Guiding Light Update Thursday 8/2/01

By Eva

At the Bauer house, Things are once again happy as Michelle and Danny read the morning newspaper headlines which state that if the judge declares a mistrial the U. S.  Attorney's office will not retry Danny.  The paper also says that they are dropping all charges against Michelle.  Michelle wonders what will happen to Gus.

Meanwhile at the Marlar house, Blake and Ross read the same newspaper article.  Blake is optimistic but Ross still worries that the judge will decide to go ahead with the trial.  Blake has something to tell Ross.

Meanwhile in Mexico, Beth is angry and disappointed to discover that her divorce will be postponed for another three days because the judge has left town and will not be back until after the festival.  She calls Philip to let him know the bad news he tells her to relax and not to worry because the man he hired is keeping tabs on Edmund. Beth decides to enjoy her brief vacation.

In San Cristobal, Cassia and Reva talk and try to figure out how they can prove that Peter Vernally is connected to Olivia and her dirty deal.  Cassie wants to pay the man they have nicknamed Sacrifice for the information.  Reva is concerned because she doesn't think it is a good idea to let her go alone.  They are in the middle of their argument when Scarface calls to set up a meeting.  Cassie is to meet him at the Rusty Anchor as soon as she hangs up the phone.  Reva wants to go with her and stay out of sight but Cassie makes her promise not to do anything and stay put.  Reva doesn't keep her promise and follows Cassie five minutes after she has left the palace.  

Meanwhile at the Bauer house, Michelle and Danny dream about having a normal life just like any other family. They also plan to take a romantic vacation once this whole mess is over.  

Back at the Marler house, Blake begins to explain to Ross how she had to do some things she didn't want to do in order to get information from Gus for her next book.  She says that she knows Ross must have been wondering why she was spending so much time with a handsome guy like Gus.  She says that Ross must have had some pangs of jealousy When Ross says he wasn't jealous she is disappointed.  Their discussion is interrupted by the doorbell.  Gus says he has come by to "clear the air about what happened between Blake and I." Gus tells Ross and Blake that the FBI is going to try to kick him out but he won't go down without a fight.  Gus tells Blake that there are no hard feelings she got him fair and square.  Before he leaves he tells Ross "the kiss meant nothing."  

Meanwhile at the Bauer house, Claire comes by in order to try to make things right with Danny and Michelle.  She congratulates them on the happy news.   Claire offers to baby-sit for Robbie when they go on their vacation.   Michelle refuses saying she doesn't trust her with her son.  Claire offers a peace offering, she wants to set up a meeting for Danny with Alan Spaulding to discuss possible job opportunities.  A heated discussion follows and after much debate Danny agrees to let Claire set up a meeting with Alan.

At the Spaulding mansion, Philip calls the court house in Mexico to try and find out why the judge has left town for three days.  Since he doesn't know much Spanish he can't get any information.  Alan walks in when Philip is finished with his call and once again makes a case that Philip should get back together with Beth.  Philip doesn't want to hear any of that talk again.   Alan advises Philip to throw himself into his work to forget about his problems.   Philip thinks that Alan's advice is the worst advice he has ever gotten.  The guard Philip had assigned to Edmund arrives and breaks the news that Edmund gave him the slip and has been missing since yesterday.  Philip becomes furious and tears into the guard for not alerting him as soon as Edmund was discovered missing.  He tries to warn Beth and calls her on her cell phone.  Beth doesn't hear it ringing because she is dancing with her lawyer Mr. Vargas who is dressed in costume and wearing a mask.

Back in Springfield, Philip is worried when Beth doesn't answer her phone and hangs up determined to find her.

Back at the Marler house, Blake is expecting to have enragement with Ross over the kiss she gave Gus but is surprised to discover that Ross isn't angry about the kiss at all.  What Ross is angry about is that she will stop at nothing to get information for her books.  Their heated argument is interrupted when Ross is called down to the Judge's chambers to hear his decision.

In Mexico, Beth is having a great time dancing with Mr. Vargas while he is spinning her around she gets dizzy and can't find her partner when she finds him again she notices that his dancing abilities have improved.  She suspects she isn't dancing with the same partner .  She begs and begs to know who is behind the mask.  When the stranger reveals himself she discovers it is Edmund.

In San Cristobal, Scarface doesn't like the terms of Cassie's deal. She offers to sweeten the pot but he has to give her some information in good faith.  He tells her that Petter Vreeland has been getting money from someone working for Lewis construction.  Everything is going well until Cassie hears a noise and notices Reva in disguise sitting at a table.  Scarface notices too and gets very angry and demands to know what the woman is doing there.   Reva pretends to be a blind woman looking for spar change. Cassie goes along with the con but Scarface doesn't buy it.  He say lets see if she is really blind he holds a knife in front of Reva's face.

At the Bauer house, Michelle and Danny enjoy their happiness.  Danny tells Michelle that he just told Claire that he would meet with Alan to get her to go away but now he is really thinking it would be a good idea.  He asks Michelle what she thinks Michelle says whatever he wants to do is fine with her.  Ross arrives to tell them that the judge has denied their request for a mistrial.