Guiding Light Update Tuesday 7/24/01

By Eva

 Cassie and Richard have breakfast and dream about the baby they may have created last night.  Dax interrupts them to say that the council is waiting to set a date for the election.

At inferno , Edmund meets with Bernardo to ask him for a loan.  Tony meets with Abuela to inform her he is moving back into the Santos family home.  He also tells her he wants to get back in the family business "and this time I don't take orders from nobody."

At the court house, Michelle tries to delay her testimony to show Ross the file but the Judge won't stand for it.  Ross gets Michelle to tell the jury her past history with Carman as well as the events that led up to Carman's death.  Michelle tells the jury what a decent man Danny is and that he is being framed by someone.  The judge tells the jury to disregard the last remark.  The DA cross examines Michelle and brings up the fact that Michelle Killed Danny's brother Mick.  Ross objects and pints out that it was self defense.  

Meanwhile at company Sam tries to get Marah enthused about their vacation in San Cristobal but Marah is too worried about Tony to pay much attention to Sam. Marah sees Father Ray goes over to his table to speak to him.  She informs him about Tony's big blow up with Buzz and that she is worried that he may try to go back to his old ways.  She also tells him about her plan to make Tony jealous with Sam.  Father Ray tells her she never should have been playing these silly games with Tony and she should tell Tony the truth about her feelings for him. Marah takes his advice and goes off to find Tony.  

At inferno, Tony tells Abuela that he brought in someone from Chicago to watch his back because he does not trust Abuela or Bernardo.  Tony introduces her to Romeo Jones Abuela is worried because she has heard that this guy is dangerous.  She is also not happy that Tony brought in an outsider.  Tony says that they will have to except Romeo because "anyone who disrespects Romeo disrespects me."  

In San Cristobal. Josh happens to run into Mr.Vreeland at the restaurant after he and Olivia return from the beach. Olivia comes in to the restaurant and is unnerved to see Vreeland talking to Josh.  

Meanwhile at the court house, Michelle recounts for the jury the events that lead to Mick's death.  The DA asks Michelle how many members of the Santos family She and her husband have killed when Michelle answers 2 the DA says 'at this rate you and your husband will be the only members of the Santos family left."  Danny lets his temper show at that remark and tells her to stop badgering Michelle.  The judge says that if he has one more outbursts he will throw Danny out of the court room.

Meanwhile in San Cristobal, Richard tells the council that he will announce his candidacy for President.  The council decides they will hold the election in four weeks.  Cassie thanks Lord Vreeland for the anonymous tip but Lord Darcy looks confused and says he will do everything he can to help Richard.

Josh informs Mr.Vreeland that he intends to turn over all the files on the harbor project to the commission investigating Edmund.  Josh also wants to go over all the files with Mr.Vreeland before they are turned over to the commission.  Josh also wants to get involved in every aspect of the project to maintain its integrity.

At the court house, The DA continues to badger Michelle.  Michelle gets fed up with her and waves the file with the dental records in front of her face and dares the DA to ask her a question about them.

At inferno, Tony tells Abuela that he is in charge now and she should go back to Cuba because he can handle things now.  Tony asks Bernardo to set up a meeting with the other families.  Bernardo reluctantly agree to do so but he is not at all happy with the situate.

At the court house, The judge asks to look at the files Michelle is holding in her hand.  After a brief recess he agrees to admit them into evidence.  

In San Cristobal, Mr. Vreeland agrees to set up a secret drop off site so that Olivia can give him the money.  When Olivia leaves Mr. Vreeland calls Edmund who admits that he provided the anonymous tip to Cassie. Mr. Vreeland informs Edmund that Richard is running for President against him.  Edmund offers to help Mr. Vreeland defeat Richard for a price.  Mr. Vreeland agrees to the deal.

At inferno, After Edmund hangs up the phone he informs Bernardo that he will not be needing the loan after all. Bernardo says he needs an off shore business deal for money laundering purposes.  Edmund says he knows of the perfect deal for a price.  Marah tells Tony the truth about what she has been doing.  She tells him she loves him and she will become the woman he wants her to be if he's give her a second chance.  Tony angrily refuses and tells her to go home and leave me alone.   Marah leaves distraught and crying.

At the court house, Michelle shows everyone Carman's fake dental records as well as her real dental records.  Ross asks her if she knows why someone would go to the trouble of switching Carman's dental records.  Michelle says its because the body that the police got out of the lake was not Carman's body.  The DA objects and calls it speculation.  The Judge says he has had enough and adjourns court for the day.   The DA turns to Gus and asks him what he did.  He says he did nothing because he thought it was Carman's body and he still thinks it is her body.