Guiding Light Update Tuesday 3/27/01

By Angie

Reva and Noah are getting ready for the kids to come back to the house. 

 Beth thanks Phillip for bringing down the children.  Beth tells Phillip for the record that Edmund told her to return home to see the children many times.  She thanked Phillip for taking care of the kids.  Beth said if she had to chose to spend the time in SC again, that she would.  That it helped her.  Phillip says he needs to apologize to Beth for not wanting her to come down to SC.  That something great happened while she was gone.  Phillip tells her how wonderful it was to be a full time dad and do all the things the kids needed, not just the fun stuff.  He said that he finally feels like Baby James is his, he isnít just boring him.  He thanks Beth for letting him have that time with the kids.  Phillip tells Beth that he wished he could go back in time and be more patient and generous to Jim.  He was a great guy.  Beth says that he was a great guy.  That he saved her children not only because he loved them but also because he knew Beth couldnít live without them. 

Beth tells Phillip he is being too hard on himself. Phillip asks Beth if she isnít being too hard on herself.  She says no.  Phillips says that he understands that Beth needed to get away from Springfield and everything that reminded her of Jim. She said that Jim wanted her to be happy and she needed to get away in order to be able to feel happiness again.  Phillip tells Beth that maybe she needs to learn what would make her happy and go after it.  Beth questions Phillip about how long his business take in SC.  He said not long.  Beth tells him, that she will probably be ready to return home then too.  Phillip acts surprised and happy.  Edmund walks in.  Beth leaves the room.  Phillip tells Edmund that he is now free, his divorce is final.  He is now free and willing to take things a step further with Beth to get her away from Edmund.

 Ray stopped 2 guys in the field near the Danny and Michelleís wedding site.  There is a reception for Danny and Michelle back at the Bauer house.  Tony wants to leave, but has to toast the couple.  Rick also says that he glad that the couple are happy and tells Danny that he can see how much Michelle means to him. Danny questions Ray as to who the 2 guys were.  Ray says they were farmers.  Then tells Danny they gave him a name.  Danny says that isnít possible that that person is dead.  Michelle figures out something is going on and questions whether the guys were someone that Frank sent out.  Danny says it is possible, that must be who it was.  Ray tells Danny that he needs to ask Obuella what is going on.   Danny says he trusts her.  That Obuella would let him know if he were in danger.

 Reva and the kids are happy to be back together.  Marah and Shayne tell Reva how much they want to help her.  She says no, they are going to go on with their lives.  She is there to take care of them, not them take care of her.   Josh speaks up and tells Reva, that the kids just want to repay her for all the times she has taken care of them.  Reva asks Josh how long he has been standing there.  She tells him to never do that again.  Not to treat her like a cripple.  Josh says he was sorry, he just wanted her to have some time with the kids before he said anything.  They discuss Revaís sight.  Reva says she has an appointment made with eye specialists.  She insists that it is only temporary.  Josh questions why she is sure it is only temporary.   They all talk a little more.   The kids go upstairs.   When they are gone she lays into Josh about setting the kids up to feel sorry for her.   He said he did no such thing.  They argue about how Reva is going to be treated.  Reva falls face first on the floor.  Josh tries to help her up. She is crying.

 Ross and Blake meet for a drink.  Blake tells Ross that a famous book reviewer is reviewing Darlanaís novel.  Ross says no he isnít.  Then he says that Blakeís book is being reviewed.  He suggests that Blake publish the novel under her name.  Blake says she doesnít know if that is a good idea.  She is excited about the novel.  Blake says she has almost everything she wants.  Ross makes a comment about having to wait a little longer for things to happen.

 I apologize, my tape went blank for about the last 6-7 minutes of the show for some reason.  Hope to pick up with tomorrow's show.