Guiding Light Update Tuesday 7/3/01

By Eva  

Tony goes to Company to let Buzz know he wants to move in tonight. Buzz asks for 2 months rent in advance and tells him "no loud music after 10 p.m." Tony accuses him of being unfair. Buzz says if he doesn't like the rules, he doesn't have to move in. Tony reluctantly agrees and he and Catalina begin moving his boxes into the room across from Catalina.

Gus arrives at Company to talk to Frank. He gets a cold reception from Buzz, who goes to the back room. Gus tells Frank he is close to figuring who Blake's source is. Marah and Sam have dinner at Inferno. Marah picks at her food and doesn't pay attention to Sam; she spends all her time talking about Tony and wondering where he and Catalina are, Sam tries to get her to loosen up and have some fun, but when nothing works, he gets angry and they begin to argue.

Sam finally persuades Marah to go skinny dipping in the lake. They are heading out the door when Marah spots Danny and decides to have dessert--to pump Danny for information about Tony. Marah picks at her dessert and Sam begins to argue with Marah because he says he does not want to be used to make Tony jealous anymore . Sam calls Danny over to the table and asks where Tony and Catalina are, Danny tells them that Tony is moving in to the boarding house and Catalina is helping him. This puts Marah in a deep funk.

In San Cristobal, Beth wakes to see Edmund over her bed. She begins to scream but Edmund says "Don't scream or you will leave me no choice." He takes his hand away from her mouth and she tells him to go away. Edmund asks how she is. Beth tells him she will be fine and asks if he is there to silence her since she is the only one who can testify against him. Edmund is shocked and says "Do you really think I am capable of that?" Beth says, "I know what you are capable of." Beth tells Edmund that she is angry that he did not tell her the truth about Cassie when he promised that he would never lie to her. Edmund tells Beth that he could not afford to tell her the truth because he was afraid to lose her and his country. He apologizes for everything and says it was not his fault.

Edmund admits to Beth that he locked Cassie in the tower but says when he saw her getting sick, he did the right thing and brought her medicine. When she passed out from the sleeping potion, he risked everything to bring her back to the palace .

At Company, Frank tells Gus to stop trying to find out who the source is from Buzz because he does not know anything and even if he did, he would not tell anybody anything. Gus asks Frank why Buzz is so bitter and hateful. Frank says that he wasn't like that at all before but eight months ago when Buzz was beat up trying to protect his girlfriend, who then left town. Gus tries to ask more questions to try to get more information out of Frank, but Frank catches on to his snooping.

Gus begins putting the pieces together. At Inferno, Danny spots Bernardo and asks him to step into his office. Danny tells Bernardo that he suspects that either Bernardo or Carlos tipped the feds about Carmen's murder. Danny says that if he gets proof that Bernardo or Carlos did it, they will both wish they were back in Cuba with Abuela Santos.

In San Cristobal, Edmund asks Beth for her forgiveness and begs her to take him back, but she refuses . He begs her to come with him and they can start a whole new life. She again refuses and says that things are over between them. He says he will never accept that and says that she can turn him in to Richard if that is what it takes to get her back. She sobs and tells him to go. He vows to come back and change her mind.

At Inferno, Marah begs Sam not to pull out of their plan because she needs him to make it work. He tells her to stop acting so desperate around Tony and that Tony will respect her more if she acts more confident, like she doesn't care that Tony and Catalina are hanging out . Marah listens to Sam and tells Tony that she intends to have fun with Sam and that Tony should have fun with Catalina.

In San Cristobal, Richard and Phillip rush in to Beth's room and find her crying and figure out that Edmund has been there. Richard phones the guards and tells them to use whatever is necessary to find Edmund because Edmund is now an enemy of the state.