Guiding Light Update Wednesday 7/18/01

By Eva

At Company, Buzz talks to Frank, and tells him that Phillip told him about Rick being the father of Harley's baby.  Buzz expresses hurt, and disappointment because Harley didn't tell him the truth.  Harley walks in worried because she has not been able to get in touch with Rick.  Harley also expresses concern because the truth about the baby might have cost Rick his best friend.  

In San Cristobal, Richard and Cassie argue because Cassie has a meeting scheduled with Edmund's former economic minister Mr.Vreeland.  Richard is worried that Cassie might be in danger.  Mr. Vreeland arrives for their meeting.  Cassie begins questioning Vreeland.  

Meanwhile at Reva's house, Reva's vision continues to improve but she wants to keep it a secret from Josh and the kids.  Noah and Shane come in the house from playing basketball, Reva pretends to be blind for Shane. After Shane leaves Noah and Reva argue because Noah doesn't think it is right to keep such wonderful news from her family.  

At the Bauer house, A heated argument between Tony Ray and Michelle begins.   Ray and Tony do not understand why Ross continues to act strangely in court. Michelle defends Ross's actions even though she admits she is more than a little worried about how things are going in court.  Ross arrives to pick up Danny, all three members of the Santos clan gang up on Ross and ask him what he is doing and how he plans to get Danny off.  Ross refuses to give away his trial strategy which only angers Tony more.  Danny walks in and defends Ross. He also tells everyone to back off.  Just outside the house Ross asks Danny if he is sure he still wants to do this because if the strategy backfires "its your neck on the line."  Danny says he still wants to do it, and they head to the court house.  

At the Police Station, Blake meets with Sergeant Kaplin in the personnel office to see if she can get a look at Gus' personnel file.  She is not having any luck convincing Kaplin until she notices that he is reading her book.  Blake gives him a snow about using him as a source in the sequel to the book if he lets her look at the personnel files for research purposes.   He buys her story and she begins to look for Gus's file.

Back in San Cristobal, Cassie tries to pump Vreeland for information on Edmund's involvement with the harbor project.  She is not having much luck until she shows Vreeland copies of phone logs that show a number of calls Vreeland has gotten from Edmund. She puts him on the spot and tells him that she has sent a team from the commission to search his office.  She dials his office number at the table and gets him to give the commission access to everything in his office. Dax tries to talk Richard into running for president against Mr. Vreeland.   He refuses to discuss it.  Cassie concludes her meeting and asks Richard what he was talking to Dax about.  He fills her in on the details and she agrees with Dax.  Cassie notices Olivia arrive for her meeting with Vreeland as they talk Cassie wonders what could possibly be going on with those two.  

Meanwhile at Reva's house, Reva is furious because Noah suggests that Josh knows what Olivia is doing on the harbor project.  Reva insists she wants to get the low down on this deal because she could put Edmund behind bars.  Noah suggests that the only reason she wants to do this is not to protect her family but to get the goods on Olivia because she is still upset that Olivia married Josh. This only makes Reva more furious.  After a long heated argument Noah reluctantly agrees to help Reva find out what is going on with the harbor project.

Meanwhile at the Bauer house, Harley continues to look for Rick who isn't home.  Harley confides in Michelle about her problems.  Harley calls Frank and tells him to track down Rick.  Rick arrives at Company while Harley is talking to Frank.  Frank enlists Buzz's help in keeping Rick at company until Harley can get there to talk to him. When Harley gets there to talk to Rick Philip arrives because Frank calls him to Pick up Zach.  Frank admits he set the whole thing up and the tree of them are not leaving Company until they talk.