Guiding Light Update Wednesday 7/4/01

By  Eva

At the Bauer house they prepare for the traditional July 4th barbecue. The Lewis household prepares to head over to the Bauer barbecue while Cassie and Reva discuss their worries about Richard and Noah. In San Cristobal Richard and Phillip talk over strategies on how to find Edmund. They both agree that Beth is the key to finding him and they go into Beth's room to talk to her but she refuses to give them any information. Richard thanks Phillip for all his help and Phillip tells Beth that the doctor says she can go home today . They then prepare to leave San Cristobal.

Meanwhile at the Bauer house Rick and Harley agree to have a fun day to take their mind of their problems. Rick and Harley are unaware that Phillip and Beth are on their way back to Springfield. Cassie and Harley reunite and Harley offers support to Cassie about the Richard situation. Cassie says that although she is happy to be home with her family and friends she wishes Richard could be there with her.

Marah is affected by seeing Tony with Catalina at the barbecue and she rushes to find Sam. Marah talks to Catalina and Tony who also pretends not to be affected by seeing Marah with Sam. Marah mentions to Tony and Catalina that she and Sam will be building a plane together this summer. This news is more than Tony can stand,  he and Catalina leave to go get something to drink. Danny is furious that Harley is at the barbecue and asks Michelle how she can stand to even look at Harley after all Harley has done to them. Michelle tries to convince Danny that Harley is only taking orders from Gus and that Gus is really the one to blame . Danny is still furious and says either she goes or I go. Michelle begs Danny to lay off Harley because she is going through a tough time right now. Michelle lets it slip to Danny about the baby and that Rick is the baby's father. She asks Danny not to tell anyone and Danny agrees to take it easy on Harley until the trial. Josh helps Reva fix her plate at the barbecue and asks her about the condition of her eyes? Reva tells him she has hope .

Olivia walks up and makes a point of asking when Noah is coming home? Reva says she isn't sure.  They have  words and Reva walks off angrily and says good luck with your project Olivia. Blake asks Cassie how she is doing? Cassie says she is doing fine but she is worried about Richard. Josh overhears Marah and Sam talking about the reaction Tony had upon hearing that she and Sam were going to build a plane this summer.  Josh is not too happy either. Sam and Marah explain that Sam has built planes before and has even flown some in boarding school. Olivia explains that Sam was expelled from school for flying his plane and landing on top of the school roof. Josh reluctantly agrees to let Marah and Sam build the plane as long as Sam takes flying lessons . After the flying lessons are completed then they will all discuss letting Marah go up in the plane.

Noah surprises Reva at the barbecue and they go off alone to the kitchen to talk. Harley and Frank talk about her situation with Rick and she says she is still confused about what to do. Reva tells Noah how glad she is that he is back and how much she missed him. She also tells him she is ready to set a date.

Phillip and Beth arrive at the Spaulding mansion where they are greeted by Alan who welcomes his favorite daughter in law. He  rushes off to meet Claire at the country club to watch the fireworks. Phillip tells Beth that he cares about her and always will and he wants her to feel safe and protected at the mansion while she is recuperating. Beth says she is grateful but at times she wishes she didn't feel quite so safe and protected at the mansion. Phillip gets ready to leave for the barbecue as Lillian arrives . Beth tells her mother that "out of all the mistakes she has made this one hurt the most because I really did love him Mom I really did love him."

Richard surprises Cassie at the barbecue they have a happy reunion as a family. All the guests gather to ooh and Ahh as they stare at the fireworks. Richard thanks Noah for everything he did to help him. Reva starts to see flashes of light as she looks up at the fireworks. Aunt Meta reads the Declaration of Independence as Phillip comes face to face with a very pregnant Harley in the Bauer Kitchen.