Guiding Light Update Monday 7/16/01

By Eva

At the Lewis Construction office. Reva is about to tell Josh about her vision coming back when Olivia interrupts, and asks If Josh could walk her out to her cab.  Reva wishes Olivia a safe trip to San Cristobal, and Josh and Olivia leave.  Reva Josh tells Reva to stay in his office until he returns to walk her to her waiting car. Since her vision is returning she decides to stay to see if she can find out what Olivia's big secret might be.  Reva tests her vision by punching in the numbers to Josh's safe it opens.  She closes the safe just as Josh returns. At the Bauer house. Michelle's theory that it was somebody else's body the police found on the dock begins to come together when she recalls something important.  Michelle remembers that the police said that the body they found on the docks was wearing an ankle bracelet with Carmen written on it, but Michelle reimburse that Carmen was not wearing an ankle bracelet the night she died.  

Meanwhile, at Harley's apartment the heated confrontation between Philip Rick and Harley begins.  Philip goes in to Harley's apartment in shock he can barely get the words out, and says Edmund Winslow just told me that Rick is the father of the baby. He pleads with Rick and Harley to tell him it is not true.  Harley blurts out "its true" to which Philip demands to know "how long have you two been going at it."  Rick and Harley explain the circumstances of what happened that it was only one night, and they were both very drunk.  Philip demands to know when they were planning to tell him the truth.  He answers his own question, and says "yesterday what happened did the two of you chicken out."  Rick and Harley explain they had a scare with the baby, but everything is fine now.  

At inferno, Tony confides his feelings to Catalina about Danny's trial.  He tells her he feels that the cards are stacked against him because his last name is Santos. he says he will never get anywhere because no matter what he does they will never give him a break.  He goes on to say that Danny has done everything he can to go straight because he loves Michelle. And now the cops are after him because his last name is Santos.  Catalina thinks that the arson he feels this way is because things did not work out with Marah.   Catalina offers encouragement, and tells him that one day when he is the manager of Inferno, and the business is successful then the Santos name will be respected for doing something good.  

At the Bauer house, Michelle becomes determined to prove this new theory, she tells Danny she will do anything it takes to set him free, and protect her family.  

At Towers, Blake arrives to meet Ross, While she waits she looks at the picture of Gus as a little boy, and wonders what he is hiding.  Ross arrives, and wonders where Blake has been, Blake lies, and says she had to meet with her editor.  Ross worries that Blake wants to write a sequel to her book.   Blake tries to pump Ross about his mysterious strategy for Danny's defense, but Ross says all will become clear tomorrow.  Ross confides to Blake that even though he is confident he will win the case he still wishes he had some solid evidence to clear Danny's name.  Blake says she may be on to something that could help Danny's case, but she will let him know tomorrow.  They get affectionate, and decide to get a room when Gus arrives.  Ross tells him to sit down with them.  They have words back and forth each trying to pump the other for information about the case.  Neither is successful, and Blake and Ross leave to go to their room.

At Lewis construct, Reva makes the painful decision not to tell Josh that her vision is returning.  Reva looks at a picture of Josh and Olivia on Josh's desk.  She tells him that she wants to do a story exposing crooked construction companies in Springfield.  She pumps him for information on how to place a bid on a construction job.  Josh sees through the cover and asks her what she really wants.

Meanwhile at Harley's apartment, Philip accuses Rick of sleeping with Harley to get revenge against him because he slept with Rick's former wife Meredith 14 years ago.  Rick tries to explain that he did not do this for revenge, but Philip is too angry to listen.

Meanwhile at Lewis construction, Reva tells Josh that she has received information that there are some construction companies in Springfield that are less then honest.  Josh says he will do anything he can to help her expose those companies. Reva cries because she realizes that Olivia is involved IA a shady deal, and Josh may be hurt.  

At Harley's apartment, Philip vents his anger, and frustration because Rick isn't the great guy Philip always thought he was he tells Rick "you we supposed to be better than me."  Rick fires back that he is not a perfect person, and Philip is not the only one who makes mistakes.    

Josh takes Reva home because the car service did not arrive, Reva asks Josh how he thinks the kids re handling her blindness. Josh says it has been hard on them because they love her and cannot stand to watch her not be a full, and productive person, but he thinks they are adjusting fine.  A phone call from Noah interrupts them.  Noah tells Reva he is coming over.  After Reva hangs up the phone she walks over to Josh with her cane.  Josh starts to shut the door behind him, and Reva grabs the door knob.  Josh asks her startled "Reva did you see that."  

At Harley's apartment, Philip calls Rick a screw up, and a loser he goes to punch him, but Harley gets in the way, and Philip punches Harley instead.   Philip, and Rick both go to check if she is okay.