Guiding Light Update Thursday 7/19/01

By Eva

  Reva goes into the Lewis construction office pretending to have lost a bracelet on her last visit.  Since she is "blind" she asks the secretary to help her look for the bracelet.  While the secretary is looking she fakes a splitting headache, and tells the secretary to call her doctor.  While the secretary is out of the office Reva looks through files on Josh's computer for any proof of Olivia's shady deal.  

In San Cristobal, Cassie tries to persuade Richard to run for president, he still refuses.  Olivia goes over to Cassie and Richard's table to say hello.   Cassie tries to get information from Olivia but Olivia remains cool under pressure.  Cassie informs Olivia that she is head of the commission looking into all of Edmund's business deals on the island.  Richard tells Olivia that he can understand how Edmund can get innocent people involved in shady deals without their knowledge.  Cassie also chimes in that if someone had any information on one of Edmund's shady deals they could come forward, and cooperate with the investigation, and that person would get leniency. Olivia still remains cool, and doesn't divulge the information.

At the court house the trial continues, The prosecution calls its next witness Lucas Carmichael.  Michelle instantly recognizes the man, and informs Ross that he was one of the men Carman hired to kidnap her from the hospital and take her to the docks.  

Meanwhile at company, Harley tries to talk Frank into letting them all go but Frank is determined not to let anyone go anywhere until they resolve their differences. Rick, Philip, and Harley try to leave but Frank stops them.

Back at the court house, Lucas Carmichael, testifies that he saw Danny shoot Carman at the docks.  On cross examination Ross discredits the witness by getting him to admit that he was offered a plea bargain in exchange for his testimony.  He also admits that he was never saw Danny shoot Carman.  The prosecution rests its case.   Ross begins his defense by asking the judge if he can make his opening remarks.  He uses the time to let Danny tell the jury what really happened in his own words.   Once Danny is finished Ross concludes by saying that "Danny Santos did what he had to do to protect his wife and unborn child."

At the Police station, Blake continues to search personnel files for any information on Gus.  She isn't having much luck she decides to show sergeant Kaplin the picture of Gus as a little boy standing beside a man.  Kaplin tells her that he doesn't recognize the little boy, but he identifies the man beside him as Joe August.  He says he knew him because a long time ago they were both involved in an undercover operation.  He gives Blake the file on Mr. August.

At Company, Rick , Harley, Philip, Buzz and Frank that "no one has the right to make decisions about the baby except Harley and me."  Rick let's Harley know that he will be there anytime she needs him, but he will not give his help unless she asks him for it.  Rick also makes a vow to Buzz and Frank.   He promises them that he will be a good father, and he will never turn his back on his responsibility.  Harley is moved to tears.

At Lewis construction, Noah arrives to check on Reva's headache he goes along with her charade, and sends the secretary to fill a bogus prescription.   While she is gone Reva shows Noah proof that Olivia has been embezzling funds from Lewis construction.  Reva wants Noah to go to San Cristobal with her.   Noah agrees.

Josh arrives in San Cristobal, and surprises Olivia at the restaurant.  He sits down with Richard, Cassie, and Olivia.  Cassie fills him in on her plans to check on all of Edmund's business deals.  Josh informs her that Lewis construction has nothing to hide, and grants her access to anything she needs to check.  Josh says that he is so excited about the harbor project that he wants to meet with Mr. Vreeland.  Olivia's knees knock so hard they shake the table.  She makes Josh promise to take her to the beach before they go to the meeting.  He says OK, and they leave.  The reaction from Olivia makes Cassie suspicious, and she calls Reva to make sure that Josh is not involved.  Reva says that Josh is not involved but she will give her more information when she, and Noah arrive in San Cristobal.

At the court house, Blake ignores a call from Ross because she says that she is on to something very big.