Guiding Light Update Friday 6/22/01

By Eva

Buzz is making a sundae at company and Holly asks why he is in such a good
mood she has never seen him this way before he says it is a beautiful day and
there is no reason why he shouldn't be in a good mood.  Gus enters and
suddenly Buzz's good mood is shattered.  

At Oliva's apartment she angrily speaks to someone at the palace and
threatens them by saying that the Prince will be very angry if he doesn't get
this information.  Edmund comes on the line and says this is not a good time
to talk .  Olivia offers her condolences and explains that she and Josh will
not be able to come to the funeral because Josh got a tip from Reva that
there would be danger.  Edmund says what danger Richard is already  dead and
he was the only danger.  Olivia says she does not know maybe some people
loyal to Richard are mounting an attack in any case she just wanted to warn
him.  Olivia asks about Cassie and Edmund tells her that Cassie has come out
of hiding and is at the Palace getting ready for the funeral.  Edmund then
asks Olivia to do him a favor alert the media.  Oliva agrees Edmund says
thank you and hans up the phone.   Edmund asks Dax to double security until
after the funeral and heads to see Beth.  At the dungeon Beth reads the
messages that Cassie had left on the walls one says "edmund Killed Cassie"
the other says Tammy R.J mommy loves you"
She crumples to the floor and says "Oh God why"  On the way to see Beth
Edmund stops at Cassie's room to give her some clothes for the funeral and to
once again remind her that he will let her go back to see her children if she
makes an appearance and a heartfelt speech at the funeral .  Cassie does not
want to do it at first but then Edmund reminds her that she will never go
home to see her children if she doesn't do this.  Cassie agrees but only for
her children.  She asks Edmund if she can go see her baby's grave at angel
rock also she would like to bring her children back someday to see Richard's
Edmund agrees and says she can go see her child's grave after the funeral if
all goes well.  

At Reva's House Sam watches from outside the door as Marah dances to the
music on her headphones Marah catches him and asks if he was spying on her.  
Sam says he was enjoying the show.  She invites him in and asks what is
inside the box he brought,  He says it is step one in project Tony,  he hands
her the boxand begs her to open it.  She opens the box and smiles.
At company Gus asks Buzz why he is so touchy about Blake's book and causes
Buzz and Holly of participating in a cover up, Buzz begins to throw Gus out
as Ross arrives and asks what Gus is doing there he says he just wanted to
have a cup of coffee.  Holly tells Ross that Gus was trying to find out
information about Blake's source .
Ross tells Gus to leave as Blake arrives and angrily tells Gus not to use her
family and friends to get information about her source .  As the arguing and
yelling continues Ross makes a call to the U.S. Attorney general to get gus
to back off.  Gus talks to the attorney general who threatens to take him off
the case if he does not back off.  
Gus hangs up the phone apologizes to everyone and leaves.  

Back at Reva's house Sam gives Marah a wooden Model airplane that he made and
tells her that He wants to build a real plane with her this summer. They make
a plan to start building the plane in the pool house.  

Back at the dungeon Edmund tries to explain to Beth that Cassie is alive but
Beth refuses to believe him she worries that he will try to keep her
prisoner.   Edmund swears that he would never do that and begs her to come to
the funeral with him.  Beth refuses and says that she will leave him take the
children and she never wants to see him again.  He grabs her forcefully and
says he will never let her leave he loves her .  He leaves and locks the
door.  While in the dungeon Beth tries to come up with a plan to get her
Children away from Edmund as she paces desperately trying to think she says
Phillip Phillip.

At the police station Gus angrily throws things around Blake follows him and
asks him why he is working so hard on this case .  He doesn't answer and
Blake promises she will give him the name of the source of her book if he
gives her inside information for the sequel.
Sam tries to talk Catalina into spending time with Tony this summer She
refuses and we see them walking as he explains the plan to her quietly.  At
the palace the funeral bigness Cassie walks in with Edmund .  She starts to
cry as she opens the Casket and sees Richard's body she sobs and says oh God