Guiding Light Update Friday 7/13/01

By Eva

 At the Springfield Arms Hotel, Blake hides the picture of Gus she found. When Gus asks her what she is doing in his room she says she wanted to see him because she finds him extremely sexy, and she can't hide how she feels about him anymore. They flirt a little Gus catches on to her game. He pretends to go along with her. Before Blake leaves he kisses her. Then he wonders what she might have been looking for. Blake does manage to leave with the picture of Gus as a little boy. 

At the Lewis construction office, Reva is hesitant to tell Josh that she saw him. She is so touched by the warmth, and caring in his voice that she changes her mind. Just as she is about to get the words out Olivia interrupts, and spoils the moment.

 At the Spaulding mansion, Philip leaves a message on Harley's machine for her to call him back to set up a time to talk about the baby. Beth walks in just as Philip hangs up the phone, and asks the butler if she has had any calls. The butler tells her there haven't been any calls for her today. Lizzie, and Lillian arrive, Lizzie is just bursting with the news that she saw Edmund at Towers, and that he is staying there. Lizzie starts to go upstairs, and drops the note Edmund gave to her to give to Beth. Beth picks it up, and reads that Edmund has tried to call her several times, but his calls were never put through to her. Beth tears into Lillian and Philip, and lets them know they have no right to try to run her life. Beth calls Edmund .and invites him to the house for a meeting . During the meeting Edmund begs Beth for a second chance. She refuses, and asks him for a divorce. 

At the Bauer house, Danny is depressed, and unsure of his chances of being equated. Michelle brings Robby downstairs to remind Danny he has a reason to fight. They continue to discuss the trial, and Michelle offers encouragement. They toy with the idea that maybe that wasn't Carmen's body the police found at the docks. Danny thinks that the idea is unbelievable, but Michelle continues to hold on to the hope that it could be true. 

At the Lewis Construction office. Josh is called away for a few minutes. Josh tells Reva that when he is finished with his business he will call a cab for her, and walk her out to meet the cab. Reva tells him there is no need for him to go to that much trouble. He won't take no for an answer, and insists that she stay until he comes back. While Josh is gone Olivia gets a call from Edmund's economic minister. Olivia remains as vague as possible because Reva is in the room, She tells him that she is on her way to San Cristobal with the terms they discussed earlier. When Olivia hangs up the phone she goes to the safe, and takes out some papers. Reva casually glances over there to see if she can see anything she looks at the papers but can't tell exactly what they are because things are still fuzzy. When Josh arrives Reva asks Olivia to take a bracelet to Tammy for her Olivia agrees. Reva asks Josh to put the bracelet in Olivia's briefcase, but Olivia puts a stop to that, and puts it in her purse instead. In a last ditch effort Reva almost persuades Josh to go to San Cristobal with Olivia, but Olivia persuades Josh to let her go ahead of him, and she can join him later. As Josh is walking Reva out she stops him to ask if they can talk. 

As Edmund is leaving the Spaulding mansion Philip stops him to gloat about Edmund finally being out of Beth's life. Edmund tells Philip that Rick is the father of Harley's baby. Philip says he is lying, and Edmund tells him to ask them himself. Philip begins to put the pieces together, and heads over to Harley apartment to talk. At Towers, Edmund toast Philip and says "Here to you Philip I hope you will soon be as miserable as I am. At Harley's apartment, Harley tells the Pizza man to come in because the door is open. Philip opens the door instead, and finds Rick and Harley practicing for the baby's birth.