Guiding Light Update Thursday 4/5/01

By Angie

Cassie and Phillip are hiding out at the Santos house on SC.  Cassie and Phillip come up with a plan to get Richard out of the palace.  Cassie questions Phillip about why he is doing all this.  She ask if it is for Beth.  Phillip tries to explain to Cassie why he worries so much about Beth, because she is the mother of his children and whatever happens to her, happens to them.  Phillip asks Cassie if she has ever know a junkie. Cassie says many.   Phillip explains that is what is the problem with Beth.  Right now Edmund is Beth’s fix.  Beth is attracted to Edmund because of all the attention he gives her and that is why she is doing everything she can for him.  Cassie says she does understand why Phillip needs to look out for Beth.  Phillip says he is surprised, because Harley never could.  Phillips says that Harley could never get past Beth.  Phillips says that he loved and still loves Harley.  Cassie phones Dax who is at the palace with Edmund.  She tells Dax that she and Phillip have a plan to get Richard out.  Cassie tells Dax that Phillip is on his way to the palace.  Phillips says he hopes the plan works to get Richard and Beth out of the palace.


Danny is losing a lot of blood.  Claire performs surgery on Danny.  Michelle keeps Harley and Frank at bay, by pretending not to know anything about Danny and Tony’s where abouts.  Meta returns.  Michelle tells her about what happened and how Claire saved Danny.  Meta thanks Claire for helping Danny.  Claire seems surprised.  Harley suspects that Michelle knows something.  Harley, Frank and David continue questioning Michelle.  Harley suggest they back off.  They leave the Bauer house.  Frank tells Michelle there is a police car out front.   Michelle checks on Danny.  Claire checks on him and says Danny is doing better.  Danny questions Claire about if she wasn’t tempted to let him die.  Claire just says that Michelle loves him, that is all that matters.


Marah and Sam discuss Tony.  Marah tells Sam she just needs to forget all about Tony.  Sam doesn’t think that is possible.  Marah goes to the lighthouse.  She is upset over Tony.  As Marah gets up, Tony is walking up and collapses.