Guiding Light Update Monday 5/21/01

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By Kim

Cassie is seen in the cell that Edmund has locked her up in.  She is pacing back and forth.  She starts yelling for room service, then yells, “Wait until the UN hears about this.  God’s gonna get you for this Eddie!” 

Edmund is seen lying on the floor in the sitting room at the palace.  He is having problems breathing and newspapers are scattered around him.  Beth comes in and rushes to his side.  She tells him that she thinks that he’s had a stroke.  She runs to the phone and tells the person on the other end that she has a minor migraine and needs to speak with Edmund’s doctor.  She tells the doctor that she thinks that he has had a stroke and that he needs to come to the palace sitting room with some of his staff right away.  She tells him to maintain secrecy.  She goes back to Edmund and tells him that the doctor will be there soon.  The doctor arrives shortly and tells Edmund that he is going to administer a drug that will help stabilize him and then they are going to take him to the hospital.  Beth tells him that Edmund cannot be seen like this.  The doctor tells her that they will cover him with a sheet and then get him to a private room. 

Ray and Tony are sitting in Danny’s office at Inferno.  Tony is telling Ray about Marah’s party.  He started a fire by accident.  Ray is shocked at this.  Tony tells him that everything was okay.  Marah poured punch on the fire and it was out quickly.  Then he took Marah to Millennium.  Marah spiked her own drink and was dancing on the bar when Itoro walked in.  He arrested Marah for underage drinking.  Ray is glad to hear that Tony isn’t the one that gave her the alcohol.  Danny comes in and tells Tony that he had better not lose his liquor license because of this.  Tony assures Danny that it’s not his fault.  He has been staying out of trouble.  Ray is proud of him for working with Josh at Lewis construction.  Tony tells him that there is one problem with that.  Johnny Muchado’s guys are on the construction crew.  Danny tells him to stay out of it.  That Itoro has been looking to bust every single one of them.  Danny tells Tony to let Josh handle Muchado’s men.  Ray tells him that he has a tendency to act before he thinks.  Tony tells them both that he said he’d stay out of it.  He tells him that he has to meet Catalina and leaves.  

Marah is at the bar in Inferno waiting for Tony.  He asks her if she has been waiting for him.  She asks him about the liquor license.  Did Danny lose it because of her?  No.  He tells her that he feels terrible that she had to go home and face her parents alone.  She tells him that she walked into a big fight between her parents and Noah.  That her arrest didn’t even register on their minds.  She tells him that she didn’t think about what she did.  She just wanted to have a good time.  He tells her to shut up so that he can kiss her. 

Danny asks Ray if he got that Tony understands how serious everything is.  Ray tells him absolutely.  Danny tells Ray that Itoro is getting close.  Ray asks him what he is getting close to.  He tells him that it’s Carmen.  Ray starts to ask if Itoro knows that Danny killed her.  Danny tells him that Itoro doesn’t know, but he is asking a lot of questions.  Ray tells him that they would need to have an eyewitness.  Danny tells Ray that Michelle told Rick and Meta.  And then there is Claire.  She still thinks of Danny as competition.  Danny tells Ray that what Itoro does have wouldn’t be admissible as evidence, but Claire is a different story.  Ray asks how much she knows.  Danny tells him that she has her own part in this and that she knows that Michelle was kidnapped.  He thinks that she figured out the rest.  He tells Ray that Claire is trouble waiting to happen. 

Catalina sees Tony and Marah kissing.  She sits down to do some paperwork and is obviously upset by what she sees.  Ray comes out of the office and sees her.  He tells her that she is frowning.  He wants to know what is bothering her.  She asks him if he worries about Tony and Marah.  He thinks that Marah is good for Tony.  She is making him straighten up.  Catalina thinks the opposite.  That Marah causes trouble.  She flirts with Sam when she is with Tony and flirts with Tony when she is with Sam.  This causes problems between Tony and Sam.  Ray asks her if she likes Tony.  She tries to lie, but ends up admitting that she has feelings for Tony.  

Sam comes into the room and asks both Mara and Tony if they are up for some trouble tonight.  He wants to go to a Rave in Chicago.  Tony has to work and doesn’t want to go.  Marah tries to convince him, but it doesn’t work and ends up declining too.  Catalina also convinces Marah not to go.  Sam asks her if she would like to go.  She declines.  The last time they went to Chicago they got into trouble.  Sam has a fit and storms out the door.  Marah keeps watching the door. Tony complains about working at Inferno late every night and then getting up early to work at the construction site.  He makes time for Marah, but it isn’t enough. Catalina can’t understand how she does it.  (Meaning pitting Tony against Sam) 

