Guiding Light Update Tuesday 6/19/01

By Eva

As morning breaks, bells ring for the death of Richard. Edmund goes down to the dungeon to tell cassie, with a grief stricken expression Edmund prepares to tell Cassie the news. Cassie questions him about the bells and why they are ringing, she also asks him what news he has for her.Edmund begins by saying that he wants her to think of her Children and do what is best for them because he wants her children to grow up safe and happy in Springfeild with a mother that loves them. Cassie interrupts him and says she doesn't know what kind of a game he is playing but she and Richard will raise their children together in Springfeild, Edmund says that this is not a game and finally says "Cassie Richard is dead" Edmund tries to explain what happened but Cassie interrupts him and says that it could not possibly be true.

Meanwhile Gus starts to go into Company Agent Peterson stops him and says " I feel bad about what we did..." He goes on to try to convince Gus that the Courts should hear the tape with the gun shot, Gus says that it was not a gun shot that he heard could have been a car back firing or some other noise. He persuades Agent Peterson not to say anything by telling him that the Santos family is bad and they have escaped the law for a long time and Danny should pay for killing someone. Agent Peterson says he is not sure that Danny killed anyone it could have been someone else, but he promises to keep quiet. When Peterson leaves Gus mumbles under his breath and says " Yeah let the courts decide are you crazy?" Then we see a flash back of Gus using Danny's gun to shoot at things inside the Bauer house of course he is using gloves and after he is finished shooting the gun he puts it in a plastic bag and heads out the door. After Gus is finished thinking about what he did he goes into company.

Meanwhile at Millennium Marah comes to talk to Tony, Catalina warns Danny to keep Marah away from Tony because she will only hurt him. Marah tries to make up with Tony and says she wants to go back to the way things were when they first met.

Back at Company harley tries to pump Olivia for information about Edmund to see if Edmund knows where Cassie is but Olivia knows what she is up to and immediently says that she believes that Edmund has no idea where Cassie is. While eating lunch with Josh after Harley has taken their order Olivia notices that Harley is pregnant and wonders if Philip knows.

At the Bauer House, Rick tells Michelle that he is going to tell Philip about the baby as soon as he returns from San Cristobal. Michelle shares her dream about what she wishes life could be like after Rick and Harleys baby is born. She says that she wants Rick and Harley to get married and she wants Philip to be the baby's God father and have a house nearby raise their Children together. Rick tells her that that is a nice dream but he has to face reality and he starts to go out the door to talk Harley into telling Philip the truth when he comes back from his trip, Michelle stops him and tells him to think twice about what he is doing and consider that he might destroy his friendship with Philip . Rick is still determined to talk to Harley and before he goes at the door Michelle tells him to be considerate of Harley's delicate condition. Rick says that he will try to be considerate but he is tired of being a nice guy, and heads out the door.

Back at the club, Marah tells Tony she wants to go to Chicago with him and have some fun maybe go dancing but Tony says that this is too hard for him and yells at her to go home.

Sam goes into company to break the news to Olivia about Richard's death. At the dungeon Edmund tells Cassie what happened to cause Richard's death, the truth begins to sink in and cassie slowly drops to the floor, Edmund begins to tell Cassie that he wants her to appear at the state funeral and he Swears he did not want any of this to happen , Cassie begins to cry and says "Richard is dead and now you have come for me." Edmund says that he wants to let her go and after her appearance at the funeral he will let her fly back to spring field as long as she tells know one that he held her prisoner Cassie flies into a rage and says that Edmund caused Richard to die.

At Company, Sam explains what happened to Olivia , everyone is in shock and Olivia tells Sam to call Marissa. Sam informs Josh that Marah is with Tony.

At the club Catalina tears into Marah for not accepting Tony for who he is and says that most women would be happy to have Tony do what he did by not sleeping with her but that marah just wants a toy, she says that if Marah can't accept Tony for who he is and help him become the man he wants to be then she should leave him alone. Catalina leaves Marah with a shocked expression on her face. Marah acuses Catalina of wanting everything she has , Catalina tells marah to stop hurting Tony and leave him alone. Marah Calls Sam to talk and he tells her to come to company

Olivia sends Josh to be with Reva, Josh wants Olivia to come with him and they leave.

At the Club Catalina apologizes to Danny for her outburst and talks to Danny about Tony, Tony want to know what happened with Marah and Catalina apologizes to him. Tony wants to know what happened with Marah and offers Catalina a ride home, She says you were taking me home later anyway and I will tell you everything then , Catalina leaves to clean some tables and Danny questions Tony about his feelings for Catalina.

At the dungeon Edmund is their as a distraught Cassie collapses and passes out , He begins dragging her towards the door and begins to opens the door as the door opens we see Beth who only says one word Cassie