Guiding Light Update Tuesday 5/22/01

By Kim

Claire is really jumpy.  Alan comes back in the room and tells her that she is making a big mistake by not confiding in him.  What did the agent say to her?  She tells him that she canít tell him, at least not right now.  Itís not about the two of them.  He tells her that if it affects her, then it affects the two of them too.  She tells him that she is caught between a rock and a hard place.  He advises her to call her lawyer if she isnít going to confide in him.  She calls Ross and tells him that Itoro wanted to cut a deal with her.  That it could affect Michelle.  Ross tells her that she should stop telling him anything else.  That Michelle is his primary client and that this would be considered a conflict of interest.  He tells her that she needs to get herself a good criminal lawyer.  She thanks him and hangs up.  Alan asks what her lawyer said.  She tells him that he said ďSianora.Ē  Alan tells her that she has been given a marvelous opportunity.  She doesnít need a small time lawyer.  She needs a shark.  He will get her a lawyer that feeds on federal agents.  Claire tells him that it is Alan Spaulding to the rescue again.  He tells her that there might be light at the end of the tunnel.  She hopes that her daughter will be speaking to her when it is all over.  

Harley is in the waiting room at Cedars.  She sees doctor Sedgwick and apologizes for making such a late appointment.  Itís not a problem as she has a few patients in labor.  They go into her office.  Rick sees Harley go in and mumbles that it is time that she faced reality.  He waits outside until he sees her come out.  Harley sees him and asks if he was waiting for her.  He was.  He tells her that he is glad that she is there.  That she is doing the right thing.  She gets upset with him about the advice and tells him to stuff it.  She doesnít want anymore baby advice from him.  He tells her that it isnít any of his business, but heís not an enemy.  Heís trying to be a friend.  She tells him that her life is a living hell.  They run into Claire in the hall.  Claire thinks that Harley is there checking up on her.  To see if sheís made a decision about the deal.  Rick tells her that she isnít there checking up on her.  Claire and Harley fight a bit and then Harley leaves.  Rick asks what that was about.  Claire tells him that Itoro isnít leaving her alone.  That she had a visit from him.  He asks what he wanted.  That he wanted to cut a deal.  Rick tells her that she has to look out for Michelleís best interest.  She tells him that it might result in Michelle hating her.  Rick leaves and runs into Dr. Sedgwick.  She tells him that Harleyís baby is okay and that she has the sonogram.  Rick asks if he can see it.  She gives it to him and he looks at it.  He asks her if she is sure about the due date.  She says yes.  9 months from conception.  

Beth is back at the Palace.  She walks into the sitting room where the US Console is waiting for Edmund.  He tells her that if Edmund isnít coming that he will reschedule.  She tells him that since she is a US citizen and that what she tells him is kept in confidence that she would like to speak to him.  She tells him that Richard shot Edmund at close range.  That he had on a bullet proof vest, the bruise over his heard, the blood clot that caused the stroke, etc.  He canít understand how things got like this.  He needs proof.  An equerry enters and tells Beth that the press has found out about Edmundís stroke and they would like her to give a statement.  Beth tells him that they should pick one reporter to represent them all and she will give them a private interview.  The reporter comes in and they conduct the interview.  The reporter asks if the rumors of Edmundís stroke is true or is it contrived to avoid questions regarding the disappearance of former Princess Cassie?  Beth assures them that it is true and tells them how Edmund had the stroke. She then makes a statement to the people of San Cristobel.  The people should stand up for their country, for their true Prince.  She then tells Richard and Cassie that itís not too late to gain back the love lost. They should stop the insanity now and give peace a chance, or they will become an ugly memory to the people of San Cristobel. 

Richard, Phillip and Noah walk into the study in the mansion.  They talk about their plan.  Richard is upset, as there are some setbacks.  Noah explains that there usually are with these types of covert operations.  Alan pipes up from behind a chair and tells them that they might be interested in the phone call that he just received.  It seems that Beth has given a televised statement and it will be on the air shortly.  He is interested in hearing it all.  They watch her statement.  Alan tells them that everything seems to be coming together for Beth.  He asks how it makes Phillip feel.  Phillip tells Alan that Beth is a victim of Edmund.  Alan hopes that Edmund appreciates her and tells them good luck with the mercenaries.  Phillip is obviously upset.  Richard tells them that this is a fight that they have to win.  He wants to finish what he started.  He is worried about Cassie.  Noah tells him that Cassie will be okay.  Edmund is going to use her as a bargaining chip. 

Cassie is in her cell trying to undo the shackle around her ankle.  She is starving and wondering where Edmund is.  She doesnít think that he would leave her like this.  But realizes that maybe he would do this to get back at Richard. 

Beth goes to the hospital to see Edmund.  She tells him about the meeting with the console and the press conference.  She is worried that she said too much.  Edmund tells her that she did a great job.  She tells him that she is glad that she can finally do something for him. 

The end.