Guiding Light Update Monday 5/14/01

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By Kim

Frank is at the Bauer house and Rick answers the door.  Rick asks him if he has a warrant.  Frank tells him that he isn't there as a cop and he isn't sure if he is there as a friend either.  He tells him that Harley told him that Rick knows about the pregnancy.  She doesn't want Phillip to know.  Rick tells him that he doesn't plan on telling Phillip for the moment and that that is the best that he can do.  Frank tells him that that is fair enough.  Rick asks him what this is all about.  He tells Rick that it is about his sister being pregnant.  That she is in a state of denial.  She is working long hours and eating junk food.  He also explains that she was just like this when she was pregnant with Susan.  Rick tells him that this is definitely why she should tell Phillip.  Phillip barges in the door and tells them that they won't believe what he just saw.  That when he left San Cristobel, Edmund, Beth and his children were there when the plane took off.  That Edmund was holding James like a trophy.  Like some happy royal family.  He apologizes to Frank for complaining.  Frank leaves so that Rick and Phillip can talk.  Rick asks if he has tried giving Beth a call.  Phillip tells him that he has tried every 15 minutes and she isn't taking any of his calls.  He doesn't understand how she thinks that she is going to keep his kids from him.  He never intended to be on the beach with Richard and Cassie.  Rick asks if they know where Cassie is.  Phillip tells him no.  That he feels horrible about it.  He can't stop thinking about his children.  Rick tells him that Beth always finds her way out of trouble.  Phillip disagrees.  They either die or they end up in jail.  Look at Lujack, Carl and Neal.  He tells Rick that he will go to court, war or whatever to get the kids back.  

Billy and Josh are at Millennium.  Billy tells Josh that he is impressed with Tony.  That he already has the time cards processed and he is asking how the bookwork is done.  He was out late last night and was there bright and early this morning.  Josh is upset with Tony.  He believes that he is the person responsible for Marah getting drunk right there at Millennium last night and for her dancing on the bar.  Billy tells him that Marah admitted that it was her fault.  She spiked her own drink and no-one noticed.  Josh tells Billy that he has other troubles besides Tony and Marah.  Just look.  Noah just entered and sits down at the bar.  Josh explains that he and Reva were waiting for Marah to come home last night and they fell asleep together.  That Noah took it the wrong way.  He can't wait for Olivia to get home from San Cristobel.  He gets up and goes over to Noah to invite him to join the two of them.  Noah is still upset and tells Josh that he is tired and really doesn't want to talk right now.  Josh tells him that what he saw really wasn't what he thought.  Billy walks over and hears Noah tell Josh that everything is okay (meaning what he saw between Josh and Reva).  Noah tells him that he doesn't want to be any part of their "game" with Reva.  Josh asks about Cassie and Noah tells him that they don't know anything.  He leaves.  Billy tells Josh that he is in trouble.  Josh agrees.  Noah is mad.  Billy tells him that Noah isn't mad and that that is why he is in trouble.  He thinks that Noah has had enough.  That he is not going to take any more. 

Blake is at Reva's.  She asks when Richard is going to call.  Reva tells her that he will call as soon as he has word on Cassie.  Blake asks her if she could call Noah.  Reva tells her no.  That he saw both her and Josh together this morning and it wasn't pretty.  He was really upset.  Blake tells her that she has some old PR friends that went to San Cristobel for the coronation.  Maybe she could call them and see what they have heard.  Reva thinks that that is a great idea.   The doorbell rings.  It's Richard and Holly.  They tell Reva that they haven't heard about Cassie at all.  Reva asks Richard to tell her what happened.  He tells her that it was chaos.  Edmund somehow managed to intercept their seaplane.  They had to leave by boat.  Phillip had Cassie and he shot Edmund.  Reva asks if he is dead.  Richard tells her that he is all right.  Once he got to the boat, they realized that they lost Cassie.  Blake thinks that she could be dead.  Richard tells her that Cassie is not dead.  He would know, he would feel it.  He is going to bring her home.  Holly tells them that they should concentrate on how they are going to bring Cassie home.  Richard tells them that he could go on the air at the station.  Holly agrees.  They could do a spotlight on San Cristobel.  Let everyone see Richard how he really is.  They leave for the station. 

