Guiding Light Update Monday 6/4/01

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By Kim

Itoro and Harley are at the docks.  There is a dive crew and other officers around.  They found skeletal remains under the dock.  The ME arrives and asks why he was called.  Harley calls over the diver that found the remains.  He tells the ME that they found skeletal remains.  There isnít any soft tissue on the skeleton.  The flesh was eaten away.  There was also a weight around her ankles.  The ME asks how they know it was a woman.  They tell him that they have an idea of who it might be and that they are just guessing.  He tells them that he will take a look at it.  Itoro tells Harley that he is going to contact Dr. Ramsey and have her try to get some information from Danny again tonight.

Danny and Michelle are at Infierno having dinner.  He tells her about his visit from Claire earlier.  He thinks that she was trying to pump him for information.  Michelle thought that she could trust Claire.  She wants to go talk to her.  Danny tells her to wait.  He doesnít want to alert Claire to make her suspect that they are on to her.  Danny tells Michelle that Rick, Harley and Phillip were there for lunch today.  Michelle thinks that they may have told Phillip about the baby and tells Danny that she needs to go home and check on Rick.  She leaves and runs into Frank.  She tells him about Rick, Harley and Phillip meeting for lunch.  Since the two of them are the only other people that know the truth, they think that Phillip might have been told.  Michelle tells him that she needs to go check on Rick and that she will let him know what she found out. 

Beth wakes up and finds that Edmund is not there.  She checks the room and the hallway and does not see him.  Where on earth could he be? 

Cassie is lying in her cell.  Edmund rushes over to her and checks to see if she is still alive.  He hopes that she isnít dead.  He props her head up with a blanket and yells at her to wake up.  She starts coughing.  He gives her a bottle of water and tells her to drink.  He tells her that he didnít intend to leave her to die.  That he had no choice.  He has been in the hospital.  If he had died, she would have too.  It would have been Richardís fault.  He tells her that he suffered a stroke from the shot he took in the chest.  He had the vest on, but it caused a bruise over his heart.  There was a blood clot that formed and went to his brain.  That is what caused the stroke.  Cassie tells him that that was a really sad story.  Is she supposed to feel sorry, or grateful that he came rushing here to save her?  She spits water at him.  She tells him to stop blaming everyone else for everything that has happened.  It is all his fault.  All the pain that they have suffered is his fault alone.  He tells her that she has gotten the same that she has given.  He tells her that he has truly been worried about her, not that she would believe it.  What is he going to do with her now?  He tells her that he is leaving her with some water and food.  Get some rest and he will be back in the morning.  He covers her with a blanket and tells her that he has to leave now, or he is going to pass out too.  He leaves.  He goes back to the castle and sneaks back into the bedroom.  He quietly walks over to the bed and then sits down to take off his clothes.  Beth sits up and tells him that he has been gone a long time.


Rick is sitting at the kitchen table in the Bauer house eating.  Michelle walks in and asks him about the lunch meeting with Phillip and Harley.  Did they tell Phillip?  He tells her that Harley doesnít want anyone to know.  Phillip took him to lunch because he wanted to find out what has been bothering Rick lately.  To help him out, he called Harley and had her meet them for lunch.  Rick tells Michelle that it was pretty awkward throughout lunch.  Harley was trying to hide her baby with a lobster bib and Rick kept mumbling into his napkin all through lunch.  He tells her that he is worried about Harley.  The longer she avoids telling Phillip, the higher her stress.  Michelle tells him that the stress wonít go away after telling Phillip.  Rick tells her that he hasnít told her the best part yet.  He asked Harley to marry him.  She told him that she didnít want to marry him.  They are just good friends.  He tells Michelle that being good friends is a good start to falling in love.  Michelle tells him that he will be a good father even if they donít get married.  She tells Rick about Claire.  They think that she is working with Itoro. 

Claire receives a call on her cell phone from Itoro.  He wants her to get info from Danny tonight.  She tells him that Danny isnít stupid and that he already thinks there is something suspicious going on.  He is going to figure it out if sees him twice in one day.  Itoro tells her to tell him that they found something at the docks.  Tell him that she heard it from her lawyer.  She will try.  Itoro tells her to do it.

Frank arrives at the dock and tells the officer that he heard that they were investigating the dock area.  The officer wonít let Frank through.  Itoro comes up and tells him that it is a restricted area and on a need to know basis.  He doesnít need to know.  David shows up.  Harley comes up and Frank wants to know why she is there.  What have they found?  Why are they there?  Harley starts to tell Frank, but Itoro butts in.  Harley tells Frank that she will call him.  They should go home.  Itoro and Harley get back down to the dock.  The ME tells them that they did find a skeleton.  It will be hard to identify unless they could get the dental records.  If they donít know who it is, the dental records wonít do much good.  An officer comes over and tells them that they did find some jewelry on the body.  There was a gold chain around the neck and an ankle bracelet with diamonds on it and the name ďCarmen.Ē  This is good news to Itoro and Harley.  The ME recognizes the name and asks if it is the one that he is thinking of.  They agree, but Itoro wants him to keep it a secret until they have the evidence that they need.  They will get an autopsy report in the morning?  The ME tells them it will be done around 11am, that is the earliest that he can fit them in.  He tells them that the hard part is determining the cause of death.  Unless there is a bullet lodged in the skeleton.  He leaves.  Itoro tells the officer to examine all the boards on the dock for any hair, thread or fibers that might help them.  Harley comments that it will be pretty hard to find anything after all the rain and snow.  Itoro tells her that they will leave no stone unturned.  

Claire is at Infierno trying to get some information from Danny.  She tells him that she heard from her lawyer and that they might have found something at the dock.  Danny asks her how she is sure about this.  It could have been a plant.  Claire asks him why her lawyer would call this late if it wasnít the truth.  She has a right to know what happened.  Danny plays stupid and tells her that he doesnít know why they would be down at the docks.  Claire finally tells him that it is his fault that both she and Michelle could go to prison.  She tells him that they have evidence that Michelle is the one who destroyed the evidence at Laurel Falls.  Tire tracks, footprints, etc.  Danny asks how she knows this.  She heard it from her lawyer.  How does she know that it wasnít just a plant?  She tells him that her lawyer saw the evidence.  Danny doesnít believe her.  He tells her that they donít know anything and that she never will.  She better back off right now.  She is about to leave and Danny comes up behind her.  He pulls off her jacket and finds the wire.  He asks her why she cut a deal with Itoro.  I guess she doesnít care about her daughter and that she would do anything to save herself, no matter the cost.  Including hurting her daughter.  Claire tells him that she did it for Michelle.  She tells him that she could stop Michelle from going to prison.  Danny tells her to call Michelle then.  Tell her that she was going to help them send Danny to prison.  She has done nothing but hurt herself.  Michelle will not like this and the only person she will be talking to now is her Lawyer.

Someone is at Carmenís dentistís office.  They replace her file with a fake.  (Danny is having his discussion with Claire at the same time that this happened.)

The End.