Guiding Light Update Thursday 6/21/01

By Eva

Reva calls Noah to tell him she wants to go down to San Cristobal to do something to get Cassie , Lizzie and James out of there, but she gets his machine. Marah offers to go down to the funeral with Reva but Reva refuses the offer and says that her senior year of high school and she should enjoy it. Reva asks Marah what is really going on and Marah admits that she knows Catalina is after Tony and again brings up the fact that her mother rescued Catalina got her a green card and now she is trying to steal everything Marah has.

At the Bauer house Michelle and Danny discuss their situation and Michelle wonders if Claire might have tipped off Gus to drag the docks for a body, Danny thinks that it was Carlos who tipped of the Feds to drag the docks. At company Claire and her Lawyer wait and discuss what she will say to the grand jury. Gus wakes up and at home and says that the grand Jury hearing is set for later that afternoon or possibly the next day , when Ross hangs up the Phone he wonders if he can pull off the Suprise wedding he has scheduled that day for Blake. He watches Blake sleep and says this is not how I planned to start of the morning and starts to pick up the phone to call his office and go over legal briefs when Blake wakes up and he tells her the news about the hearing and says he wonders if he will be able to get Danny free Blake offers Encouragement as they snuggle in bed.

At the police station Gus begins to get his case together for the hearing, Gus and Harley begin to argue and he causes Harley of Slowing down the investigation and mixing her personal life with her professional life. He says that maybe it is her hormones causing her to act this way and suggests that maybe the good doctor Rick can find out what is wrong with her. Harley causes Gus of being obsessed with the Santos family and that obsession may be causing him to lose his objectivity in this case. Gus vows to find the source of Blake's book because "they may be the key to the end of the Santos family."

At Ross's house Blake continues to try to ease Ross's worries about the hearing and Ross starts to propose to blake but is interrupted by a call from Reva who tells blake about Richard's death. Ross and Blake rush to get dressed so that blake can go talk to Reva but before Blake heads for the bathroom she lets Ross know that whatever his question is "the answer is yes the answer is always yes."

Back at company Claire asks her lawyer what Michelle is facing at the hearing, he tells her that unless Michelle takes the deal that Gus is offering her and testifies against Danny she can go to jail for tampering with evidence. Claire vows to make Michelle take the deal and heads off to speak to her.

At the Bauer house Michelle goes over everything and tries to find a way to clear Danny's name , Danny vows to find a way to clear his name.

At Reva's house Reva wonders if she did the right thing by not telling jonathan Richard was his father and says that now he will never have a chance to get to know his father. She tells Marah to "focus on you and Tony and love because if you focus on that everything else falls away." Blake arrives and Reva shares her sorrow over Richard's death, as they talk, the phone rings; it is Noah . Reva tells him that she can't just sit by and do nothing she must go to the funeral and help get Cassie lizzie and James out of San Cristobal. Noah asks if Reva is alone she says no and he lets her know that they will strike after the funeral but she must not come because things could get messy. He says he does not want her in the line of fire, He will not let her be in the line of fire. Noah tells Reva that " they will get Cassie, Lizzie and James out of there but things will be easier if she's not in the middle." Reva informs him that Josh and Olivia are planning to go to the funeral, Noah tells her to do anything she has to do to keep them away. He then tells her he loves her and hangs up. Blake tries to get information from Reva about Cassie but Blake refuses to tell her. Reva calls Josh to tell him to stay away from the funeral Josh asks if the situation is dangerous but Reva says nothing and just begs him to stay away. Josh says he does not know if he can persuade Olivia not to go but he will let her know what they decide.

At the Bauer House Claire arrives to tell Michelle about the deal for immunity if Michelle testifies against Danny , Michelle angrily refuses to do it . Claire urges her to make a sacrifice for her son, Danny walks in on the argument and says he agrees with Claire. Michelle and Danny argue about taking the deal and after a heated argument Michelle says they are in this together.

At the police station Gus asks Harley for the book she hid in her drawer Gus remains determined to find the source and harley remains determined to protect the source of Blake's book and Harley continues to argue with Gus that the book has nothing to do with the case and during this long argument Harley lets it slip that the source of the book is a she, Gus tries to coax more information out of her and Harley tells him that the source no longer exists as far as Springfield is concurred. Gus tells her that she does not have to say anymore that he will take it from there.

Back at company Olivia finally arrives to meet Josh , She tells him that plans are set for their trip Josh tells her that he does not want her to go because things are to dangerous there and he does not want her to go . She says she has to go say goodbye to Richard and he is not the type of person to stop her from going so Reva must be behind the request Josh says nothing and before he leaves company says angrily I am not going your not going. Oliva angrily paces the floor at Company saying I know you are behind this Reva and grabs her Cell phone and calls the palace and asks to speak to Edmund "tell him its urgent."