Guiding Light Update Wednesday 6/20/01

By  Eva

Rick and Harley go to Harley's place to continue their discussion about their son, Rick tells Harley they have to make a decision about their son tonight. Josh and Olivia arrive at Reva's to tell her about Richard , Reva is shocked to learn the news.

At the dungeon Edmund begs Beth to help him take Cassie back to the Palace, Beth slowly pieces together that Edmund has been holding Cassie hostage and shouts, "... You killed her" and begins to cry. Beth refuses to listen to Edmund as he tries to explain and begins to cry hysterically, Edmund rushes Cassie out of the dungeon and back to the palace.

Josh tells Reva the details of what happened to Richard and about the state funeral and tells her that she can go with him and Olivia if she wants to and she accepts the offer. Oliva tells Reva that Cassie has been in hiding waiting for the opportunity to bring Edmund down and Reva says she is lying.

Rick and Harley continue their heated discussion about lying to Phillip but Harley insists she knows what she is doing, Rick demands to know how she plans to handle the situation. Harley tells Rick that 'she wants him to be part of the baby's life but he will have to wait until after the baby is born." Harley says that Phillip will " find out when he finds out" and he really doesn't need to know right away since she and Rick will be the ones raising this baby not Phillip Rick thinks it would be better to tell the truth before it is too late. Harley finally breaks down and confesses that she has no idea what to do about the situation.

Reva insists that Richard would not lie about Cassie being kidnapped as part of a plan to get revenge on Edmund and yells at Josh to get Olivia out of the house now. Olivia offers to use her contacts in San Cristobal to find out any information, Reva accepts as they leave.

In the dungeon Beth realizes that she is in a prison as she surveys her surroundings she says" Edmund Killed Cassie oh God" When Edmund arrives at the palace with Cassie he cries " don't die on me Cassie" as Cassie begins to stir.

Sam and Marah talk at Company and he suggests a more underhanded approach with Tony. He offers himself to make Tony jealous, Marah catches on to his plan and accuses him of wanting to make her forget about Tony this summer. Sam says he knows he could never do that but if they have a good time this summer it will be worth it to him. Marah says she does not want to use him and he says that he doesn't mind. Sam tells Marah what happened to Richard and they rush off to see Reva.

Cassie wonders where Richard's body is and tells Edmund she wants to see him. Edmund goes over his plan to let her go after her appearance at the funeral and says if she does not cooperate with him he will give her more of the sleeping potion and he will make a fatal error this time.

Rick and Harley continue to argue back and forth about what to tell Phillip, Rick tells Harley he wants to have his name on the baby's birth certificate and offers to marry Harley again. She says they should sign up for those birthing classes Rick wanted but she is to tired to think about anything else. Rick guides her to the couch and covers her with a blanket. As Harley drifts off to sleep Rick stays with her and watches her as she sleeps. As Harley sleeps Rick promises to take care of her and says that " he will not ask her for anything except that she love their little baby" he admits to liking her a lot and promises that no matter what happens he will never hurt her. Frank walks in and Rick promises him that he will stand by Harley whatever happens and also tells him that he only wants Harley to be happy. Rick tells Frank that he thinks that Harley is ready to tell Phillip.

Marah arrives to see how Reva is doing , Josh thanks Sam for telling Marah about Richard. As Marah goes in to see her Mom Sam tells Josh about his plans for Marah this summer . He tells Josh not to worry about Marah that he will take good care of her . Reva is determined to go to San Cristobal and " beat Edmund at his own game."

Back at the palace Edmund offers to take Cassie to see Richard's body if she gives her word that she will go along with the cover up. Cassie goes to sleep again still suffering from the effects of the sleeping potion just as Lizzie walks in and wonders what is wrong with cassie. Edmund says she has the flu and must not be disturbed. He sends Lizzie back to bed and goes to the dungeon to talk to Beth. When Edmund arrives he tries to explain thins to a very angry Beth who says she is going back to springfeild with her children and she will not listen to any more of his lies and she does not trust him anymore. She continues with more angry words while she is crying hysterically. Edmund grabs her forcefully as she starts to leave he says that he loves her and will not let her leave . He gives her sleeping potion and leaves her sobbing in the dungeon and promises to be back after the funeral.