Guiding Light Update Tuesday 5/29/01

By Kim

Beth brings Lizzie and James to the hospital to see Edmund.  When she walks in, he is trying to get up out of bed.  She asks him what he is doing.  He tells her that he has obligations to fulfill and reaches for the paper on the floor that has an article about Cassie still missing in it.  Beth tells him that they want him to get well.  She has brought him some visitors.  Lizzie and James come into the room.  Edmund is happy to see them.  Beth tells him to forget the newspaper article.  

Cassie wakes up in her cell.  It is extremely messy.  She talks to the air and asks where Edmund is.  What is he trying to do to her?  She needs water.  She is really thirsty.  

Richard is at Revaís with Phillip and Reva.  He asks for more orange juice, he feels really dehydrated.  Marah comes downstairs and asks what is going on.  Reva tells her that she is better off not knowing.  She realizes that it must be about Cassie.  Reva tells her that she should just go shopping for her prom dress.  Reva gives her one of her credit cards and Marah leaves to go shopping.  Noah comes in and tells them that he has some bad news.  Colonel Taylor is rethinking the operation.  Unless they get more information on Cassieís location, they are going to pull out.  Richard tells them that he will do it himself.  He is going to get her out one way or another.  Cassie will be rescued.  Phillip tells them that maybe they should rethink their target.  What about focusing on Edmund?  Richard tells him that it would be no good.  Edmund would just lie.  Richard tells them that there is one possible source.  Beth.  Phillip calls her on her cell phone.  She answers realizes that he may be trying to manipulate her to gain some information. She tells him that she doesnít have time to talk right now and that she has to go.  He calls her name and she doesnít answer.  Noah asks if she hung up.  Beth hears him on her end.  He apologizes to her and tells her that he wanted to make sure that the kids are okay.  She tells him that the children are fine.  Lizzie hears and wants to talk to him.  He finds out that Edmund is in the hospital and not at the palace.  Beth takes the phone and they argue about custody.  That it wasnít any different when he had the children and she was in San Cristobel.  She hangs up on him.  Reva asks to speak to Noah outside. 

Mara is at the boutique shopping for her dress.  She runs into Catalina who looks beautiful in a prom dress that she was trying on.  Marah is surprised and a little jealous that she is going to prom.  Especially when Catalina tells her that Sam asked her.  Catalina goes into the dressing room to change and Marah tells the saleswoman that Catalina has no idea of fashion.  Catalina overhears this and leaves.  

Reva and Noah go outside.  She wants to talk about the two of them.  She doesnít like what is going on between the two of them.  Neither does he.  He tells her that he needs something to focus on until she is ready to focus on the two of them.  She asks him if this is about Josh again.  He tells her that it doesnít have anything to do with Josh.  He tells her that they need some distance so that she can figure out what she wants.  He tells her that she feels one of two ways.  That she is guilty about the way things ended with Josh or that she canít let go of the connection the two of them have.  If itís the first way, they have a chance.  If itís the second way, only she will know the answer.  He wants her to think about it a lot.  She owes the two of them that much.  They go back inside.  Phillip apologizes that his phone call ended with a fight about custody.  They are still looking for a way to get information in San Cristobel, when Lillian stops by to see Reva.  Richard thinks that Lillian might be of some help to them.  Lillian tells them that she has had a fight with Beth and wonít be able to be of any help.  She was just about to write Beth a letter.  She has decided she wonít be at the wedding.  

Tony is in the office at Infierno when Ray walks in.  He didnít recognize Tony with his hard hat on.  Tony tells Ray that he hopes that Marah will ask him to the prom.  Ray tells him that he has made a good change in his life.  Tony thinks that even if she does ask him they will probably be bothered by the FBI and he isnít sure if Josh trusts him yet anyway.  Catalina comes in and tells them that she needs a sewing machine.  They donít understand why.  She tells them that she canít afford a prom dress and wants to make her own.  She doesnít want to look like a loser.  Tony tells her that he can help her.  He makes a phone call.  Dresses are delivered to Infierno.  They were Carmenís party dresses.  Catalina is so surprised and hugs Tony.  She thanks him for being such a wonderful friend.  She gives Ray and Tony a ďfashionĒ show and models the dresses.  She has a problem with a zipper on one of the dresses and Tony offers to help her.  Marah comes in just as he is helping her.  She comments that Catalina must have decided that it was important to look good.  Catalina thanks Tony again and goes to change.  Marah asks Tony if lunch is still on.  He tells her that he has to go back to work, but he will call.  She kisses him goodbye and he leaves.  Catalina comes back out and Marah makes a snide comment about prom.  Tony overhears.  

Cassie is starting to hallucinate in her cell.  She sees Richard and tries to hug him.  He disappears.  She is going to give up.  She sees Richardís image again and he tells her to hang on a little longer.  She promises to hang on.  She then sees an image of Edmund eating grapes.  He is taunting her.  She tells him that she hates him and runs over to him.  She trips and falls on the mattress. 

The End.