Olivia and Edmund are in the sitting room at the palace.  They are talking about the bad press that Edmund has been getting.  Edmund tells her that there isn't anything to worry about now.  Richard and Cassie are off the Island.  Olivia tells him that he should be looking for ways to smooth over everything with the press as soon as possible.  Edmund asks her if she is willing to help her with this.  Of course she will help him.  Edmund tells her that she is going to be in Springfield where Richard and Cassie are plotting against her.  Olivia tells Edmund that she doesn't have anything to do with it.  Yes, she does.  She can be his eyes and ears there.  He wants her to keep tabs on both of them for him.  She agrees to help him.   Alan and Claire are in the hallway.  Claire is trying to convince Alan that they should stay in San Cristobel for a while.  Alan tells her that he is persona non grata now.  Edmund wasn't too happy with him locking Beth and Phillip in a cell together.  Claire wants them to extend the vacation.  Why not go island hopping.  Alan tells her that he did not plan on a long vacation.  Why does she want to stay?  He tells her that she hasn't been the same since her phone call from Michelle.  She tells him nothing is wrong and that she doesn't mind if they leave.  They enter the sitting room and thank Edmund for his hospitality.  Claire thanks him and tells him that the coronation was wonderful.  Olivia kisses Alan goodbye (on the lips and in front of Claire).  Alan and Claire leave.  Edmund comments that he enjoys watching her work.  That she must be quite a negotiator.  Olivia leaves.  Beth goes after her and stops her in the hallway.  She asks her to be her Matron of Honor.  Olivia is surprised and accepts.  She would love to be in her wedding.  They say goodbye.  Beth goes back and tells Edmund that she has asked Olivia to be her Matron of Honor and that she has accepted.  Edmund talks about their wedding.  He would like it to be small, but very beautiful.  He is worried about everything else.  Beth tells him that they will win.  They will have everything that they want.

Buzz is at Company and still reading Blake's book.  Blake walks in and sits down in front of Buzz.  Buzz doesn't take his eyes off the book and pours her a cup of coffee.  Blake tells him that she can't tell him how much this means to her.  Buzz tells her that it's just a cup of coffee.  She tells him that he is reading her book for the second time and that that is the highest compliment that you could give an author.  Buzz walks over to the end of the counter and cries out in pain.  It's his back again.  Frank runs over and asks if it is his back.  When Buzz tells him that it is, he helps him sit down at a table.  He comments that he must not have seen a doctor like he suggested.  Buzz tells him that he hasn't.  Blake is also concerned.  Frank tells her that this is all her fault.  That her book is bringing up all kinds of things for Buzz to deal with.  Blake asks if there is anything that she can do.  Frank tells her no.  They talk about Buzz's problems.  He comments that he is there and they are talking as if he isn't there.  Blake apologizes, tells Buzz that he doesn't have to do the book signing party and then leaves.  Frank makes Buzz promise to see a doctor and then also leaves.

Reva and Richard are at the station.  Richard is telling her that Edmund is going to fight back.  Reva tells him not to worry about it.  He asks her if she can help to keep him calm on the air.  Richard is sure that Cassie is Edmund's prisoner.  He tells her that Edmund is a Tyrant.  That he only has power if there is a crisis and he has to keep creating them.  He is probably telling the people that Cassie is distraught and that she doesn't know what she is saying, etc.  They go on the air.

Edmund sees the broadcast and is outraged!  He can't believe that Richard is saying that he has Cassie prisoner.  Beth tells him that he needs to take this energy and use it against Cassie and Richard.

Phillip see the broadcast at Rick’s and encourages Richard.

Holly and Reva are back at the house.  Holly tells her that Lewis Construction is going to renovate the San Cristobel harbor.  Reva is upset by this and asks if Josh knows.  Holly tells her that he must have.  They had a press conference and signing.  Olivia is handling it.  Reva asks Holly to give her a ride to Josh's right now.

The end.