Guiding Light Update Wednesday 3/28/01

By Angie

Phillip meets with Richard and Cassie.  Phillip tells them how sorry he if for all they have been through.  Phillip tells them all about overhearing Edmund’s plans for fixing the election.  He ask Richard for advice on how to get Edmund.  Richard says Phillip needs to help them on this.   That since he is not a resident of SC that he is best qualified.  Cassie questions if Phillip is jealous of Edmund, does he still love Beth.  Phillip says that he does still love Beth, but not it the way Cassie means.  Phillip meets with Lord Chancellor and Dax, tells them what he overheard with Edmund about fixing the election.  They decide to follow Edmund and catch him in the act.

 Tony questions Carlos if the 2 goons that showed up at Danny and Michelle’s wedding were hit guys.  Carlos says no.  He says that when he knows that the hit is about to go down, Tony will know too.  Mary is overhearing conversation and goes to Danny’s to warn him. Danny tells Michelle that he needs to go get them money.  That they will need more than the witness protection plan will provide.  Danny phones Obuella and asks her is she knows if there is trouble coming his way.   She says know and that she would let him know if she knew such a thing.  Danny is leaving to go to club when Frank arrives.  Frank tells them that they are going to have to remove some guys from the house, that the governor is in town. Danny says that is fine because no one is after him.  Danny goes to club.  He is getting bank books out of safe.  He tells Tony that he has something big to tell him.  Tony says that he doesn’t want to know.  Tony says if it is what he things it is, Danny should just go and do it.    Mary arrives to warn Danny after he has left.  Michelle tries to reach him on cell phone, leaves a message.  Frank ask May where she has been, maybe they can catch a movie sometime, etc.  She asks him if his divorce is final, yet?  May gets out of the house without Frank catching on to her cover.  Mary makes a phone call and says they need to find Danny and protect him even if he doesn’t want to be. 

Marah is getting ready to leave.  Catalina arrives.  Reva goes to get herself some juice.  Catalina and Marah discuss Tony.  Marah tells Catalina that Tony seems so upset, that she doesn’t think it is to do with the kiss from Sam. Catalina grills Marah about how she plays Sam and Tony off on each other, because she likes the attention.  Marah says that she doesn’t mean too.  She tells her she had a talk with Sam and that he knows that Tony is the one that she wants.    Marah tells Catalina that she thinks that Tony’s problems are family related.  Marah leaves.  Blake arrives.  Blake tells Reva she is so sorry for her blindness.  She tells Reva about the novel being reviewed.  Olivia arrives at the front door with a gift basket.   She tries to tell Reva that she is so sorry for what happened to her.  That she has a lot of sympathy for her.  Blake is giving Olivia a hard time for coming over to see Reva.   Olivia says that she is always wrong.  If she came, she was wrong and if she didn’t come she would have been wrong.  Blake makes a lot of sarcastic comments to Olivia and tells her to run off and tell Josh that she was a good girl and visited Reva.  Olivia tells Reva that she truly is sorry for what happened to her and that she knows it is difficult and leaves.  Blake is trying to organize Reva’s house for her.

 Marah and Tony run into each other.  Marah asks Tony how he is.  She asks if he needs to talk. Tony is silent.  Marah says that she knows something other than the kiss with Sam is bothering him.  She tells him that he knows how she feels and that she will wait for him.