Guiding Light Update Thursday 5/17/01

By Kim

Itoro is in his office when Harley walks in.  He tells her that Claire is coming in for questioning.  Harley asks how he managed to get it set up.  He tells her that Ross called 10 minutes ago.  Harley is surprised to hear that Ross is representing Claire.  He doesnít have a good track record with Ross.  Tony walked and Michelle stole their evidence.  He tells her that when Claire tells them why she faked Carmenís death, they will have all the ammunition that they need.

Noah is on the phone finishing the preparations for the trip to San Cristobel.  He hears someone coming and gets off the phone.  Itís Reva.  Reva comes in and apologizes for last night.  He tells her that there is no sense in dwelling on it.  Richard is a good friend and he needs to concentrate on that.  He tells her that they have a plan and that the wheels are already in motion.  He tells her that they are going to rescue Cassie and get Phillipís kids too.  Reva asks how dangerous it is.  He tells her to let him do what he knows how to do.  She asks him not to do the silent thing with her.  She is sorry about everything.  He can yell at her.  He tells her that he wasnít mad, he was ticked, hurt.  But there isnít anything he can do.  She thanks him for what he is doing for Cassie.  She tells him that she loves him.  She is scared of losing him.  She doesnít want to mess everything up.  She hugs him and it leads to more.  He tells her that it isnít a good idea.  She wants him to hold her and apologizes again.  Things heat up and she tells him that she needs him to love her.  They make love.  Noah tells her that he didnít mean for that to happen.  He gives her a kiss on the forehead and leaves.  Reva calls after him.  A little bit later, Blake comes in.  Reva tells her that she feels like she is losing Noah and she doesnít know what to do.  Blake asks her if she can blame him for being hurt.  She tells her that it was an intense emotional argument.  Blake tells her that it sounds like a bunch of hogwash.  She tells her to stop rationalizing a lot of the intimate moments.  Reva tells her that she and Josh were just reminiscing about Marah.  Blake tells her that everyone sees it, including Noah.  She needs to decide who is more important.  Josh or Noah?  And she needs to decide soon.

Olivia is on the phone with Edmund.  She tells him that Richard is planning a military attack against him.  She tells him that Shane overheard Noah making the arrangements.  He wants to know when.  She doesnít know.  She tells him that the only reason they are doing this is because they think that he has Cassie.  He tells her that he doesnít.  That he has held a press conference explaining that.  He thanks her for the information and hangs up.  Beth overheard part of the conversation.  She asks what Olivia said.  He tells her about Richard and Phillipís plans.  She tells him that Phillip doesnít have any interest in the island.  He is doing it to get back at her.  He is going to take the kids.  She tells him that they have to stop this.  Edmund assures her that they will.  Edmund tells her that no-one is ever going to hurt her or her children.  The palace has hidden passageways and escape routes that she could use if it came to that.  He doesnít think that they could put an operation together in less than a fortnight.  Beth thinks he should contact the US Console.  He could tell them that they have heard of Intelligence reports that have originated in the US to start an attack on San Cristobel and that it is financed by a prominent business man.  Edmund calls and tells Beth that the Console is deeply concerned and that he will meet him later tonight.  Beth tells him that the best countermeasure is to prove that Cassie is not on the island.  He tells her that he thinks that Richard is doing this to de-throne him.  He thinks she is really with her children.  He tells her that she has done enough worrying for one day.  He will take care of it.  He tells her to go and enjoy herself.  She leaves. 

The camera shows a blue door.  Cassie is behind it and you hear her yelling for help. 

Edmund picks up the phone and orders for a picnic basket filled with the following items:  a bottle of wine, 6 bottles of water, 2 loaves of bread, and soft/hard cheeses.  He agrees with the person on the phone that they are items that will not spoil. 

As Olivia gets off the phone with Edmund, Sam comes around the corner and confronts her about becoming a spy.  He tells her that she is better than that.  He canít believe that she is helping him with kidnapping.  She tells him that Edmund doesnít have Cassie.  That Beth would know that.  He wants to know what the invasion is.  Olivia tells him that Richard and Phillip are storming the palace.  He wants to know what Josh is going to say about this.  He tells her that he is scared for her and leaves the room. 

Claire and Ross arrive at the station.  He advises her to say as little as possible.  Claire composes herself and they go in.  Itoro and Harley are there.  Ross asks them for it to be brief as Claire has patients waiting for her.  Claire and Harley argue with one another about playing fair.  Itoro wants to know what happened to Carmenís body.  Claire explains that it might appear wrong.  Carmen did die, but she was approached by two goons before the ambulance reached the morgue.  They told her that Carmenís body was going to disappear and that she would have to figure out how to fix it.  They threatened Michelleís life, so she had no choice.  They told her to sign an order of cremation and that she would have to find something to put in the urn.  Itoro patiently listened to her story and then told Ross that Claire was going to have to do better than that.  She told them that Carmen did die that night.  Are they calling her a liar?  Itoro also told her about the conversation that Danny and Michelle had.  He wanted to know why Claire freaked out when Michelle disappeared from the hospital.  Claire told him that Michelle didnít disappear, that she was only gone for 2 hours and she checked herself out of the hospital.  They let Claire go home.  Itoro called Michelle after Claire left.  He asked her why she disappeared.  Michelle asks when he was referring to.  She has had several different stays in the hospital and doesnít know which one he is referring to.  She tells him that she really wishes she could help, but she canít.  He tells her that he is sure that they will be in touch.  Michelle tells him that he should call her lawyer next time.  Claire stops by shortly after Michelle got off the phone.  She tells Michelle that Itoro has a ton of information.  Michelle asks if he knows anything for sure.  She tells her that he knows about the day she disappeared from the hospital.  She knows.  He called her a little while ago.  Claire asks Michelle if they killed Carmen.  She tells her that she knew that Carmen was going to have Michelle killed and that Michelle and Danny came back that day.  It wasnít hard for her to put everything together.  And she also got information from Meta.  Michelle tells her that they all need to protect each other. 

Sam is giving Olivia the silent treatment.  Josh comes home and tells Olivia that the Architect has been watching the news about San Cristobel.  He is worried.  Olivia tells Josh that Edmund doesnít have Cassie.  Josh wants to know how she found that out.  She tells him that she spoke to Edmund just a little while ago. 

Edmund has a picnic basket in his hand and opens the blue door shown earlier.  Cassie is inside chained to the wall by one ankle.  Edmund throws a bundle at her and tells her that she canít say that he ever gave her anything.  Cassie calls him a bastard and tells him that she is going to kill him.

The End.