Guiding Light Update Friday 3/9/01

By Angie

The doctor tells Richard that Cassie went into spontaneous labor and which was caused by the trama of the accident. He tells Richard that the baby was stillborn and that it was a boy.  Richard asks if Cassies knows. The doctor tells Richard she does not know, that she is back in her room.

Everyone is gathered outside Michelle’s room.  Danny comes out and tells them Michelle had a baby boy.  Frank kids Rick about giving him pointers on being on uncle.  Harley adds that might not be such a good idea and teases Frank about how he is with Zach.  Rick tells Harley it must be hard raising Zach without Phillip around.  Harley says it is but that she is doing alright.  Phillips walks up and asks if there is a party going on.  Philips asks Harley how she is doing. Harley says great.  Harley asks Phillip how he is, he says he is busy with work and kids but that he is doing alright.   

Rick tells everyone what a great job Claire did delivering the baby.  Claire suggests that everyone take a quick peek at the baby together and that Michelle needs her rest.

Claire goes in and tells Michelle everyone wants to see her and the baby.  Michelle thanks Claire for her help.  Claire tells Michelle it feels good to have the family accepting her today, she thanks Michelle.  Michelle questions for treating her like a mother?  Claire says yes.  Everyone comes into Michelle’s room. Michelle and Danny tell everyone they named the baby after family members.  The second name would be Frederico-for Tony’s father (Danny’s uncle and Rick)  Michelle said that when she looked into her babies eyes she had seen those eyes before – in pictures of her grandmother. Michelle said that even though she never met her so heard so many wonderful things about Bert they will name the baby after her.   The baby’s name is Robert Frederico Santos.  Everyone stands in the hallway getting a look at the baby. Phillip says he hopes they are ready for this, and says is anyone every ready for it. Rick replies he is ready.

Richard goes into Cassie’s room. Cassie asks if he has seen the baby.  Richard says no.  He tells her that the baby was stillborn.  He tells her that it was a boy.

Danny comes out of Michelle’s room.  Frank and David warn Danny that someone may be after him because of his change in business, that he should leave town for  awhile with Michelle and the baby.  Danny says he isn’t aware of any problems, acting exhausted from lack of sleep. May is there and questions Danny if everything is alright.  Danny says yes.  Danny asks Ray to be the baby’s godfather.  He says he would love to, but cannot because of rules.  Ray suggests Tony.  Danny asks Tony and he says OK, he will do it.  Ray asks Tony if he is alright, if he is upset about Marah.  Tony says yes, that it is because of Marah. 

Sam was going to go out, but sees Marah looking depressed and decides to stay and talk with her.  He told her he was sorrry about Reva.  Marah tells Sam she doesn’t know how he does it, but he gets to her. Sometimes her really annoys here, sometimes he says just the right thing, and other times he says the wrong thing. Sam kids her he just has a way of hitting the mark. Although sometimes it is the wrong mark.  Sam asks how Josh was with her with the Tony problem.  Marah tells him he wasn’t too rough.  She tells him that Olivia was right about one thing. That in the beginning, she locked on to Tony because she knew her parents didn’t want her to see him.  Then she found out there was more to Tony.  She said it doesn’t matter now because Tony doesn’t want anything to do with her.  Sam says he could understand why Tony would be upset seeing them kiss.  Sam says if he were seeing Marah and he saw her kissing Tony, he would be angry with her, but he wouldn’t just give up the relationship.  Marah asks what he would do.  Sam says he would get over himself and then come back after her with everything he had.

 Cassie and Richard go to see the baby.  Cassie says that they need to give the baby a name before they can bury him.  That a name will mean that he exists.  She says she wants him buried next to Prince Edward by the rock.  She said that he belongs there because that is where he was conceived when they were Prince and Princess.  Cassie asks Richard to let Reva know what happened. Richard replies he will do that.  That he will take care of everything.

Holly arrives in Reva’s room.  Reva is surprised but glad to see her.  Holly says she saw the tape and had to come down to finish the story.  She was hoping to interview Cassie and get a shot of Edmund.  Noah and Reva are kidding about Edmund not letting anyone near the palace, when Edmund walks into Reva’s room.  Edmund discusses his position with Holly, Reva and Noah.  Richard walks in the room.

 Tony arrives at the Santos house and tells Maria that Michelle had the baby.  That it was a boy and what she named it.  Maria questions him if he made a decision about taking over the family business.  Tony says he is confused about what to do.  He tells Maria that Danny asks him to be the babies godfather and how Michelle is treating him like he is a brother.  He wonders how they would feel about him being the baby’s godfather if they knew about him being part of the business.  Maria tells him that is why she knows he is the right person for the job.  Because he has compassion – he thinks about what other people will think of him.  Maria tells him to take his time in reaching a decision about family business.  As he is leaving, Tony tells Maria that the little kid is great looking.  Maria smiles.

Phillip walks over to Harley and asks why she is still at the hospital.  He kids here about standing guard outside Michelle’s room.  Harley questions Phillip why he is there.  He says to see her.  Phillip asks Harley if it is alright to bring James along when he comes over to see Zach, that he really likes the bigger kids right now. Harley says Zach is fascinated with babies right now so it would be fine if he brings James along.  Then she asks Phillip why he is really there.  Phillip says because he talked to Ross and that the divorce will be final next week.  He begged Harley to take what is rightfully hers.  He wanted her to have the house and anything else that she needs.  He tells her to get it in writing now.  That he knows once the divorce is over she will feel like she can’t come to him to ask for anything.  Harley tells him that she doesn’t want to need anything from him.  She tells him they both know that if she would need to come to him it would cause trouble.  Harley walks away.

Michelle awakens to find Maria in her hospital room.