Guiding Light Update Tuesday 7/31/01

By Eva

At the Rusty Anchor, The man Mr.Vreeland hired to be his messenger to Olivia thinks that Cassie and Reva are undercover cops.  He holds a Knife to their
Meanwhile at Company.  Philip calls Beth to let her know that he has a man tailing Edmund to make sure he doesn't go to Mexico. Beth informs Philip that her divorce is postponed by a day because all the municipal offices are closed due to a fiesta.  Philip tells her not to worry and just relax because he will make sure Edmund doesn't follow her to Mexico.   Edmund gets a little testy because he knows Philip is having him followed.   He tells Philips security guy that he is going to the bathroom and manages to sneak away from him.

At the court house, Tensions are high as Ross continues his questioning of Gus.  Ross asks him if there is a real person named Gus Ituro.  Gus looks confused and asks what are you talking about thetas me.  Ross asks if he wants to stick with that answer Gus says yes.  Ross then enters a copy of Gus's birth certificate that shows that Gus had his name changed seven years ago.  Ross then shows Gus a picture of him as a little boy wearing a cubs baseball cap.  He identifies the little boy as himself. Ross then asks him to identify the man in the picture. Gus identifies him as Joe Augustino alias Joe August. Ross then asks Gus to tell the jury what his relationship to Joe Augustino, the famous undercover cop, was.  After a long hesitation Gus admits Joe Augustino was his father.

While still talking on the phone Philip and Beth share warm memories about their trip to Mexico together years ago.  Beth tells Philip that she is wearing the bracelet he gave her as a gift when they were in Mexico together.
Philip encourages Beth not to let anything stop her from getting a divorce from Edmund tomorrow. While Philip and Beth talk we see Edmund getting on a plane he borrowed from gangster Mr. Sandoval.

In Mexico, After hanging up with Philip Beth remembers her Life with Edmund both the good and bad times.  

Back n the court house, Ross very cleverly starts calling Gus by his given name Nick Augustino and characterizes him as a man who is a liar.  Gus(Nick) says "Danny Santos is a murderer."  The Judge asks to see the file that Ross has on Gus(Nick) before he will allow him to continue his line of questioning.  After reviewing the file he allows him to proceed.  Ross asks Gus to look at a copy of a police report dated September 12, 1980. He asks Gus (Nick) to read what the report says it states that Joe was killed in a mob ordered hit, towards the end of the report it says that the hit was ordered by Miguel Santos Danny's father.  

Meanwhile at the Rusty Anchor, Richard and Noah arrive just in time with the police to rescue Cassie and Reva.  Richard is more than a little angry at Cassie and Reva for putting themselves in such danger.   Outside of the bar Vreeland's flunkie calls him to let him know what just happened and to inform him he wants double the amount of money he was promised or he will tell everything he knows to Cassie and the commission. Reva reflects on how lucky she is to have Noah in her life and they head back to the palace.  

Inside the Rusty Anchor, Richard and Cassie continue to argue.  Richard demands to know why this fight against Edmund is so important to Cassie that she would risk her life and possibly leave her Children without a mother.   She tells him that after everything Edmund has done to her she can't let him win and she has to be the one to beat him.   Meanwhile at the Court house, Ross Characterizes Gus(Nick) as a man who wanted revenge against the revenge against the Santos family because Miguel Santos killed his father.  Gus says that is not true that he was just doing his job.  Ross continues to badger Gus(Nick) until he screams "They killed my father in cold blood I want the Santos family to pay and to rot for the rest of their lives."  

On the airplane, Edmund fantasizes that he stops Beth from getting the
divorce and they reconcile.  

In Mexico, Beth's thoughts can't seem to get away from Edmund as she takes out a new dress she just bought.

Meanwhile at the court house, Ross moves for a mistrial in light of the new evidence.  The judge asks to meet with both lawyers in chambers and calls a recess.  Gus (Nick) is still sitting on the witness stand as everyone leaves the courtroom.