Guiding Light Update Tuesday 5/8/01

By Kim

Ross tells Itoro that he has gotten a court order to stop them from further desecration of Carmenís grave.  Itoro tells him that they found animal remains in the urn.  That it was a dog.  He tells Danny that Carmen may still be alive.  Danny acts surprised.  Itoro tells him that he thinks that Carmen planned to fake her death with the help of Danny so that she could beat prison time.  Michelle interrupts and asks Itoro if he thinks that this is funny.  That if they think Carmen is alive, she has a dozen warrants and why arenít they out looking for her then?  Ross asks to speak with Danny and Michelle alone.  After they are alone Danny comments to Michelle that he didnít know it was a dog.  Ross asks if they were an accessory to a crime or were they an accessory after the fact.  Danny tells him that he didnít know at first and that he and Michelle will have to discuss what they want to clue Ross in on.  Ross tells them that all he asked of them was for them to be straight with him.  Michelle asks what they are going to do and Danny tells her that they will talk at home.  They leave. 


Beth and Lillian are in the sitting room.  Beth tells her that this is the most important day of Edmundís life.  Lillian tells her that it is for Edmund, but she wishes that Beth would see things more clearly.  She asks how her time was with Phillip in the dungeon.  She tells her that they talked about the past and that itís over.  She has outgrown the past and her future is with Edmund.  She tells Lillian that Phillip isnít going to do anything about the kids.  That he wonít try for custody.  Lillian is surprised at this.  Phillip comes in.  Beth explains that she was telling Lillian about their conversation.  

Edmund is in the throne room staring at the crown.  Dax comes in and Edmund asks him about the extra security.  Dax tells him that everything is in place.  He tells Dax that he knows that Richard is going to try something today.  He just knows it.  He tells Dax to assign 2 additional units to finding Richard and Cassie, that that is their sole purpose.  Dax leaves.  Edmund checks on the status of finding the two of them and Susan comes into the throne room.  She has a gift for him.  She tells him that she had a hard time finding a gift for him.  Then she remembered that princes fight dragons.  She told him that a dragon would remind him of victory and that it would keep him inspired.  She gave him a dragon pendant.  He tells her that he will wear it today and every day and that he will think of her.  

Meta is singing and cleaning around the living room.  Harley and Itoro are back in the van listening and hear Danny and Michelle come home.  They still canít figure out why Itoro knew.  Now he knows a major piece of the puzzle.  Meta tells them that they are having Duck for dinner that is prepared in the microwave.  They realize that Itoro may try to contact Claire so Danny tells Michelle to call her.  She calls Claire to tell her that they had a court order to do DNA testing on Carmenís ashes.  That they found out it wasnít actually Carmen.  Meta starts the microwave and it interferes with the signal.  Itoro is upset that there is interference again.  Harley tells him that itís the microwave.  That she was just following orders on the placement.  He told her where to put it.  Michelle tells Claire that the FBI knows it was a dog in the urn.  Claire realizes that they are in trouble.  Michelle tells Claire that she should stay longer in San Cristobel to avoid questioning.  Michelle gets off the phone with Claire and starts talking to Danny again about everything.  He is figuring out that there may possibly be a bug in the room somewhere.  Michelle wonders what he is doing and he puts his fingers over his lips telling her to be quiet.  He cannot find it and tells her that he is going outside to get some fresh air.  They find the surveillance van outside and Danny bursts in the van and pulls Itoro out.  Itoro tells him that for every one bug he finds, he will plant two more in the house.  Danny tells him good luck and leaves.  Itoro tells Harley that he will eventually dig his own grave by them letting him run around. 

Richard and Cassie are in their room.  Richard tells Cassie that they should be in Springfield tonight.  Cassie asks him if she can call the states.  She wants to say goodbye just in case something happens tonight.  She calls Reva and asks her if she will take care of Tammy and RJ.  Reva tells her that she will and promises that they will kick Edmundís butt when she gets to Springfield.  There is a knock on their door.  Itís Noah.  Heís come to get them so that they can start their escape from San Cristobel.  As they are leaving, they open the door and hear sirens and dogs coming their way. 

Alan sees the look on Claireís face as she gets off the phone with Michelle.  She tells him that nothing is wrong just as Susan comes in to tell everyone that Edmund is ready and that they should all go to the throne room now. 

Edmund is finally going to be crowned the prince of San Cristobel.  During the ceremony they show citizens outside the city gates crying and armed guards on the other side. As the Archbishop is crowning him, Edmund grabs the crown from his hands before he could finish.  He then tells everyone that his first official act is to propose to Beth.  Alan and Phillip do not look happy.

The end.