Guiding Light Update Wednesday 8/1/01

By Eva

In San Cristobal, Olivia is finally able to reach Alan back in Springfield to help her out of another mess.  She tells him that she doesn't want to get involved with the mob to launder money through the Harbor project.  She is very anxious and scared and begs Alan to help her find a way out.  She finishes her call just before Josh comes up behind her.  Josh asks Olivia what she is thinking about she tells him she is worried she might lose him.   Josh reassures her that she will ever lose him.  He makes a suggestion that they play hooky from work and go scuba diving on a nearby island to forget about their troubles.  Olivia agrees and they decide to leave tomorrow.  

Meanwhile at company, Danny's friends and family gather to celebrate getting the goods on Gus.  Ors tells Danny he isn't home free yet because the judge may decide to go ahead with the trial or he may declare a mistrial and the case would go to trial again.  Everyone gathered remains positive that things will work out just fine.  Danny thanks Harley for everything she did to help him.  Everyone toasts Harley.  Danny asks Tony "are you keeping your nose clean" Tony gets very defensive and accuses Danny of not trusting him.  Tony lies and says he isn't doing anything wrong.  Danny wants him to tell him if the Sandoval's or the Machados come sniffing around because he doesn't want them anywhere near the club.  Ray notices Tony's reaction and after Tony leaves he confides in Danny and Michelle that he is worried that Tony may want to get back in the family business.  

Meanwhile in San Cristobal, Cassie and Reva inform Richard that they suspect Mr. Vreeland is involved in something shady concerning the harbor project.   Richard says they must be very careful and make sure they have solid evidence before they accuse the Presidential candidate.  Richard leaves to talk to Dax and Cassie and Reva try to come up with a way to connect Petter Vreeland and Olivia with the less then legitimate harbor project.  Dax informs Richard that Peter Vreeland is having great success with television ads and he is gaining popularity with the people.  Dax suggests that Richard use his popularity with the council to get the election postponed until they can come up with a strategy to defeat Vreeland.  Richard angrily refuses because it wouldn't be democratic.  Cassie gets a call from Scarface (Vreeland flunky) because he wants to set up a meeting to talk about Vreeland's involvement with the Harbor project.  After Cassie hangs up the phone Richard comes in and tells Cassie that from now on she and Reva must follow the rules when handling this investigation.  Since the Shane women have never been known to follow the rules they decide to meet with Scarface.

Meanwhile at company Harley and Frank talk.  Harley tells Frank that she is disillusioned with what happened in court today.  Harley is sympathetic to Gus and what he went through and why he felt he had to get justice.  Harley heads home.  Rick Buzz and Frank may try to come after Harley because of what she did to bring him down.  They start planning ways to protect her until Holly tells them to leave Harley alone because she is perfectly capable of taking care of herself.  

In San Cristobal, Sam and Marah interrupt Josh and Olivia as they discuss their brief vacation.  Josh and Marah have a heart to heart talk Josh tells her he is glad to see her smiling again.  He asks about Tony she says she doesn't care what Tony does anymore she just wants to have a fun summer with Sam.  Sam and Olivia talk Olivia thinks Sam might be good for Marah because she seems happy for the firs time in a long time.  

At inferno, Tony vents his anger over his situation with his family at Romeo.  Romeo says the reason he is so angry and confused is because he wants to run after Marah.  Tony says he doesn't care about Marah anymore but he can't stop thinking about her.  Tony is also having second thoughts about laundering money through Lewis construction.  Romeo tells Tony to make sure he has the stomach to go through with this plan because once he is in the family business he can't get out.  

Harley finds Gus waiting for her at home.  She is very upset that he got in without permission.  He congratulates her for doing a good job.  He is proud of her because "he made her a better braver cop."  He also tells her all about his father and that he was killed the day after the picture was taken of them at the ballpark.  He says that he and his father were just coming out of the movies when his father gave him money to go get an ice cream across the street something told him to look back and as he did he saw Miguel shoot his father in cold blood.  He swallows hard as he tells her when the police came a friend of his father's told him not to look at his father's body.  He also explains the pain he felt at his father's funeral.  When they finish their talk Harley wishes him good luck as he heads to Washington to face the music.  

Back In San Cristobal Cassie is disappointed to learn she isn't pregnant.   Richard reassures her that everything happens in its own time.  They try again as they hear the rumblings of the earth shifting.  Olivia is awakened by the rumblings and thinks they should have left on their trip today instead of tomorrow.  Reva is awakened by a nightmare that she had lost Noah and Noah assures her that he is with her to stay.