Guiding Light Update Friday 7/20/01

By Eva



In San Cristobal, Josh and Olivia decide to have a bite to eat before their meeting with Mr. Vreeland.  Olivia remains determined to keep Josh from going with her to the meeting.  Olivia is really nervous because Cassie keeps staring at her.  

Outside of Company, Buzz shows Edmund a copy of an editorial which Holly wrote stating that it is only a matter of time before Richard decides to run for President of San Cristobal.

Meanwhile Philip talks to Beth about his problems.  Beth tells Phillip how sorry she is about the pain he is feeling over the situation with Rick and Harley.  Alan enters and tells Beth that he has made arrangements for a quickie divorce in Mexico.  To Alan's surpass she agrees to go to Mexico.   Alan suggests that Philip go with her just in case Edmund tries to go after her to stop the divorce. After much arguing with Philip and Alan Beth gets what she wants and they agree to let her go to Mexico alone.

At the court house, Tony vents his frustration about how the trial is going.   Tony thinks that everyone is trying to set Danny up to take the fall for Carmen's murder because his last name is Santos.  Ross again tries to find out where Blake is by calling her cell phone.   The trial resumes and the DA characterizes Danny as a "ruthless amoral criminal who shot his mother in cold blood." She doesn't stop there she says that Danny was "happy that his mother was dead."  When Tony hears this he loses control of his temper and has to be held back by guards.  The Judge throws Tony out of the court room.

At the boarding house, Tony continues to talk to Catalina about how the trial is going.  She tries to offer encouragement and calm him down but it doesn't work.

At company, Buzz continues to taunt Edmund about his current money problems.   Also he tells him that he is happy that the country is on the road to becoming more stable.  While Edmund is eating lunch he spots Holly and goes to her table to make her a proposition.  He wants to give her newspaper first crack at publishing his life story.  Holly adamantly refuses and tells him to take his proposition somewhere else.  

In San Cristobal, Josh insists on meeting with Mr.Vreeland before he and Olivia enjoy the beach. Dax brings Richard and Cassie a copy of a press release that suggests that Richard is endorsing Vreeland for President.  Dax tells Richard to issue his own statement saying that he is running for President.  While Dax and Richard leave to continue their argument, Cassie goes over to Olivia and Josh's table
to ask Olivia some more questions about Mr. Vreeland.

In the Palace garden, Richard and Dax continue to argue.  Richard admits to Dax that he has been thinking about running for President but he has not made up his mind yet.

At the court house, When the DA is through with her questions Ross gets Danny to repeat the events that caused Carmen's death.  When Danny steps down and court is in a brief recess Michelle goes just outside the court room to talk to Gus.  She tells him she will prove he is the criminal.  She also tells him about her theory that the body they got out of the docks wasn't Carmen's.   Gus remains cool and says that the evidence against Danny is solid.  He says that they also have solid proof that the body was Carman's because dental records don't lie.

At company, Marah goes over to Tony and Catalina's table to tell them she is going to San Cristobal with Sam. She invites Tony and Catalina to come along.  Tony refuses because his cousin is on trial and Catalina can't go because of her immigration status.  

In San Cristobal, Cassie gets nothing from questioning Olivia about the harbor project.  Cassie gets an animus tip from a mysterious man telling her to follow the money on the harbor project.

In the palace garden, Tammy plays a game with Richard.  Richard gets a fortune that reads "follow your heart." Tammy tells Richard she thinks he should run for President.  
At company, Buzz and Tony have a heated argument about the Santos family.   Marah and Catalina both rush of to Comfort Tony after the argument.  

At the court house, Blake arrives with a mysterious file that has something to do with Gus.  Gus sees her and wants to know what the file is about, Blake covers and says it is research for her next book.  Blake rushes to the court room to show it to Ross.  Ross says he has no time to read it because he has to prepare Michelle for her testimony.  Danny notices that Michelle is no where in sight and Ross Danny and Blake rush out to look for her.

At an Office, Michelle is in disguise and meets with Dr. Fisher.

At the Spaulding mansion, Beth is getting ready to leave for Mexico.  The phone rings Phillip answers it.  After the call is finished Philip informs Beth that that was her mother on the phone.  She just received a telegram informing her that Bradley Beth's step father is dead.

In the palace garden, Richard informs Cassie that he has decided to run for president.  Cassie is overjoyed.  In the middle of their celebration Cassie receives another tip from the anonymous man who is revealed to be Edmund.  He tells her to follow the money trail of Mr. Vreeland and Lewis construction.   When Cassie finishes her call the ground begins to shake.  Cassie worries there might be danger.