Guiding Light Update Thursday 7/26/01

By Eva

 At the court house, Rick asks Ross for legal advice concerning his parental rights.  Ross agrees to draw up legal papers for Rick so that his rights will be clear to all parties.

Meanwhile at inferno, Sam and Marah do a last minute check of preparations for their trip to San Cristobal.  Marah pretends to be happy about the trip but continues to be distracted by thoughts of Tony.  

In San Cristobal, Olivia worries that the commission investigating Edmund will find out about her embezzlement of Lewis construction funds for the harbor project.   She is also very worried about Josh's reaction if the commission discovers something.  Noah and Reva arrive expecting to see fireworks when Josh discovers Olivia's dirty dealings.  Reva has fun making Olivia more nervous.   Cassie comes in to share the commission's findings.

Meanwhile at the Spaulding mansion, Beth makes final preparations for her trip to Mexico. Alan stops Beth to let her know that Alan was named the executor of Bradley's will.  He informs Beth that Bradley only left one thing a letter addressed to her.  Beth Refuses to open the letter but Alan urges her to open it.  Beth begins to read the letter but decides she doesn't want to know what is in it. Alan continues to read the letter which says that Bradley has left Beth a silver mine in Colorado.  Bradley says he knows this cannot make up for all the suffering he put Beth and Lillian through and he hopes she will accept this gift.  Beth Refuses to accept the gift she heads for the airport as Philip and Alan argue about whether or not Beth should accept the gift.  

Meanwhile at inferno, Tony sends fruit smoothies over to Marah and Sam's table to wish them a good trip.  Marah daydreams about Tony stopping her from going on her trip and admitting that he still loves her.  In her dream Tony goes with her to San Cristobal.  

Meanwhile in San Cristobal.  Cassie makes this shocking announcement "there seems to be no trace of anything illegal in the harbor project."  After everyone has left the palace, Reva and Cassie wonder how Olivia and Edmund managed to get away with their dirty deal.  Olivia is also asking herself the Sam question.  She calls Mr.Vreeland to see if he was the one who magically made the books adjust themselves.  Mr.Vreeland says he has no idea how they got so lucky but now the project can move on.  Olivia and Mr. Vreeland set up a drop off so that Olivia can finally get rid of all the cash.  When Olivia hangs up the phone she gets a telegram from Alan saying you owe me one.  

At the court house, Blake is determined to see Ross to find out if he read the file on Gus she left in Hs briefcase. She is stopped by Gus who why she has been ignoring him, She says she has no time to talk because she has to see Ross.  When Blake gets inside the court room Ross is delighted to see her and gives her a warm hug to thank her for information that may have broken Danny's case wide open.  Michelle and Danny burst in with some exciting news of their own.  Danny tells Ross and Blake that yesterday when he saw Gus wearing a Cubs baseball cap he remembered being at a baseball game with his father Miguel and another little boy that his father called Jr.  This memory flash leads Danny and Michelle to think that Gus is Danny's half brother (Selena's son) Miguel Santos, Jr.  Ross urges them to keep quiet because he will take care of Gus.

Meanwhile in the Bauer back yard, Rick plays basketball by himself and thinks about his son's future.  Phillip arrives and for a while they play like old friends and iron out their differences but it all falls apart they begin to argue and Philip leaves.  

Meanwhile at inferno, Tony and Catalina talk.  Tony tells her that he no longer has any feelings for Marah.  Tony says that Marah and Sam are perfect for each other.   Tony has a fantasy of Marah and Sam in San Cristobal discussing subjects that smart people talk about.   The heads of the Sandoval and Machado families arrive to meet with Tony.   They also introduce Tony to their new associate Edmund.  They tell Tony they will need his help with Edmund's plan to lauder money using the Spaulding Spier project as well as Lewis Construction.
Tony agrees to go along with the deal.

In San Cristobal, The messenger arrives to give Olivia details on where to drop off the money while a "blind" Reva watches.  When Olivia leaves she drops a card that Reva picks up which says the rusty anchor.