Itoro and Harley are in the office at the station.  Itoro tells her that forensics has given them the “nails” for Danny’s coffin.  The contents of the ashes that were examined from Laurel Falls revealed pieces of information that were taped by May, ID #’s off of files.  There were footprints that were Michelle’s shoe size, tire tracks that fit the make of Michelle’s car and fingerprints.  This proves that Michelle destroyed federal evidence.  He figures that Danny will try and stall, find a way out for the two of them, or do the jail time so that Michelle doesn’t have to.  Harley tells him that Michelle won’t give Danny up.  Itoro tells her that they will go for the weakest link.  They both agree that it is Claire.  Itoro tells her that they have to drop everything and go after Claire.  That she knows what happened to Carmen.  Harley asks him for the facts.  He tells her that she signed the death certificate, cremated a dog in place of Carmen’s body, and then there is the mother factor.  Harley asks what he means by that.  He tells her that 9 out of 10 times you can count on a mother to protect their child.  Harley asks why that sounds like a criminal offense.  He tells her that at the cost of incriminating herself, she’d do it to protect her daughter.  That’s the mother factor.  Gotta love it.  They are going to use the baby to get to Claire, that his mother will be behind bars.  Harley is upset.  She tells him that she quits.  She grabs a box and starts packing her things.  Itoro asks her what she is doing three times before Harley answers him.  She can’t handle it any more.  He asks her if she is serious.  She tells him that she is always serious about her work.  He tells her that she will need his permission to be reassigned.  She asks.  He tells her no.  She tells him that he didn’t even want her on this case to begin with.  He tells her that he was wrong.  He’s not completely without feelings.  He won’t make her sit in on his conversation with Claire.  

Itoro is at the Spaulding mansion.  Claire walks in the room and asks him what he is doing there.  He tells her that he wants her to tell him what really happened to Carmen. She can help save her daughter from doing prison time.  She tells him that he has a lot of gall.  He wants to know if she is interested or not.  She tells him that he knows the way out.  He tells her that forensics has her prints all over.  She could do time for obstruction of justice, destruction of evidence, larceny of federal property, etc.  That she could do 20 – 30 years.  Her child would be without a mother.  She tells him that he wouldn’t be there if they had a case against Michelle.  He tells her that she is wrong.  What’s it going to be?  Claire is silent and lets Itoro get to the door before she says anything.  She asks what he wants from her.   He tells her that if she scratches his back, he’ll scratch hers.  There needs to be a little give and take.  Tell him what he wants to know about Carmen Santos’ alleged death and he’ll make sure that she and Michelle will be off any of the indictments.  She asks if he could actually do that.  He tells her that he can’t, but he’ll do his best.  Claire tells him that that is what she thought.  There is no deal.  Itoro tells her that this is the only deal in town.  She isn’t in a position to be very choosy.  He needs her to build a case against the Santos’.  He tells her to take her time.  Think about it.  He’ll be in touch.  She breaks down after he leaves.  Alan comes in and asks her if she’s entertaining the FBI.  She tells him that no one can help her now.  He tells her that he’s never seen her like this.  She tells him not to pity her, but to pity Michelle.  He asks her why.  She doesn’t answer.  He tells her that there isn’t anything he loves more than impossible causes.  With money, power and brains anything is possible.  

Harley is at the station when Meta comes in.  She wants to file a complaint with Itoro.  There is no privacy at her home with the surveillance.  Harley tells her that she can tell him when he gets back.  Meta asks her when she is due.  Harley is surprised.  Meta tells her that she is just observant.  She really looks beautiful.  Harley thanks her for the comment.  She tells Meta that she hasn’t made her pregnancy public. That only Rick and Frank know.  Meta tells her that if she had had a daughter that she imagines that her daughter would be just like Harley.  Then tells her that she has to leave, but to please pass on the complaint to Itoro.  

The doctor comes into Edmunds room and tells Beth that Edmund has had a stroke and that his heart has an irregular beat.  There may have been a blood clot that got to his brain.  There is a bruise over his heart.  How did it happen?  Beth tells him that Richard shot him.  Edmund was wearing a bulletproof vest at the time.  That is what probably caused the blood clot.  They have given him a blood thinner.  Edmund was very lucky.  He may heal without the need for physical therapy.  The doctor tells Beth that she saved the day.  He leaves.  Beth tells Edmund that she will always defend him.  He wakes up and tries to speak.  Beth tells him to rest.  Trust her.  She goes outside to speak with the doctor.  Beth tells him that she is in charge until he recovers.  When he is stable enough, they will move him to the palace.  He will lie to both his staff and the press.  The doctor tells her that he received a call from an equerry at the palace.  Beth asks what he said.  There is someone from the US console waiting for Edmund at the palace.  Beth tells him that she will take care of it.  She goes back in to see Edmund.  She tells Edmund that she will take care of the US Console.  That he has a touch of food poisoning.  That he will make a complete recovery, but it will take a while.  She leaves.  Outside the door, she asks herself how she is going to do everything.  

Edmund wakes up and says, “Oh my God.  Cassie.”  He tries to get up. 

Cassie is pacing.  She goes to the picnic basket that Edmund gave her and realizes that it is empty.  She screams, “Where the hell are you Edmund?  You sick sadistic psychopath.”