Guiding Light Update Wednesday 5/30/01

By Amanda M.

Danny is at the Infierno and asked Tony if Catalina did okay with Carmenís dresses. He tells Danny that she looked great in all of them. Tony told Danny how Catalina and Marah were fighting over him and Danny  is surprised that Tony  isnít getting off on it more. Catalina comes over and thanks Danny for the dresses. Danny tells her it is alright and he goes into his office. Tony asks Catalina if she is okay and she says she is. Tony tells her that he saw Marah come after her yesterday and he wanted to check on her. Catalina says it is not Tony's fault that is what Marah does. Marah arrives and asks Tony if he has time for lunch today. Tony says he does and that he has ordered the limo for prom. They sit down and Tony asks Marah why she went after Catalina; he saw her yesterday. Marah says when she sees him touching another girl she loses it. She knows how it makes her feel when he touches her. Tony says he is crazy about her and they kiss. Bernardo Sandoval walks in and Tony is on guard. Marah asks who he is and Tony tells her he is a very bad man. Marah giggles and Tony tells her it isnít funny the man is dangerous. Catalina walks by and Bernardo asks if Danny is there. She tells him she will check and goes into the office. Catalina tells Danny that Bernardo is there, alone wanting to see him. Danny tells her to send him in. After she leaves, Danny takes his gun out of his desk. Bernardo comes in and tells Danny that he has a kiss for him from Carlos and his Abuela.

Sam comes in and asks Catalina if she is ready for prom. She tells him she got the dress, which was complicated enough.

Bernardo offers Danny a Cuban cigar but Danny declines. Bernardo says Abuela is doing well in Cuba but he is glad to be home. He is happy that the FBI seems to have lost the evidence against him. Danny asked him if he realizes he is out of the business totally. He doesn't want to know anything they are involved in. Bernardo says he knows that Danny has an insurance policy that makes him untouchable and he wonít hear a thing from him. Danny tells Bernardo that his insurance policy covers Tony as well and he should spread the word around that if his cousin even gets a headache because of the Sandoval family there will be hell to pay. Bernardo says he just wants to get back to business and doesn't intend to have any Santos involvement. Bernardo leaves and Danny comes out of the office and asks to speak to Tony. He tells Tony that the Sandovalís will leave them alone and he should just not worry. Danny tells him to go enjoy his time with Marah. Bernardo is on the stairwell on the phone. He tells someone that he has found a way to take care of Danny without retaliation.

Tony sits back down with Marah and a waitress comes by and flirts with him. Marah is upset and starts to leave. Tony tells her she isnít leaving and he pulls her into the office. In Danny's office, Tony is trying to reason with Marah. Marah is upset because Tony spends too much time away from her since he is working two jobs. Marah says she just wants to be with him. He tells her that after prom he will tell Danny to cut his hours so that he can have more free time to spend with her. He tells her he wonít have much cash but she will have his attention. She is happy and tells him she just wants a great prom and every day after with him. They kiss.

At the bar, Sam is laughing at Tony's predicament. Sam wonders who the waitress was. Catalina says that women like Tony because he is charming and passionate but the waitress isnít a threat to Marah. Sam says guys like Tony won't wait forever for a girl. Catalina believes Tony would wait for Marah for as long as it took. She reminds Sam that Marah has broken up with Tony and treated him badly on a number of occasions but Tony truly loves her and takes her back.

Danny is back in his office on the computer when Claire arrives. Danny asks what she is doing there and she tells him she doesn't want anything to spoil her relationship with Michelle or Robby so she has come to clear the air.

