Guiding Light Update Wednesday 7/11/01

At Cedars, Claire and Charles Grant discuss a case as Rick bursts through the door with Harley. He demands they call Dr. Sedwick right away because Harley has some problem with the baby. At the court house, Gus begins his testimony. Ross continues his strange behavior he only asks Gus one question for cross examination and tells him to step down. The District Attorney calls the Medical examiner, the Forensic expert, and a witness that heard Abuela Santos tell Danny that his mother was alive and at the docks. Ross asks no cross examination questions of any of the witnesses. Everyone in the court room is wondering what Ross is doing. The District Attorney asks the Judge if they can adjourn until tomorrow because she has no witnesses to call today. Ross asks Danny if the jury looks curious Danny says yes Ross says "good thetas what we want." At Towers, Edmund makes his presence known to Olivia as she stands on the balcony. Olivia tears into Edmund for lying to her about Cassie's whereabouts. She says she hopes that he lands in jail soon. Edmund is very mad about not having the money Olivia promised him, and he demands to know if she has any idea what happened to all the money. She says she has no idea where the money is, and he should call Alan who is the silent partner who is putting up all the money for the deal. Edmund says "you better not be lying to me Olivia" he heads off to meet with Alan. In San Cristobal, Richard and Cassie arrive at the palace to find it in mess. There are pieces of shredded documents as well as documents that have yet to be shredded thrown all over the study. Dax informs them that before he left the palace Edmund instructed his staff to shred all the documents that had anything to do with business conducted while Edmund was Prince. Dax tells Richard and Cassie that he caught one of the staff members red handed. The staff member was arrested, and Dax managed to save some of the documents. Richard decides to form a commission to investigate Edmund's dirty dealings. Richard appoints Dax to head the commission. Cassie objects to the appointment because she wants to head the commission. Richard and Cassie argue. At the hospital, Harley starts to leave because she doesn't feel anymore pain. Rick stops her, and says they are not leaving until she is examined. Claire comes into the room, and informs Rick and Harley that Dr. Sedwick is busy with a patient who is in labor. Claire says she is the doctor on call. Harley refuses to let Claire touch her. Then Harley sees how worried Rick is about the baby, and lets Claire do the examination. Claire says all of Harley's vital signs are normal and performs a sonogram. Rick gets to see the baby for the first time. Claire says that everything is normal, and advises Harley to take it easy because the cramping and spotting were most likely caused by stress. At the Spaulding mansion, Edmund demands to know where all his money is. Alan lets Edmund come to his own conclusion. Edmund assumes that Alan tricked him, and never put the money into the account. He threatens Alan, and says that he has a written contract with Olivia that states she is to pay him money in exchange for approval of the Harbor project. Edmund says that he will tell Josh as well as everybody else in town that Olivia and Alan pressured him into the deal. Alan says go ahead, and try nobody will believe you. Alan tells Edmund that the deal is off. He calls Olivia to set up a meeting with her. At the hospital, Claire finishes talking to Harley, but before she leaves says "there is the phone in case you want to call the father." Rick and Harley suddenly remember that they are supposed to meet with Philip. Phillip is already at the Bauer house having let himself in with the spare key. Rick calls, and makes up a lie about being stuck at the hospital, and Harley being stuck in court. They postpone the meeting, but feel guilty about it. They try to persuade themselves that they did the right thing because Harley can't afford the stress right now. Rick takes Harley back to her apartment where Harley gives Rick the sonogram picture of their baby. At the Spaulding mansion, Olivia apologizes to Alan for Edmund. Alan informs her that he did indeed put the money into Edmund's account. He is not at all happy about having lost the money. He asks Olivia if she knows what happened to the money. Olivia tells Alan that they were using Edmund's Economic Minister to launder the money, and he probably took it out of the account when things got sticky for Edmund. She also gives him another bit of bad news the man has contacted her, and threatened to blow the whole deal unless he is paid the next installment. Alan is about to refuse until Olivia offers herself as a fringe benefit. Alan reluctantly agrees just as Claire walks in, and catches them flirting she does not look at all happy. At the Bauer house, Philip is pacing around the kitchen when he notices the book that Rick has been reading about babies. He begins to open it when Michelle walks in, and tells him it is Danny's book Philip asks how everything is going in court. Michelle says it was a long day. Philip asks if Michelle saw Harley there. Michelle says she did not see her. Philip says "that is strange because Rick just called, and told me she was stuck in court, and that he was stuck at the hospital." Michelle covers, and says maybe Harley was in court she just did not see her there. Philip gets this really confused look on his face, and leaves. By  Eva