Guiding Light Update Monday 7/23/01

By Eva

At the Spaulding mansion, Beth is in shock at the news of Bradley's death.   She tells Philip that she wishes she could be happy that her stepfather who raped her at the age of sixteen is dead but she just can't be happy and she doesn't understand why.

Meanwhile at the court house, Ross and Danny continue to look for Michelle.   They are unable to find her anywhere inside the building.  Blake tries to show Ross the file which contains information about Gus.  She tells Ross that the information could be important to Danny's case but Ross tells her that anything that doesn't concern finding Michelle will just have to wait.  Ray arrives and tells Ross and Danny that he just saw Michelle driving toward fifth street.  Danny asks Ray to please go find her and bring her back to court.  

Meanwhile at Dr. Fisher's office, Michelle tells the doctor that her name is Wanda and her number 32 molar hurts.  She gives him a story about being interested in being a dental hygienist she flirts with the doctor a little and lets him know that she is very interested in the Santos murder trial.   She also tells him that she wishes she knew someone who was connected to the case.  The doctor tells her that Carman was a former patient.  

At the Court house, Blake continues to try to get Ross to look at the file but she is too preoccupied.  Gus pulls the DA aside and says he has an idea.  

Outside company, Holly runs into Harley and asks how Rick is handling the situation with the baby, Harley says "I wish that all the men in my life would stop trying to give me advice ."

At the Spaulding mansion Beth cries at Bradley's loss but continues to be confused about her feelings.  Lillian offer support.  Lillian shows Beth a copy of Bradley's obituary as Philip reads the more than flattering obituary which calls Bradley a local entrepreneur who will be deeply missed Beth knocks some things off the desk in anger.  

At Dr. Fisher's office, The doctor informs Michelle that Carman had a unique dental plate. "you could never confuse her mouth with someone else's"

Meanwhile at the court house, Ross is informed that the recess has been cut short because the DA made a special request of the judge.  He gets worried because Michelle has not been found and she is his only witness.

At the Spaulding mansion, Beth and Lillian revisit their painful past history with Bradley.  Beth tells Philip and Lillian that she always wanted Bradley to see the kind of woman she had become so that he would know she was not his victim anymore.  Now that hope is gone and she thinks that may be the reason she is so sad.  Philip says that the best way to show Bradley she is not a victim is to get a divorce from Edmund and Move on with her life.   She asks for some time alone and tears up Bradley's obituary and burns it.   After the obituary is burnt to a crisp Beth leaves.  

At Dr. Fisher's office, Michelle tries to get the good doctor to show her Carman's file.  It doesn't get much arm twisting when the Dr. returns with Carman's file he notices that the x-rays are not Carman's.  Upon closer inspection he notices that none of the information in the file is about Carman.  Michelle tells the doctor to go get her some water and while he is gone steals the file from his desk.

At company, Harley is about to leave because she is late for court.  Rick arrives and stops her he says that after the trial is over he and Harley should go to the Bauer cabin and relax.  Harley refuses and heads to the court house.  Holly questions Rick about his feelings for Harley.  Holly asks him how long he has been in love with Harley.  Despite all of Rick's claims that he and Harley are just good friends Holly still gets the sense that there is some kind of a connection between Rick and Harley.

Meanwhile at the court house, Harley arrives and sees Gus she tells him that Rick is the father of her baby.  Gus says he had already figured that out.   Gus gets Harley confused when he says he thinks there is something between Rick and Harley.  Gus says he knows that Harley doesn't love Rick but there is something there.  Harley asks him to explain what he means but Gus doesn't want to upset her in her delicate condition and doesn't say anything more.   Ross has tried every stalling tactic in the book but nothing has worked he is about to tell the judge he rests his case when Michelle runs in with the file she wants Ross to see it but Ross says there is no time she has to take the stand.  Michelle is sworn in and sits down with the file under her arm.