Guiding Light Update Monday 7/9/01

By Eva  

At Reva's house, Noah tells Reva he has made an appointment with her eye doctor for later in the afternoon. Reva seems hesitant and reminds Noah that she already has an appointment for later on in the week. Noah says he is aware of that fact but she ought to get her eyes checked as soon as possible. He tries to reassure her and says he knows that she is scared to get her hopes up but this is a chance for her to get her life back on track and do all the things she has put on hold. Reva gets even more nervous and goes outside to get some air .

Richard and Cassie discuss their new life in Springfield while they wait for Holly to come for their scheduled interview. They both try to act like they are happy about their new life for the sake of the other but the truth is deep down neither of them is too enthusiastic about a life in Springfield.

Meanwhile at the Spaulding mansion Beth begins her physical therapy. Lillian asks her daughter not to over do it.  Beth explains she wants to recover as quickly as possible. Philip enters and Beth questions him to see if he called Dax to find out any news about Edmund? He says there is nothing new and he and Lillian again pressure Beth to start divorce proceedings as soon as possible. She angrily tells both of them she does not want to talk about it. As they are talking we see Edmund arriving at Towers and being taken to his room by the manager Mr. Melville. Mr. Melville asks for the first months rent in advance . Edmund tells him he will go down to the bank later and have some money transferred to his account here in Springfield. Mr. Melville asks Edmund what he intends to do while he is staying in Springfield , Edmund says "I intend to recover everything I have lost."

Harley arrives at the Bauer house and discovers Rick did not tell Philip about the baby . When Harley urges Rick that now is not a good time to tell Philip the truth he accuses her of being afraid to face the situation. Meanwhile the arguing continues at the Spaulding mansion. Beth very angrily states that what she intends to do about the divorce is none of Philip and Lillian's business. Beth ignores them and goes back to exercising.

Edmund calls and asks to speak to Beth? Philip tells him that she is not there and pretends it is a wrong number.

At the Lewis home Reva sits outside crying as Holly arrives and asks her what is wrong? Reva confides in her that she is confused and very scared about the possibility of her vision coming back because it will force her to face some things that she has put on hold. She goes on to tell Holly that she has seen flashes of light on several occasions. After she explains to Holly when and where she saw these flashes of light Holly cleverly deduces that each time she has seen the flashes of light Reva has either been thinking or in some instances been around Josh. Reva says that she doesn't in any way mean to suggest that Josh is bringing her vision back but she is even more confused because she loves Noah . She thinks that her vision coming back under these strange circumstances is a sign of something but she is not sure exactly what it could mean. She tells Holly she wishes she could go off somewhere and sort this all out. Holly suggests she go to Towers and since Holly's production assistant is going there anyway Reva could get a ride with her. Reva agrees and heads to Towers to try and sort out her confusion.

Meanwhile at the Bauer house Harley denies being afraid to face the situation. Rick says it won't be long before everyone in town knows the truth about the baby and persuades Harley to call Philip and invite him over to Rick's house to talk over the situation.

Edmund goes to the Springfield Bank and finds out that the money cannot be transferred because the $17.5 million he had in his account in San Joaquin is all gone.

Richard and Cassie's interview begins with a warm and heartfelt thank you to the people of San Cristobal. Holly asks them what happened in San Cristobal? They give a brief recap of the events that led to San Cristobal's first democratic election. Edmund watches their interview from a television at the bank and learns that Beth is in Springfield. During the interview Edmund learns that when he is caught he will go to trial and if found guilty he will be put to death. At the Spaulding mansion Lillian and Philip urge Beth to watch Richard and Cassie's interview she refuses and storms upstairs. Philip tells Lillian that Edmund called earlier and he vows that he will do anything to protect Beth and the kids from Edmund. Holly asks Richard if he would consider running for President of San Cristobal and he says no for Cassie's sake and Cassie says she will support whatever he wants to do. Richard and Cassie realize that they miss their home in San Cristobal and decide to head back home in order for Richard to run for President. Holly does everything she can to keep Noah from going to Towers to look for Reva.

Meanwhile at Towers, Reva has fond memories of Josh while they play a song that was special to both of them. Reva sees another flash of light when the waiter brings her the espresso she ordered. At the Bauer house, Harley phones Philip to tell him to come over to Rick's house to talk. They agree to meet at eight o'clock.

Reva continues to remember Josh as she sips her espresso and he comes and sits down beside her and says sounds like good music to dance to. Richard and Cassie arrive at Towers, Richard goes to find them a table and leaves Cassie looking out over the balcony Edmund says "Hello Cassie long way down isn't it."