At Company Buzz is arranging for the book signing party. Harley is there and they are talking about how she is hiding her pregnancy. She tells him she just isnít ready to deal with Phillip. Buzz tells her that as far as he is concerned the baby is a Cooper and they are his family. Blake comes in and sees Harley. She tells Harley that she is pregnant but Harley tried to deny it. Blake asks her how Phillip reacted and Harley tells her that he doesnít know yet. Blake tells Harley that he will know when he sees her and she has to tell him. Harley says this is her child and she will raise it herself. Blake thinks Harley is kidding herself and reminds her that fathers have rights. Rick comes in and Blake is concerned that he will tell Phillip but Harley says Rick already knows and has promised not to tell Phillip. Rick comes over and sits with them. Blake asks Rick if he thinks it is a good idea to keep her pregnancy a secret from Phillip. Rick says he will do what Harley wants. Harley is buying time but Blake thinks putting it off will only make Phillip angrier. Harley tells Blake to get ready for the book signing. Blake says she is the voice of reason and that is scaring all of them. After she leaves, Rick and Harley laugh. Rick tells Harley he told Michelle and Harley says she told Frank. Rick says it's time they started acting like grownups and stop ducking the situation. Harley apologizes for being the one to give him a child and having it happen this way. Rick says he couldn't ask for a better mother and he is going to have a child, which is the only thing he has ever wanted. He tells her she has been an incredible friend to him and he cares for her. She wonders if he likes her as much as he likes Phillip because she is worried about what this will do to his friendship with Phillip. Rick tells her he has thought of all the negative things but still comes back to the fact that he is going to be a dad and that is the one thing he has always wanted. He says he will be a good father and wants to be so involved. He wants to change diapers and everything. Harley wonders how that is going to work with him at his house and the baby with her. He tells her he thinks they should get married. Harley is blown away. He tells her that laughter wouldnít be appropriate at this time. She tells him she is too stunned to laugh. She tells him they arenít in love with each other. Rick says being in love can cause too much pain and they are friends, which can be so much more. He thinks marrying a friend is a much better idea and they may even learn to love each other. Harley says he is going to have a child whether they get married or not; it is his child. She is freaked out about all of this and she is beating herself up for being so stupid when she was just starting to get her life back on track. Just then Phillip comes in Company with Ross. Harley tells Phillip they canít have this conversation right now in public. Blake comes over and tells Harley she will distract Phillip for her. Harley thanks her and tells Rick they will talk later. Blake goes over and asks Phillip to take a picture of her and Ross. Harley sneaks out. Phillip goes to Rick and asks where Harley went. Rick tells him she had to get back to work and he has to leave as well. He walks out and Phillip follows him. Phillip asks Rick what is going on? Phillip says he is sorry he has been so busy with the SC situation. Phillip wants to help Rick and wants to know what the problem is. Rick says he can't help with this one. Phillip reminds him they are having dinner. Rick asks what is going on in SC. Phillip says Beth appeared on TV and has taken over the island while Edmund is ill with his fake stroke. Phillip says Lizzie was reading to Edmund. Rick says it must tear his heart out to see his kids with another man.

Gus arrives at the book party and finds Blake. He tells her he read an advanced copy a friend had but he wants to have his own copy. He hands her a book and asks her to inscribe it to Augustus. He is flirting with her and asking her if she made the story up or if she has sources. She tells him it is all fiction. He keeps asking about inside sources and praises her for exposing the mob. Ross walks over and greets Gus. He refers to Blake as his wife but Blake corrects him and says she is his ex wife. Ross introduces her to Agent Iaturro and Blake asks Gus to show her his cloven hooves and tail. Gus realizes Harley set him up and leaves.

 Claire comes in the police station  with Russo. She is against the deal but Russo is telling her to take it. They go into Gusís office and Vince tells Gus his client will wear the wire but under certain conditions. He wants Claire to be granted transactional immunity but Gus is against it. Russo asks how many time she will have to wear the wire and Gus tells her that she will wear it as many times as it takes. Claire tells Gus and Russo to get on with it. Gus gets the wire and tells her how to put it on and that it is voice activated. The recorder will be taped to the small of her back and the microphone will be either in her jacket or in her cleavage. Claire puts the wire on and Gus tells her that it will be fine but she needs to get used to it for a day or so before she goes to talk to Danny. Claire tells him that she thought time was money and she is intent on going right away. She leaves.

Harley comes into the office and Gus asks where she had been. She tells him she was at a party, a book signing for the book he has been reading in the office, ďHeartís AloneĒ. Gus asks about the author and how she got her information. Harley tells her she is good and has sources. He asks how much is fiction and how much is fact. She tells him she isnít sure but mostly it is fact. He asks if the author is a cop but she tells him she isnít. Gus mentions that her picture is hot and he would like to meet her. He asks Harley if Darlena is married and Harley tells him she isnít. He asks her to set up a meeting so he can ask her all these questions himself. Harley says she is at a book signing at Company right now. He leaves to see her. Harley is laughing and after Gus is gone she says, ďBy the way Boss, I forgot to mention she lives with Ross Marler.Ē