "regular spot". He tells her it is, and that he comes every day and every night. The cops disturbed the fish with their divers. Michelle asks if he was there Nov. 14. He says that is "fluke season", and saw something that night and wrote it in his calendar because it was strange.

Cassie is trying to get to the kids but Richard tells her she has to "stay alive". He is holding her until it is safe. The are sit in the hallway as the tremors continue. Noah and Reva are further in the hallway.

At the airport, some kids are playing at the gate, and Alan sits between them. Claire shows up and says she was "looking for him", that his secretary told her where to find him. He doesn't look thrilled. He complains that he has to fly commercially ("steerage") because the Spaulding jet is in Mexico with Phillip. He has to go to San Cristobel. Claire forgot to give him Olivia's message, and tells him she needs him to offer Danny a job. Alan is annoyed by her forgetfulness, and isn't in the mood to do any favors for her.

Buzz finishes reading Harley's letter, in which she says she loves them and will be fine in California. He says to Rick that he drove her away. Frank says all of them made her leave; they made her feel smothered. Buzz says he either gives "too much love or not enough love". Frank tells his father not everything he and Harley do is his fault. Buzz says he abandoned Harley before she was born, and Frank says that is ancient history. Buzz just wanted to be a "real dad" and it hurts not to be able to help her. Frank says he, Harley and Buzz have each other; they "are family". Harley needs time to herself -- she knows where they live and will eventually come back. Buzz wants to know how Frank got so smart but Frank says it "runs in the family". He asks Rick how he is doing. Rick says he is upset about missing the birth of his son, but if this is good for Harley, it's okay. He just wants her to get through the birth safely. Danny arrives and asks for Rick's help.

Pete tells Michelle that he heard a gun shot and a  big splash. He then rowed his boat over to the sound, and saw something that looked like a ghost. Two big guys pulled something out of the water, and put it in a car, leaving like "nothing ever happened".

The chandelier sparks, and Reva shouts "NO!!!"

Richard lies on top of Cassie, and more stuff crashes. He asks her if she is okay. They crawl toward Reva and Noah. Finally, the shaking stops. Cassie asks if it is "over". Noah tells her no; they have to get out "while they can". Noah and Reva go to look for Marah and Sam. Cassie goes to look for the children. Richard has to go with the guard to take care of an emergency. Richard tells Cassie to be careful.

Holly tells Blake that she and Ross have finally come to a place of trust and she should be happy. Blake tells her Ross doesn't want to marry her or care at all that Gus kissed her -- only about his court case. She wonders what would "get a rise out of him." Ross arrives and Holly leaves. He apologizes for overreacting earlier; he knows she is a good mother and wouldn't endanger her family for the book. Blake asks if he understands about the kiss but Ross is already on the phone, and doesn't hear her. She asks what is wrong with him? Doesn't he love her anymore?

Michelle sees Frank outside Company, and he tells her Rick and Danny are inside. She wants to talk to Frank first; she met a fisherman who heard everything the night Carmen died. The man saw two other men pull her body out of the lake and put her in a car. Frank tells her to be "careful listening to stories". She still thinks Carmen is still alive. Inside, Danny is telling Rick that he thinks that maybe Carmen isn't dead after all. At first he didn't want to believe it but what if? She could do whatever she wants while he is in prison. Danny is afraid for Michelle. However, in the meantime, while they are trying to find out if Carmen is alive, Danny wants Rick to help him protect Michelle. Michelle tells Frank she doesn't want to get Danny's hopes up until they know for sure.

Ross asks Blake if she was just using Gus to get information for the book. She tells him yes, and asks if he is jealous about what she had to do to get it (kissing Gus)? Ross doesn't want to revert to old patterns, and Blake doesn't understand why he isn't reacting. He doesn't know what she wants from him. Blake asks if there is something wrong in their relationship? Has the "spark gone out"? Something "feels wrong".

Michelle talks to Frank about Carmen, while Danny talks to Rick inside. They both make the case that Gus didn't change the dental records -- who else did? Rick tells Danny there is no way she could be alive -- she is dead. Both Michelle and Danny say Carmen is alive. (Neither one wants the other to know that Carmen is alive -- They each want to protect the other.) Michelle says wants to prove Carmen is alive to "save Danny".

Claire apologizes to Alan, and say he spends too much time dealing with Olivia's problems. Alan "didn't ask for her opinion". She says jump on a plane and help Olivia -- again; why can't he help her too? He tells her millions of dollars are at stake. Claire says she "hates the idea of him with another woman". She would be "so grateful" if he could help her by giving a job to Danny. Alan says to Claire he isn't in the business of making her look good. He is leaving on his flight when the plane to San Cristobel gets cancelled.

Richard asks a guard in the courtyard to find Marah and Sam. Cassie tells her husband she had the guards take the children to a place where they will be "safe". Richard hugs her; they are told Marah and Sam never left the palace. Reva goes to look for Marah and Cassie follows her. There is another tremor, causing the ground to separate them from the men.

Ross asks Blake if she liked it better when he "flew into jealous rages". She says she wants yesterday, when he couldn't live without her; they used to be "hot and fueled by fire". Ross doesn't even seem to want that back. She tells him he's changed. Ross says he is late for a meeting and they will discuss it later. He grumbles to himself that Blake is wrong and he hasn't changed.

Frank tells Michelle that Carmen couldn't possibly be alive; he thinks Danny is lucky to have a wife who will stick with him no matter what. She tells Frank he will find a woman like that again. Frank says sometimes it is "better just to be there instead of playing the hero". If she needs him, she should just call. Michelle tells Frank he is wrong; she will prove it. Rick and Danny come outside; Rick is going to the hospital. Danny wonders where Michelle has been, and she says she went to the hospital to see Claire, who was busy. Danny tells her about Ross's plea bargain idea, and Michelle doesn't like it. He agrees. Michelle leaves to go see Claire (or so she says). Danny calls Tony for help.

Reva and Cassie are hugging each other as a live wire drops in front of them. Looks like a fire may start. Richard and Noah are on the other side, facing them.