Guiding Light Update Monday 7/2/01

By Eva  

Harley and Rick attend their first birthing class. Back at Company, Tony gets a phone call and then hangs up the phone.  He tells Catalina that the grand jury indicted Danny for first degree murder.  He worries about staying at the Bauer house with police watching his every move.  Catalina encourages him to find his own place, but Tony says he doesn't have much money ,  Catalina says that there is a room open at the boarding house. Tony says that Buzz hates him and would not let him move in there.

While Catalina and Tony talk, Sam fills Buzz in on his plan to make Marah forget about Tony and have fun this summer.  Catalina goes to the bar with Tony to talk to Buzz, who agrees to let Tony move in to the boarding house.  He says he can have the room next door to Catalina.   When they leave, Sam thanks Buzz for doing him and Catalina such a huge favor and says he will do odd jobs to pay him back.  Buzz says he does not need to do anything to pay him back, just have fun with Marah this summer " because he wants to see the good guys win for once"

 In San Cristobal, Phillip sits by Beth's bed side as she sleeps.  The doctor comes and asks if they can talk outside.  He tells Phillip that Beth will make a full recovery and should be able to fly home tomorrow .  She has suffered a concussion, separated shoulder, and two sprained ankles.  The doctor says that because of the concussion, he cannot give her anything for the pain, but when she wakes up, he should keep her talking as much as possible.  When Beth wakes up, she says, "Edmund, Edmund". Phillip tells her that he is not Edmund.  She begins to recognize him and starts sobbing and says, "Edmund killed Cassie; how could I have made such a mistake?" .  Phillip gently assures her that Cassie is alive and safe in Springfield.  Beth then asks to see the kids.  

Richard and Noah talk about the situation in San Cristobal.  Richard asks Noah to double the Security around Beth's room because Edmund is most likely headed there before he runs anywhere else .  Noah wonders why Richard would think that, since Beth would never run away with him now that she knows how evil he is.  Richard asks him to double security anyway.

Richard fears that Edmund will try and kill Beth  because she is the only witness to all his crimes that people will believe. After birthing classes, Rick asks Harley out to dinner.  As Rick helps Harley put her shoes on to leave the classroom, the baby kicks for the first time.   Harley tells Rick to put his hand on her stomach.  As he does, the baby kicks again. Rick gets very emotional and says, "that's him, that is my son".    Harley says that she will take the class more seriously because she knows how much the birth of this baby means to Rick.   

 Back at the Bauer house, preparations are underway for the Bauer Barbecue. When Michelle leaves to check on the baby, Ray and Danny talk about Danny's problems.  Tony walks in and sees everyone preparing things for the Barbecue and wonders how everyone can be so calm when Danny is facing Jail.  Danny says he wants to spend as many happy times with Michelle and the family so it can give them strength to get through the rough times.  

 In  San Cristobal Phillip goes outside to get Lizzie and James.  Phillip explains to Lizzie that her mommy has been hurt but she will be fine and tells her to be very careful when he gives her a hug.  As he does this someone lurks in the shadows watching them.  

Beth sees her children and they have a happy reunion. As they leave, Beth thanks Phillip for everything.  Back at the Bauer house, Danny asks Tony not to upset Michelle. Tony offers to find someone to take the wrap for Carmen's murder. Danny angrily refuses and tells Tony that he wants him to stay out of this because he suspects Gus set him up .  He tells Tony not to get involved. Tony offers to put Gus in the ground right now, he only has to say the word.  Danny refuses and asks Tony not to tell anyone this information.  Back at Company, Harley shares a cute story about Zack with Rick and Frank.  Frank encourages Rick and Harley to tell Buzz the truth about the baby.  They tell him they don't want to tell anyone else before they tell Phillip.  

Back in San Cristobal Noah and Richard tell Phillip that Edmund is missing and they ask Philip if he thinks Beth will testify against Edmund ,  Phillip says yes they tell Phillip that they think Edmund will try to kill Beth to keep her from testifying.  Phillip rushes back to the hospital.

At the Bauer house Tony breaks the news that he is moving into the boarding house then he leaves.  Danny asks Ray to do everything he can to keep Tony away from Gus,  Ray says he will.

   In San Cristobal, Edmund uses Richard's security password on the telephone and tells the guards outside Beth's room that Edmund has been spotted and he needs them to join the search.  He tells them he will send more guards to look after Beth.  When the guards leave, Edmund walks in to Beth's room dressed in scrubs.  He watches her sleep, and then a dark shadow comes over Beth's face.