Guiding Light Update Monday 5/7/01

By Kim

Edmond and Beth awake to the sound of bells ringing all through San Cristobel.  They kiss.

Richard and Cassie are awake and hear the bells as well.  Richard tells Cassie that he remembers the last time he heard the bells.  Cassie tells him it was when he became prince.  She tells him that this is the beginning of the end.  That Edmund wonít rule San Cristobel for long.  That he will make sure of that.  Richard tells her that they both will. 

Phillip and Holly are in the sitting room at the Palace.  Holly tells him that she has been up since the crack of dawn trying to get an interview with people and no one will talk to her.  She tells him that she wants to get this place (meaning San Cristobel) back on track.  Phillip closes the doors to the sitting room, tells her that the palace has ears, that you canít really say anything without being heard.  Is she serious about getting San Cristobel back on track again?  She tells him that she is.  He tells her that they have come up with a plan.  He tells her that they have a mutual friend who would be interested in hearing from her.  She asks if it is Noah.  He tells her that it is and gives her Noahís cell phone number.  He tells her to call him.  And that she should also memorize the number and get rid of the piece of paper.  There is a servant out in the hallway that is trying to get a hold of Edmund, and that his news canít wait.  Alan comes in and asks Phillip about last night.  Phillip tells him that it was private, and that it wonít be shared with him.  He tells Holly that Alan decided to lock up Beth and Phillip in the jail.  Edmund and Beth come in for breakfast just as Holly is about to leave.  She tells him that she wants to get some interviews and leaves.  Edmund nods to the servant and he follows her.  Phillip tells Edmund that he doesnít like the bells.  Edmund tells him to take an aspirin and to get used to it.  He tells him that the bells will ring every hour on the hour until his coronation.  Phillip tells him that they shouldnít ask for whom the bell tolls because they all know it tolls for thee.  Alan asks to speak with Beth.  He tells her that he hopes that she isnít angry with him.  She tells him that what he did was manipulative and utterly demeaning but she wants to thank him.  That it gave them time to catch up (Beth and Phillip).  That Phillip was open and honest and so was she.  Alan asks her how they left things.  She tells him that they can finally be good, true friends.  Alan is shocked at them just being friendsÖhoping that it was more.  Beth tells him yes, thank you.  If it werenít for him, she and Phillip would be in a very different place. 

Noah is at a restaurant dressed as a tourist.  He sees Holly come in and that there are two men following her.  He walks past her and tells them that they are a sight for sore eyes.  He makes a big deal about his camera and that no one seems to know how to use it so that he can get a picture of him and his ďwife.Ē  He notices that they both have guns and makes a big deal about the fact that they are the secret service for Prince Edmund.  He wants to know if he can get an invitation for himself and his wife to attend the coronation.  They are frustrated with him, as he wonít leave them alone.  They tell him goodbye and leave.  Holly is surprised that he noticed them and tells Noah this.  He asks Holly if she still wants to help out.  She tells him yes.  He tells her that they want someone to get a firsthand eyewitness account of Richard and Cassieís escape from the island so that they can react to Edmunds spin on things.  He also tells her that there is a risk involved.  Holly tells him she wants to do this and asks if Phillip will tell her where and when.  Noah tells her yes, and that there is one more thing.  That she will miss the coronation.  Holly asks him who she would dance with anyway. 

 Harley, Itoro and another agent are in the van listening to Danny and Michelle.  At the moment, there is silence in the Bauer house.  Harley gets off the phone with the judge and tells Itoro that they have gotten a court order to examine the ashes of Carmen Santos.  Itoro tells the agent to get the ashes and then make sure that the next of kin are notified.  Specifically Danny.  Itoro tells him that the key is to let Danny know about the ashes and then take them to his office.  Call them and then they will be right there.  The agent leaves.  Harley makes a comment to Itoro that heís working all the angles.  He tells her that there is a possibility that the ashes arenít Carmenís.  They have to make sure that Danny knows about the ashes so that he will get mad and possibly slip up, etc.  Harley tells him that itís a set up.  Has he ever heard of entrapment?  Itoro asks if she ever heard of putting the bad guys in jail?  She said it herself.  It looks like a crime.  Harley asks him what he thinks happened.  He tells her that he doesnít know, but everything seems to center around Carmen.  He asks her what her problem isÖ.are her hormones on the fritz?  She tells him that itís not a problem with the job, but the way that he goes about it.  Itoro hears Michelle calling Danny and tells Harley that they have to listenÖ..

