Guiding Light Update Thursday 7/5/01

By Eva

Phillip is shocked speechless at the sight of a very pregnant Harley at the Bauer barbecue. When he regains the power to speak he asks Harley if they can go talk somewhere. Harley says that it is not the proper place to talk and she will talk to him later. Phillip says if won't  talk some place privately he will have it out right there in front of everybody. Harley says they will go someplace and talk. Cassie and Richard continue to enjoy their happy reunion. They decide to leave the barbecue early. Danny tells Tony he doesn't want him to go to the trial tomorrow. He feels,  given Tony's strong feelings towards Gus, it would be better if he stayed away from the trial. Tony reluctantly agrees and says that doesn't mean that he has stopped hating that Fed.

At the Spaulding mansion, Lillian says she feels responsible for what happened to Beth.  Since, she brought Beth's stepfather Bradley into their lives all those years ago. Beth says that she should not blame herself because what happened with Edmund happened because she ignored the advice everyone gave her not to marry Edmund. Richard and Cassie head towards the door but they are stopped by Olivia who points out the good that the harbor project can bring to San Cristobal and pleads with Richard not to abandon it because Edmund approved of the idea. Richard says that he thinks it is an excellent idea and had no intention of abandoning it. Richard asks Josh to be in charge of the project and Josh agrees. Noah and Reva see that Cassie and Richard have left early and decide to do the same thing. Phillip and Harley begin a very intense and heated argument. Phillip demands to know if Harley ever had any intention of telling him about the baby. Harley says that she wanted to keep it a secret as long as possible because she was afraid of how he would react. Phillip is very angry because Harley told Rick before she told him. He is also angry at Rick because his best friend kept this a secret from him. Phillip says "I can't believe you and Rick kept this a secret from me all this time." Harley says "that's not all" and begins to tell him the rest of the story but Phillip continues to go on about how hurt he is and Harley gets angry at him for only thinking of himself so she doesn't tell him that he is not the baby's father. Rick walks in and tells Phillip to lay off Harley . Harley walks off and Phillip lets Rick have it for not telling him about his baby. At the Spaulding mansion Beth remembers moments with Edmund and cries.

Richard and Cassie make love. At the barbecue Blake wonders how Danny can be so calm when he is facing a trial tomorrow. She also shares her worries with Ross that Gus might be close to finding out who her source is , Ross reassures her that there is no way that will ever happen.

Buzz and Billy try to impress Holly by having a jalapeno eating contest and they both end up running for water. Blake talks to Danny and apologizes for any trouble her book may have caused him and Danny says that their is no need to apologize. Phillip vents more anger at Rick for not telling him about his baby and tells Rick to stay away from him. Phillip also tells Rick "as far as Harley and the baby are concerned I'll take it from here. "