Guiding Light Update Wednesday 4/4/01

By Nikky

Bauer House:
Michelle tells Danny to stay still, she is applying pressure, he is going to be alright, just sit still, she says. She  tells Danny that Rick and Tony have a plan. Everyone is ok, Robby is upstairs asleep. Danny is apologizing, and Michelle says she's happy, and is  not sorry she's his wife, and that he didn't have to apologize. Michelle says he could have internal injuries, even if bleeding is stopped. He doesn't want to go to hospital or have cops. Police sirens in background, Michelle gets him upstairs. Michelle replays what happened except Tony and Danny left to chase off the other guy and she has not heard from them. Frank and Harley stay to make sure Michelle and Robby are safe. They are also curious to why Claire comes. Harley plans to see what's going on. Rick goes and buys a bus ticket, he is obnoxious and rude purposely. Rick comes back to the car and tells Tony what a good job he did and leaves for the bus. Meanwhile, Tony realizes that he is bleeding and has been shot. After hearing that there is a APB out on Him and "Danny" he leaves the car unattended and runs off to hide.
San Cristobel:
Edmund  has Cassie and Richard brought in by the guards. Richard and Edmund have it out and Edmund quickly comes up with an excuse to imprison Richard. After taking Richard away, Cassie and Beth have it out. Cassie tells Beth that she is just as evil as Edmund and that she hopes that both rot in hell. Beth is shocked by Cassie's rant and tells her that she thinks Edmund deserves the throne. Cassie disagrees. Edmund gets tired of hearing the two ladies fighting and tells Cassie to shut up before he has her imprisoned also. He orders Dax to take Cassie to a plane so she can leave SC. Cassie tells Dax that she can't leave because she knows that Edmund will have Richard killed. Dax tells her to quiet down before Edmund hears them and agrees that he believes the same as she does. Phillip finds Cassie and Dax. They make a plan to escape. Going along with plan, Phillip punches Dax and knocks him out while they (Cassie and Phillip) escape. Guards find Dax and bring him to Edmund. Edmund panics when he finds that Cassie has escaped and sends his guards to find her.
Shayne/Lewis House:
Marah puts on a blindfold to get a feel of what it must be like for her mom. Josh finds her when he comes to drop off a calculus book she left at his and Olivia's apartment. She tells him that she thinks she hasn't been a good daughter. He tells her that she has and that ever since she was little that she has felt the need to be in power and the most responsible; he says he is glad that she has the world off of her shoulders and wants her to be herself for her mom and not act like she needs kid gloves.