 Michelle calls out to Danny and finds him in the Bauer living room.  She asks him if he heard her calling him, or did he ignore her.  Is it because she told Rick and Meta about Carmen?  Danny tells her that he isnít upset, but he is concerned.  Michelle wants to know what he is concerned about.  He tells her that he is concerned about what will happen with what she told Rick and Meta.  They realize that the baby monitor isnít on and turn it on.  By turning on the monitor, it messes up the frequency that Itoro and Harley are listening to them with and they are unable to listen.  The baby monitor is sitting right above the bug under thetable.  While Itoro is trying to fix their problem, Danny and Michelle talk about Carmen.  Michelle tells him that she doesnít want to fight.  He tells her that he killed his mother.  She tells him that he did it to protect her.  He reminds her that the authorities canít find out anything different.  Itoro and Harley are still trying to fix the problem and they missed this part of the conversation.  Michelle has answered the phone and hears a lot of static.  She mentions to Danny that the baby monitor is interfering with the phone.  They hear Meta with Robbie and shut off the monitor.  By doing that, Harley and Itoro are again able to listen to their conversation.  Danny is talking to someone from the mortuary who tells him that they just took Carmenís ashes.  That they are going to check the ashes for DNA.  Danny tells them that they canít.  He gets off the phone and tells this to Michelle.  He tells her that they are in serious trouble.  (Itoro mumbles that he is glad to hear it)  Danny doesnít understand how the feds got onto this.  Michelle thinks itís weird as they were just talking about Carmen last night.  Danny tells her that they got a lead and theyíre on it.  He tells her that she told him that this wouldnít get out.  (Itoro looks at Harley and asks her if she is catching this.  She asks him if he could be just a little less pleased with himself.  He tells her no.)  Michelle tells Danny not to be angry, as they donít have time.  They need to think.  Danny tells Michelle that if the feds run a test on the ashes, they both know what they are going to find.  (Itoro asks whatÖwhat?!?)  Danny asks Michelle what she is doing.  She tells him that they need to move fast.  He tells her that he will tell Meta and asks her to get the car keys.  (Itoro and Harley rush out of the van)

Reva answers the door to find Blake.  She tells her that she has brought a gift for Marahís birthday.  Marah hears this and tells her that she has never bought her a gift before.  Blake tells her Happy Birthday and gives her her gift.  She tells her that itís a ďonce every 18 yearsĒ thing.  Marah opens it to find a ruby red teddy in the box.  Blake explains to Reva that wearing something like this under your clothes makes a woman feel sexy.  That that was her intention.  Reva isnít really keen on the idea, but is quiet for Marahís sake.  Marah tells Reva that this is a woman-to-woman bonding thing between her and Blake.  Reva tells her to wear it in good health.  Marah asks if Blake and Ross would like to come to her party tonight.  Blake tells her thank you, but that she wouldnít want to have them around.  Marah tells her that Reva and Josh will be there and that they are welcome to come.  Reva tells her that they will need another pair of chaperones.  Blake asks about Noah and Olivia.  Reva tells her that they are both in San Cristobel.  In that case, they will be at the party.  Marah asks Blake not to tell Josh about her gift.  Tony arrives and sees her holding the teddy.  Blake tells him to breathe and to put his eyes back in his sockets.  Reva asks Blake if she would like a cup of coffee.  They go into the kitchen.  Tony and Marah talk about her party.  She asks him to come.  He tells her that he wanted to be the one to plan the party.  She tells him that Sam planned it, but he is still welcome.  He wanted to be alone with her as he has a surprise for her.  She tells him that they could go to her party tonight and then be alone together tomorrow night.  She tells him that she will be 18 and that maybe this (meaning her new teddy) will be invited too.  Tony tells her sheís kidding.  If this is her plan of sinking his relationship with Josh, that itís just perfect.  He tells her that if he doesnít watch his step with her dad, itís over.  He tells her to be patient.  That nothing will happen until itís right.  He leaves and Marah runs upstairs.  Reva and Blake return from the kitchen just as Marah goes upstairs.  They talk about Josh and Noah.  Reva tells her that she heard Josh to back off so that they can figure out their future.  Blake tells her that everything will work out for them.  Reva tells her that it usually does.  Blake tells her that Noah is a great guy.  Reva says that itís tough following in Joshís footsteps.  Blake tells her that she wants Richard, Cassie and Noah all back safely.

Buzz is watching Zack for Harley.  Frank walks in to relieve him to find Buzz stuck in the corner behind a couch that is tipped up on end.  Frank asks him what he is doing.  Buzz tells him that he was looking around and saw a lot to remind him of Phillip and thought that Harley must think the same thing.  He figured heíd rearrange her furniture but realized that she wouldnít like it.  Now he was trying to put everything back the way it was.  Frank makes a comment that that isnít the only thing she has to remind her.  Buzz has back pain as he tries to sit down.  Frank makes him promise that he will go and see a doctor about it.  Buzz finally relents and tells Frank that he will.  Frank asks about Selena.  Buzz tells him that he hasnít heard from her since the night she visited him in the hospital.  Frank reminds Buzz of the day he arrived in Springfield.  He tells him not to use Selena as an excuse to go back to the man that they didnít know.

Harley and Itoro walk into his office at the station.  There is someone from forensics going over Carmenís ashes.  Itoro asks him if he has found what they need.  He replies that he will if he can find a bone that is big enough.  He needs one that isnít charred all the way through that has cells intact.  Itoro tells him to make it doable.  He tells him that the remains arenít Carmen Santos or anyone else.  Itoro asks if the ashes arenít human.  He tells him that they are not.  That they are from a larger domestic animal.  Harley realizes that it is a dog just as they find the dog tag.  It reads ďwolfe.Ē  Just as they discover this, Danny and Michelle walk in with Ross who tells them to stop what they are doing.

Holly runs into Phillip at the palace and tells him that he is right.  The walls do have ears.  He asks if she still wants to help.  Yes, she wouldnít miss cutting Edmundís celebration short.

Beth and Edmund are in the sitting room at the palace and hear the bells ringing throughout San Cristobel again.  Beth tells him that he is pretty relaxed for a man about to be crowned a prince.  He tells her that he is happy.  She knows.  She tells him that it would be bad taste for him to be late for his own coronation.  He tells her that they canít start without him.  She asks him what kind of an attitude that is.  He replies that it is selfish.  He tells her that he just canít stand being away from her for even a few minutes.  She tells him that he wonít have to be.  They can get ready together.  They kiss.

 The end.