Guiding Light Update Monday 5/28/01

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By Kim

Harley and Frank are at Company.  Harley is trying to tell him that Phillip is not the father of her baby.  She tells him that Rick is the father.  Frank cannot believe that it would be Rick.  She tells him that it happened the night that she threw Phillip out.  The same night that he went to San Cristobel after Beth and the kids.  They were all drinking Uzo and dancing.  She felt sorry for Rick and asked him to dance.  Shortly after, Buzz, Frank and Rick all passed out in the living room.  She covered them up and went upstairs.  She went into Zack’s room.  She had a need to hold him.  He was deep in sleep and she didn’t want to wake him, so she went into her room.  She was crying at that point.  Rick was downstairs and had woken up.  He heard her and went upstairs to comfort her.  Frank asked her if Rick made a pass at her.  She assures him that it wasn’t like that.  She needed to feel his arms around her. It just led to them having sex.  When they woke up the next morning, they promised each other that that night never happened.  She tells Frank that she doesn’t like the example she is setting for Susan.  He is upset at Phillip for this happening.  As they are leaving Company, Frank asks her why she is taking on all the guilt.  She tells him that this is the one thing that Rick has wanted.  He deserves this, but not with her.  It should have been with Abby.  She tells Frank that she doesn’t want a life with Rick, or any man right now.  How is she going to get through this?  Frank tells her that they will get through it like they have everything else in the past.  Together. 

Rick is telling Michelle that she is the father of Harley’s child.  Michelle asks him if he is sure.  He tells her that she had her period after the last time that she slept with Phillip.  Dr. Sedgewick also showed him the sonogram and the date fit. He tells her that he was really drunk and that he heard Harley crying upstairs.  He felt the same way when Abby left.  He knew that she needed to be held, so he went upstairs and held her on the bed.  One thing led to another and they slept together. He tells her that both he and Harley decided that that night never happened. Michelle asks what his next step is.  He tells her that he has to tell Phillip.  He can’t even look Phillip in the eye.  He got his best friend’s wife pregnant. He didn’t use a condom.  He is a doctor and should have known better. This is going to ruin their 30-year friendship.  Michelle tells him that the best thing is that he will have a child that will have the best father.  He tells her that Harley doesn’t want him to be a father to the baby.  Michelle tells him that she is just in shock right now and she will want him to be a father to the baby.  

Beth is in Edmund’s room at the hospital.  He wakes up and mentions Cassie’s name.  Beth tells him that she is safe in Springfield.  He doesn’t need to worry about her.  She tells him that he is doing great and the doctor has said that he will be going home in 3 to 4 days.  Edmund wants to go home now.  He is thinking about Cassie and tells Beth that he needs to tell her something.  She asks him what he wants to tell her and he “forgets.”  She tells him that if he has a temporary memory lapse and forgets something she will forgive him.  

Cassie is still in the cell that Edmund has locked her in.  She is coughing a lot and cold.  She is tired, but makes herself stay awake.  She tries chipping the rock around one of the bars in the window, but it doesn’t work.  Finally, she ends up writing “Edmund killed Cassie” on the brick wall in her cell.  

Catalina, Tony and Sam are outside of Company.  Tony tells Catalina that he is having a hard time trying to find time to spend with Marah.  Maybe that’s Josh’s plan.  To keep him working so that he can’t spend a lot of time with her.  Sam is taking a break from studying and just dropped by to get some coffee.  They talk about prom.  Sam is surprised that Marah hasn’t asked Tony yet.  There is only one more week.  No girl waits that long to ask a guy to prom.  Maybe she doesn’t want to take him.  Sam explains prom to Catalina.  He asks her if she would like to go for the experience.  She hesitates at first, but agrees.  They leave.  Tony is left and calls Marah on his cell phone.  Marah tells him that she has something to ask him.  He tells her that she should just tell him now.  She tells him that it can wait until tomorrow.  He tells her he will see her on his lunch break and then they hang up. 

The End.