Guiding Light Update Wednesday 3/29/01

By Angie

Danny returns home from Chicago. Michelle asks if he had any problems.  He said no.  She asked if Mary got a hold of him, told him she has been tried to get him on his cell phone.  Danny calls Mary.  She tells him he is in danger and she needs to meet with him right away.  Danny leaves to see Mary.  Michelle tells him to tell her what is wrong, not to keep anything from her.  Danny says he doesnít know anything but will tell her as soon as he finds out.  Danny gets to the club and tells Mary that she is fired.  Gus (Maryís boss) is there also.   They tell Danny about what is going on.  Gus tells Danny that Maria, Carlos and even Tony are all in out it.  Danny doesnít believe them.  Mary tells them that she has a tape, he can go listen to it if he wants.  Danny just doesnít believe them.  Gus says it doesnít matter if Danny trusts them or not because if he doesnít he will be too dead to testify anyway.   Danny tells Mary she is fired and to get out.  Gus and Mary try to convince Danny how much trouble he is in, that he needs their help.

Noah asks Reva how the doctor appointment went.   Reva tells him that there havenít been any changes.  Reva said she decided that she is going to get over herself and get on with her life.  That she is lucky.  There are a lot of people in a lot worse shape than she is.  She tells him how she needs to get on with her life, and stop feeling sorry for herself.  Noah tells Reva she is the most amazing person he has ever known.  He asks her to marry him right away.  Reva says she canít.  That she doesnít want him to marry her just because he feels sorry for her.  Noah says that isnít why.  He just wants to be married to her now.  Reva tells him she canít. 

Olivia is the shower using some of the shower gel in gift that was meant for Reva.  Josh peeks in and scares her.   Olivia explains about the gift and how she thought she was doing a nice thing.  Josh gets into the shower and she is using another scented gel on him.  She says that was the point in the gift for Reva, something that smells good and would make her feel good.  Josh says maybe Reva took it the wrong way.  Olivia gets mad and says that where she comes from when a gift is given, no matter what, it is bad etiquette to return it.  She says no matter what she would have done would have been wrong.  Josh explains that what she did was a nice idea.  But that she may want to think about doing things like that when it comes to Reva.  Olivia says she feels like no matter what she does she is the cold evil new wife.  Josh says that isnít true and that he is so glad that she is sticking things out with him and these problems. 

Phillip meets with Cassie and Richard and tells them about his meeting with the Lord Chancellor and Dax.  Phillip tells them of their plans to watch Edmund until they know they have enough on him to catch him in the act.  Richard says it is going to get ugly, when the truth comes out about Edmund.  Phillip asks how bad.   Richard says there could be a lot of violence.  Phillips says that he has to warn Beth, that he wants her and the kids out of there before it happens.  Cassie says he canít tell Beth because she is going to tell Edmund.  Phillip says he agrees with Cassie, but he must tell her because he canít put her and the kids in danger.    

He says hopefully she still knows the difference between what is right and wrong and leaves.  He says the worse that could happen is that Edmund doesnít go through with the plan and loses if Beth does tell him.  Phillip goes to Beth and tells her all about it.   He said he needed to let her know because she and the kids need to get out of there.  What she wishes to do with the information is her own doing.  Beth questions how Phillip found out about this, suggests maybe it was a set up, etc.  She said she needs time to think about it.  Phillip leaves.  Edmund walks into the room and asks Beth what Phillip wanted.   Beth tells him everything.  She tells Edmund that fixing the election is wrong.  Edmund says, you mean it is cheating, just like he was cheated out being Prince when he was born.  He said he was born for two reason, to rule SC and to love her.   He says that it isnít cheating because SC had been under principality for 300 years.  That the only reason the election is taking place is because of Richard. 

Beth asks what he is going to do.